Browser Wars Heat Up, Again

PC World's Neil McAllister writes:

Browsers were all the buzz over the weekend, beginning with the news that the developers of Mozilla Firefox feel their latest build is ready for widespread general use, despite technically being still only a beta. I'm not ready to make the leap full-time yet myself, but I'll definitely be looking at Firefox's new features in the coming weeks.

Mozilla CEO John Lilly was the first to point out that Apple has now begun offering Safari as an optional download whenever you receive an update to its Quicktime or iTunes software on Windows. It's "optional" in the sense that you don't have to install it, but the installer assumes that you do want it, by default. If you don't want to download and install 50MB of Safari, you need to uncheck the box manually.

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Apocwhen3760d ago

This stuff reminds me of the user video's made last year when Firefox 2 was being released:

SocietyOfCrows3760d ago

Firefox is the best. IE leads to viruses, wyzo just looks gay, and safari isn't very customizable. Firefox is fast and basic, and can be changed in any aspect to your liking. So saying you don't like it is just like saying you don't like your own preference. For example, I like how the latest IE looks, and I like how the url bar loads when you open a page with safari, so I customized firefox so it does that and looks exactly like IE.