Time to rethink gaming and money

Instead of focusing on ways to prevent piracy (DRM, etc), maybe it's time for the gaming industry to take a new approach. Piracy hasn't killed music, movies, books or games - how about accepting it and working with gamers?

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Donnywho1883d ago

Thanks for buying our game, now please beta test it for us and flock to the forums for our report. Pirating is wrong, thank you, have a good day.

mydyingparadiselost1883d ago

It's nice to see a perspective that doesn't treat customers like thieves even if they do buy the game. I say if you buy a game new you should get all the DLC that comes out afterwards free, or for a HEAVILY discounted price and if you buy used you pay the kind of rates you do now. Rewarding people for support will ALWAYS work better than forcing people into less value for the same price.

Flavor1883d ago

When everything is free, nothing has any value.

Saksoy1883d ago

Thats why being a game tester in a company is a myth, the real game testers are the buyers itself.