Why the Xbox One DRM Controversy Has Saved the Gaming Industry (and Made the PS4 a Better Console)

As much as you may have despised Microsoft’s DRM decisions for the Xbox One (and may still resent them regardless of the console’s turnaround), the original decision causing such controversy has certainly improved the future of video games for gamers – and here’s why.

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Fakdafakinfakerz1886d ago

LOL Xbox 180°

Power to the (smart) people!

Toadsanime1886d ago

Is better than what, sorry? Although you were unspecific, I assume you mean the PS4?

That's totally irrelevant to what this article is about. This isn't about which console is better and why, it's about why the Xbox One has helped change publisher and manufacture's views on DRM.

Saying 'Xbox One is better' or 'PS4 is better' to this article is as relevant as posting the same thing on an article about sandwiches.

Sayai jin1886d ago

He/she may be saying that the Xbox is better now due to MS removing the DRM feature.

limewax1886d ago

@Sayai jin

Check out the guys username again. It's pretty obvious he's here to troll. Thanks N4G for re-bubbling all the trolls

Sayai jin1885d ago

Hmmm okay...I do no that trolls are prominent, but I was playing devil's advocate.

greedybear881885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Sony is going to dominate this generation...

greedybear881885d ago

Please explain how Xbox One is better? Because the PS4 is cheaper, more powerful, better looking hardware, better controller. And don't forget that Sony have incredible 1st party devs that M$ can't get anywhere near, such as Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica e.g. God of War, Uncharted, The Last Of Us... all Playstation exclusives. Plus Sony nurtures and welcomes indie devs with open arms, wheareas indie devs have to jump through hoops for M$. So... in conclusion, how is Xbox One better?

Tiqila1886d ago

xboxone without drm? not the same, will not buy..

crazysammy1886d ago

This is a great point and will be remembered long down the road like the Saturn launch debacle and the PS3 initial price point. Companies that listen and learn make us gamers winners in the end.

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