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TheLyonKing1884d ago

Awesome anyone know if the uk has an amazon bundle out yet seems us have several and we have none?

Blankolf1884d ago

Amazing! I just can't wait to get my hands on that sexy DS4 and slick PS4! :)

They need to launch it before Black Friday, I am not american, but I am aware of the importance of this day.

Props to N4G from Portugal.

guitarded771884d ago

Seems realistic. They want to get it to market before the holiday shopping season. I'd like to have it before Thanksgiving, so I can play while I have some down time.

Blankolf1884d ago

@A-laughing-horse Your maturity baffles me.

swishersweets200311884d ago

its a day in november when people act like complete retards and eat each other alive over stupid sales. In my town two people were arrested because they got mad someone else got the tv they wanted on sale, so they picked up a tv and tossed it at the person before them. Another place in the US a guy shot another guy over something.

Just a day for moron consumers to go flock like sheep to the stores.

HammadTheBeast1884d ago

8 days before Xbox One apparently.

indysurfn1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Am I the only person that caught this?
Okay at the start of this Microsoft fooled people by using terms. Like LEND(should have been check out/check in) lending. Now they are being successful by using the term:
"offline game". Did you catch that, if you install a "OFFLINE game" then you will not have restrictions, that is the condition.

What defines a "OFFLINE game" What if only one game has the label of offline game on it? Most likey candidate would be a turned based rpg.
Heck what percent of games don't have a component of online on 360 games right now? Microsoft almost required it with few exceptions.
If there is a term "OFFLINE game" as a condition. for you to not have to get online.

Then that is a out, for Microsoft to change nothing! Don't trust a company that keeeeeeeeeps making pot shots at your rights. And keeps adding names like "OFFLINE xbox one games", to fool you, otherwise they Fooled you twice! Are you going to let that happen?

Microsoft qoute:An internet connection will not be required to play OFFLINE Xbox One games....If they where not trying to fool you it would

read:An internet connection will not be required to play (any) Xbox One games. see the difference? I don't care if it drops to 199 It is still

taking away my used games rights!!! plus as I pointed out the DRM issue is conniving explained to fool us? This is what Microsoft meant by

they will make this CLEAR. (MORE TRICKY)
This could just be a feature on the back of the box. so if they dont make a offline box like they have a 'online multi player' capable box on the back of the disc it is okay to still drm you to there hearts are content!!!

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piroh1884d ago

come on, i want to know it now

Wizziokid1884d ago

I hope so, can't wait to get my hands on it!

OlgerO1884d ago

These are both stores from the Netherlands, were I live. Dont take these dates to serious they have been up for quite some time. the date for the xbox one is listed as 21 November on there for anyone interested.

ThatCanadianGuy5141884d ago

Would be crazy is they both launched on the same day.Can you imagine? Xbox fanboys and PS fanboys standing in line to get their pre-orders?

There would be blood lol

MooseWI1884d ago

It would just be annoying to be honest. It's already a constant argument on my social networking sites.

A-laughing-horse1884d ago

Yeah it would be really really annoying.

FullMetalTech1884d ago

The west side story of gaming. That would be a crazy! lol

Killabites1884d ago

I don't think so to be fair, people are different when they are not hidden behind a computer screen.

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bicfitness1884d ago

So late October for NA then.

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