NVIDIA SHIELD gets price drop, release date set for June 27th

Quentyn Kennemer writes: "We’d heard the NVIDIA would be targeting a late June launch for its SHIELD gaming handheld, and we’re happy to say that NVIDIA kept its promise — the company has confirmed that SHIELD’s release date is set for Thursday, June 27th!

The good news train doesn’t stop rolling there, though. NVIDIA has also settled on the final price for the device, as the SHIELD has been dropped to a cool $299."

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overlordror1674d ago

Still seems kind of expensive for a handheld that can't really be taken anywhere if you want to do serious gaming.

MooseWI1674d ago

Very. I'd much rather get a 3DS or a PS Vita.

ABizzel11674d ago

It's a better deal now, but I still think it's going to fail, however, it goes to show that the PS Vita and the 3DS really need a price drop considering all the advantages SHIELD has yet $50 more than the PS Vita, and $130/$80 more than 3DS and blows them both out of the water technically speaking.

ginsunuva1674d ago

Until Geforce GRID is released next year.

hellvaguy1674d ago


I was with you on the expensive part, but then you totally lost me on the "cant be taken anywhere".

It's a handheld, so not following you there at all. I thought that was the whole point of it. I mean the thing does have full access to the android market and whatever games are on nvidia's lineup.

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vitullo311674d ago

this thing is actually coming out? LOL

Software_Lover1674d ago

Man, everyone backtracking lately.

hellvaguy1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Backtracking a negative, the glass is half empty view, imo.

Some might say, they listen to what the market is telling them from pre-orders. And why wouldn't you do that, if it was your business?

mushroomwig1674d ago

A price drop before it's even released is never a good sign.

Software_Lover1674d ago

I have an AMD GPU, so the thing would not work for me as is.

hellvaguy1674d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Completely irrelevant unless your AMD is portable. Steaming games from your pc is one side, minor feature and isn't required to play android games or nvidia ones.

1674d ago
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