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Why Cliff Bleszinski Should Calm Down Over the Xbox One

The reversal of the Xbox One's DRM policies have not been met with praise by everyone, particularly Cliff Bleszinski. Is he overreacting? (Cliff Bleszinski, Industry, Microsoft, Xbox One)

Chuk5  +   588d ago
CliffyB just sounds like a cantankerous, 1% gamer who seems out of touch with the common gamer. His views are affected by his situation which is so clearly privileged.
NYC_Gamer  +   588d ago
The dude only views gaming industry issues from one side of the coin
Septic  +   588d ago
That one side of the coin is far more involved than most of us on these comments section. He has been a part of the industry and constantly delivered so I really don't understand the complete hatred from him on here.

I know I appear to be the only one coming to his defence. Sometimes I sit back and think hold up, maybe I am just not getting it but then I read the pointless vitriol that is less-rooted in constructive criticism and mostly just childish insults against him that make up 90% of the comments on articles concerning him and think, okay maybe I am the only one getting it.

SMH...I don't know man. Cliffy B, if you're reading this, you owe me one.
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tarbis  +   588d ago
And I'm sure that coin is exclusively his.
creatchee  +   588d ago

I agree with you and CliffyB. We the console gamers, as a group, whine incessantly over paid DLC and microtransactions - perhaps rightfully so. The reason that PC gamers do not deal with those as much is because of DRM. They also get lower prices and frequent sales.

With disc based gaming on consoles here to stay (for now), does anybody think that things will get better? Productions costs are going to be even higher this generation due to the higher end hardware, yet the game prices are going to remain the same. Trust me - publishers are about to open the flood gates on paid DLC and microtransactions.
Ashunderfire86  +   588d ago

"That one side of the coin is far more involved than most of us on these comments section. He has been a part of the industry and constantly delivered so I really don't understand the complete hatred from him on here."

Even if Microsoft still went with this DRM policy, it still would not help the gaming industry. Companies would face customer backlash from around the world, who don't have an always online connection. It would help if more servers were built around the world to make this happen, but for now keep it the way it is. What Microsoft and Sony need to do is adopt the Steam concept(What Valve is doing). In Steam you can still play offline after download, and games eventually get huge discounts after 6 months to a year, heck even in 2 months(Dead Island $10). If Microsoft and Sony does this with their game consoles, then not only would people be allowed to play games on disc, they also have the option to play downloaded games Steam style!!! Giving more options to gamers is a win win strategy. People will slowly go for an always online using the Steam concept. Eventually this will happen, give them time.
redwin  +   588d ago
Of course he does, he is a developer. I happen to agree with him. Go have your own business and every time you turn a profit give your workers a raise. Lets see how long you last in business. The only winer here is SONY, they stagnated the tech industry and they will still make some money in the inevitable death of the DVD, cd and blue ray format. Thanks, you ll got played.
humbleopinion  +   588d ago
I seriously don't get this backlash: Since he's both an avid gamer, as well as a famed game designer, so unlike most people he actually sees both side of the coin.
rainslacker  +   588d ago

While he does make games, and for that he is perfectly right to express his opinions, to say that he is more involved is kind of insulting to us that actually support the industry itself. It's a two way street. He makes games. We buy games. Without us buying games there would be no industry. Without people like him making games, we would have nothing to buy.

I used to like Cliffy B. He was always passionate about the games he made. I didn't agree with him on everything, but I believed he had every right to express his opinion.

Unfortunately, lately, he's been talking down to gamers. Treating them like ingrates who only whine about things. Talking like we should just accept whatever the dev community is willing to push onto the user. Basically saying "Deal with it" all while laughing at how pathetic we all are.

The man has talent. But he takes a very myopic view of the industry, and never once have I seen him try to look at the opposing sides views on an issue. I'd love for him to make a game, release it only digital with all these restrictions he seems to say is the future, and then see how well it sells. Even he knows, given his status and experience, that it would be a tough sell. He just doesn't want to admit that to the public.
darkride66  +   588d ago | Well said
It's funny that he thought out of this whole mess, it would be Sony that would cave and start restricting games as well despite Sony's clear stance on these actions being "anti-consumer"

Now that he was proven wrong, rather then sacking up and admitting it, he's throwing a pointless tantrum. You were wrong. Used game sales isn't what's hurting the industry, it's developers that can't control their damn spending and then plead poverty while indies are creating some of the best, most creative games out there with a fraction of the budget the big boys play with. You want to secure the future for big developers it starts with cleaning your own house, not forcing consumers to pay for your failures and overspending habits.
SmielmaN  +   588d ago
^^^. This.
FriedGoat  +   588d ago
You're right. Those developers need to cut down on the caviar on their lunch-breaks.
palaeomerus  +   588d ago
Well the other problem is wildcatting/gambling publishers trying to pay for 8 flops with 2 hits, who don't care about games that break even. They force a dev to pitch them with a demo that might cost $2 million to make. That's $2 million from the dev JUST TO PLAY with no profit or anything on it. Just CoDB. Then if the publishers like the pitch they demand $25 million worth of work in exchange for a promise to fund $15 million and they own the IP. Then they try to get by with paying only around $10 million of what they agreed to and attempt to shorten the schedule and demand more features. THEN they often refuse to pay royalties and bonuses based on metacritic scores if the devs succeed, or get another dev to finish the game they now OWN for $3.5 million, if they don't. Then they decide whether to spend a lot on marketing or not. If they don't the game fails and they blame the dev. Meanwhile their investors are constantly screaming about piracy and flops and demanding that they fund more hits.

