Warhammer Online: the grind, the delay and EA - Eurogamer's interview

Although fans were disappointed to learn that Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning would suffer a further delay to the end of this year, Mythic offered details of the Collector's Edition as a consolation. It also went into exhaustive detail on several interesting features of Warhammer Online's game design that set it apart from genre bedfellows World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online. These include the "Realm versus Realm" (or RVR) system, developed from Dark Age of Camelot's, that pits the game's six races against each other in epic war efforts to sack each other's capital cities; the Tome of Knowledge, a slick combination of character profile, achievements system and in-game wiki; and Public Quests, which are dynamic encounters for large groups of players that anyone can walk into and join at any point.

Eurogamer sat down with senior producer Geoff Hickman to discuss these features, the reasons for the delay, and life as an EA-owned studio.

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