Mass Effect 4: How the Original Trilogy Could Have Ended

"While we wait for Mass Effect 4 an ex-BioWare writer discusses what might have been."

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Godmars2902003d ago

"Maybe the Reapers kept wiping out organic life because organics keep evolving to the state where they would use biotics and dark energy and that caused an entropic effect that would hasten the end of the universe. Being immortal being, that's something they wouldn't want to see."

So they introduced recursive circumstances in which societies developed along a certain path which furthered the effect? Nevermind that they were only dealing with a universal sized issue only on a galactic scale. Or that because of their organic cores Reapers should have been either capable of biotic abilities or modify a race which could.

WitWolfy2002d ago

Nah.. They should've just said that the dark energy was the reapers main source of power/fuel.. And with the races starting to evolve faster and faster with each new cycle the dark energy got more scarce(seeing that biotics and synthetics use it as a power source themselves) not to mention that it takes aoens on aoens for dark energy to manifest from debris floating around in space and some other space magic thrown into limbo..

Something like that...

Blankolf2002d ago

The f*cking indoctrination theory! Do it Bioware!

JohnShepard21542002d ago

Doesnt matter how it 'couldve' ended. What we got is already there, and sucked. Heres my idea for what ME4 should look like, it would fix the ME3 ending AND be a sequel at the same time

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