It's nonsense.
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Mikey32230  +   588d ago
Who cares about this guy.. he's just another person with an opinion that doesn't matter.
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creatchee  +   588d ago
From his tweets:

"I find it funny how people are saying that I “lost” when I don’t have a job or an allegiance now.

What I do have is 20 years of experience making games and seeing how the sausage is made."

I'd say his opinion matters because it's one of somebody who has been directly involved in developing and publishing games. He has had a view of the industry that no gamer will ever see. Or probably want to see.
Joe913  +   588d ago
His opinion only matters if you agree with him everyone says he is this great game designer well what if you don't like a single game he makes I don't care about any of this but reading the comments it's funny how many ppl feel that everyone should feel the same way and if you disagree then something is wrong with you lol.
BlitzKriegBOOM  +   588d ago
Just an Annoying has-been who should develop games instead of whining his unimportant opinion that he believes us to take as gospel. absolute idiot.
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coolasj  +   588d ago
Cliffy B comes off as a loudmouth that refuses to elaborate on his points. Instead, literally just jumping to conclusions and saying words without trying to back them up.
palaeomerus  +   588d ago
He made a lot of not very funny dick and ass jokes on the Giant Bomb E3 podcast (2nd night, 1st podcast) and interrupted a lot. He really came off as a rude immature ass who doesn't think before he speaks.
Aces17  +   588d ago
This man just needs to be quiet now.
stuntman_mike  +   588d ago
has cliffy got shares in microsoft??
MilkMan  +   588d ago
Im sure he does.
TheOneEyedHound  +   588d ago
Why do people listen to a guy that goes by Cliffy B? Ding!!!!.
Kran  +   588d ago
More like Cliffy D

MontyQ  +   588d ago
cliffy b got a chubby 4 peter molenex
rainslacker  +   588d ago
Peter criticizes the industry, it's policies, and the thinking in which games are made. Peter does not criticize or insult the gamers.
MilkMan  +   588d ago
Cliffy! You so crazy!
Stop inhaling that M$ windpipe and get with the program. I know you've been rich since you where like 12 years old, but the rest of us cant afford to pay $65 dollars every time we decide to play a game.

If you want and the industry feel so strongly about all this, why hasn't anyone sued Gaamestop?

They make a killing off of your products. If this were any other business, they're would have been blood in the street by now.

Instead, the unified decisions is to take it out on the paying customer?

Melankolis  +   588d ago
DRM is only profitable for BIG (or BIGGER) PUBLISHER

Let's say hipothetically
I like CoD, and my friend too...and we both like Resident Evil

In the situation without DRM :
i borrow GOW from my friend. Then i lend Resident Evil to him. The result Epic sold 1, and Capcom sold 1.

In the situation with DRM :
Both my friend and i have to buy two GOWs, since Resident Evil is our 2nd priority and our budgets are limited, we may end up not buying Resident Evil at all. The result Epic sold 2, and Capcom 0.

That's a raw prediction with DRM. Of course in reality i can borrow CoD from my friend (with all those hassles). But i have to say that DRM really ruin the ecosystem. IS IT GOOD FOR ALL PUBLISHER??? I don't think so....espescially the small (or smaller) ones...

Cliffy B's company is a hugh one and his games are 1st priority for millions gamers in the world (my opinion), so he will be getting benefit for DRM
haymoza  +   588d ago
He's the definition of a tool.
bonafide732  +   588d ago
so let me get this straight used games is the downfall of the videogame industry.. Gotcha
Numptyarse  +   588d ago
He needs to jump off a cliff!
pabadamus1  +   588d ago
That idiot does not care if our rights are being infringed upon. All of his comments speak solely to the concerns of his fellow publishing and development community...and rightfully so. I have watched this guy admonish us gamers for exercising our rights to purchase and sell as we please. He has been outright antagonistic and belittling to gamers as a whole. Shitty B would rather a system where we are absolutely beholden to publishers' whims and pricing strategies. In his model there would be no recourse for consumers who bought Aliens Colonial Marines. I think the competition from the used market will continue to push these publishers to rethink their budgets and cut out all of the bloat that plagues this generation. Maybe we will see better designed games such as Metro which were created on extremely restricted budgets. Again, this guy cares about our money but not our interests. He should do as he proposes in his tweet and fuck off.
LeCreuset  +   588d ago
Stop crying and put a product in peoples' hands that they want to hold onto. This article thoroughly destroyed Cliffs' (not calling a grown man Cliffy B) silly rant.
windblowsagain  +   588d ago
@septic, you seem to support alot of strange things on here.

Just because he works in the industry, it does not make his opinion anymore worthwhile then the gamers who buy the games.

Used games are bought alot of the time because of $$$. Not everyone can afford them. Or does not think the game warrants a new purchase.

DRM isn't pushing the Industry forward, the industry only exists because of the consumers. Consumers did not like what MS were pushing. Regardless of what Sony did. They would have had to drop it.

You seem very pro MS.

I don't think they've actually brought much to the industry, except buying exclusive dlc, timed games and shoddy hardware.

I like discs, and although it might be all digital one day. Now is not the time.

As for cliffy.

I reckon he has tattoo on his bum cheeks. M S either side.

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