Xbox One evening the playing field? Still don’t think so

Now that Microsoft has decided to drop the DRM and online activation, does it stand a chance against the PS4? Microsoft is in a similar situation that Sony was 8 years ago. Riding the Xbox 360 wave Microsoft believed from the start that the new Xbox One would be the console everyone would flock too and accept no matter what was in it

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RansomXF2007d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if they changed the price two weeks before the console comes out to see how much the pre-orders jump. Anythings game with these decisions changing on the fly. One things certain you don't mess with a internets worth of enraged gamers lol

devwan2007d ago

It's one thing reducing price to create demand - it's entirely another being able to meet any kind of meaningful demand while keeping a respectable level of quality and reliability. Some would suggest ms cannot manage this right now, I personally don't doubt that.

RansomXF2007d ago

Truth be told as far as I'm concerned Microsoft has won whether I want to believe it or not. I'm getting both and the reality is if there is a HDMI in for the Xbox One that lets me funnel another source of media through it but still having access to everything Xbox since that is the thing connected, I will just plug in my PS4 from there and my X1 will actually always be on as a result hah.

Cerberus292007d ago

I also plan on getting both and never thought about running my ps4 through the X1. Hmmm interesting... Very interesting...

ZBlacktt2007d ago

XBox One - we tried to screw you. But Sony forced our hand not to.

Mr_Nuts2007d ago

Basically Sony cock blocked them

WorldGamer2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

That $100 price difference is a factor, coupled with the fact that the extra $100 is for a console that might be less adept in the area of performance, and IMHO you have compelling argument for the PS4.

But I guess it comes down to value, if the X1 provides that for you, then by all means get it. After all, value is in the eye of the beholder depending on what you are looking for.

PS4 for me tho.


Well, the exclusives go without saying, I have been more than happy with Sony exclusives on the PS3. Overall, PS4 seems like a better package for me.

Plus, I have 2 PS4 reserved. If I can get one sold for $600 to $700 at launch, I'll be golden. That plus the system is already $100 cheaper. Can't wait.

ZBlacktt2007d ago

Sony's exclusives, exclusive deals already for Destiny, Watch_Dogs, AC Black Flag, GTA V... Etc. Far better PS Plus deal for gamers also.

isyourhouseonfire2007d ago

Destiny is over-hyped, watch dogs has already failed, AC Black Flag is no different than other AC games, and GTA V is being developed on the XBOX ONE and will be cross platform. Your entire post is flawed.

A-laughing-horse2007d ago

All of those games are multiplat.
The exclusive content is an outfit or 1 mission.
Ps4 launch titles are infamous and killzone.( exclusives)

Xbox has double that.

Get over it.

It's a toy

ZBlacktt2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

^^^^ Another uneducated user surfaces.

Who's the bigger fool. Someone who spends their money on a company that just tried to screw you. Yet was forced to back down. Do you always believe the Devil is not really that bad of a guy?

Btw, check your launch dates.... TBA!

Also again, where's the best rated, talked about games? The console that wins Game Of the Year? It's not about how many no name avg joe games one can just push out. It's about ones that matter and make an impact. You'll learn that over time.

A-laughing-horse2007d ago

I'm a 30 year old man with a family and a healthy gaming addiction. The least person that can teach me a single thing is some geek on a fucking video game website. Grow up dick head. Your not smart because you bought a video game system. It's not a God given gift. You pay someone for it.

It's like a woman getting breast Implants and saying these are all natural

Mainsqueeze2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Its really all about which systems exclusives and features you like more and what you personally find value in just as worldgamer said. Personally I find value in alot of the social features of the xbone, being able to switch between media, day one downloadable games from xbl, a pretty cool partnership with twitch with instant video editing and streaming while having the capability to constantly record your gameplay, and also Kinect games to play with family and friends. Plus besides the almighty Naughty Dog I like the games that the Xbone first party studios make more. These features, to me, are all worth the $100 price difference and slightly worse hardware(since i also have a gaming pc that has better hardware than both lol). But i'm planning on picking up both consoles eventually.

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Lovable2007d ago

I think now that we're cleared with most of those restriction BS, gamers will finally be able to look at the games/exclusives for each console and decide which one they want to get.

ricochetmg2007d ago

The PRICE IS what really matters. DRM would have affected the hardcore and even some none hardcore gamers. But 100 for titan fall when there is killzone ,bf4 and destiny on ps4.

WickedLester2007d ago

Not for me it doesn't. PS4 day one!

IWentBrokeForGaming2007d ago

Playstation has always pulled away from their competition

isyourhouseonfire2007d ago

Yeah... backwards. Just look at how the super hype PS3 managed to fall further and further behind.

ZBlacktt2007d ago

Yep, you're trolling. Common knowledge that the PS3 outsold the XBox 360 already. This with a full year later start. Without a worldwide launch and without bricking one million players consoles because of pirated content. Without the added sales of a 54% fail rate. So many who didn't want to wait to send theirs in. Just went a bought another one. But yeah, like I said all common knowledge.

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