Watch Dogs Live PS4 Demo Appears on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, he Can’t Drive

Video game week continues over at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs made an appearance on the show last night, alongside Aisha Tyler and Nicholas Mainville, Mission Designer. - PSLS

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Wedge191859d ago

Gonna be a great game. I can't wait.

TrendyGamers1859d ago

If Jimmy's to be believed, it'll be GOTY.

coolmast3r1859d ago

So Jimmy is now an expert in gaming indusrty?

US8F1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Jimmy, a cool falla. But honestly, am I the only one bothered when a person who works for a company praises his own company? that girl Aisha keeps on saying "how its a great game and how I'm having so much fun with it", yet she works for ubisoft. I can never take her seriously, her and her jokes. There is a natural comedian and then there is Aisha.

Watch dogs is day one after their offline confirmation not to long ago, thanks ubisoft. Best of both worlds

dantesparda1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Is it just me or does the games graphics suddenly look sh!tty as hell. It looks low res, framey, has crappy shadows on the walls and stuff with a lot of pop-in. What the hell happened? and this is the PS4 version? Damn! it looks like a PS3 game to me. I know im probably gonna get killed by the fanboys for saying this. But what happened? I am seriously concerned. Dont get me wrong, the game itself still looks good, but DAMN!

And what a sad fact, that Chicago has the most cameras in a US city. And yet its one of the worst cities if not the worst city for gang violence in the country. So yeah, all those cameras are really working well, not! Why do we Americans allow this sh!t? it was Benjamin Franklin who said, "he who gives up freedom for security, deserves neither freedom or security" or (something to that effect)

Now disagree away!

ANIALATOR1361859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

" It looks low res, framey, has crappy shadows on the walls and stuff with a lot of pop-in."

I was actually thinking the same thing. It does looks worse to previous footage we've seen. Perhaps it's an old build.

dantesparda1859d ago

I sure hope so, I wanted to get this game, but i highly doubt its an old build, we've been mainly looking st the pc version before this. Damn!

3-4-51858d ago

@ cool, no but he is one of the few actual gamers who are that famous.

He isn't really the typical douche "I'm famous" type of guy. From everything I've heard, he is a really nice persona and down to earth and just like us....but famous.

Swiftcricket1858d ago

I'm sure a direct feed would look better than a video of gameplay recorded with a camera and then compressed on YouTube. So I wouldn't be too worried about the graphics.

FamilyGuy1858d ago

Lol, not with The Last of Us releasing in the same year!

I'm sure it'll be great though. Funny how they compare it to Grand Theft Auto when it has elements of inFamous in there as well. Being a bad guy or a hero and the public reacting to you based on your notoriety/infamy.

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DEEBO1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

it's lana! and her huge hands lol i love archer!
wow she really is a big one.taller then both of them.

ANIALATOR1361859d ago

everyone should be her height if anything

WeaseL1859d ago

If your going to show your game choose the best looking version , PS4

sorane1859d ago

There's a pc version. It'll be the best looking version no matter how foggy your glasses are....

sorane1858d ago

I know you poor fanboys can't cope with having an inferior version so just keep downvoting the truth.....

kenshiro1001858d ago

No, you need to grow up. That's why you were disagreed with.

omi25p1858d ago

Im buying the console version. But i agree with you. There is no way the console version will look better than the PC version.

jcnba281858d ago

Sorry but that belongs to the PC.

CaEsAr-1859d ago

God it's Aiysha Again.. I can't stand this woman for 1 min.

OT: Game looks brilliant! Can't wait.

ScubbaSteve1859d ago

They spend so much time trying to get someone funny that they always have akward presentations. They should just look for someone who is a good speaker.

TrendyGamers1859d ago

People seem to be split on that.

I think we can all agree she's awesome on Archer though.

1858d ago
ANIALATOR1361859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

this jimmy bloke really hasn't got a clue what he's doing with games. Calls himself a gamer and a "nerd" yet he can't even play the simplest of game mechanics. He was awful at killzone, knack and this

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