Review: State of Decay (XBLA) - Save/Continue

Save/Continue writes:

"With the sort of ambition that eclipses its modest Xbox Live Arcade origins, State of Decay is not just one of the best offerings on Microsoft’s service to date, its simply one of the best survival horror titles in recent memory.

The trump card of Undead Lab's inaugural console effort is brilliant; the wider focus on groups and communities over the individual in a large open-world which comes together to create a peerless theater, enabling players the sort of creative latitude to intentionally or unintentionally recreate some of the finest moments of zombie cinema."

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Sidology1886d ago

I'm so glad this game is coming to Steam, because PC master race and all.

Looks hella fun.

Bitsnark1885d ago

Yeah, the PC version should be pretty fantastic too I reckon.