Restrictive Xbox One Policies Were Not All Bad

Microsoft has binned the controversial policies surrounding used games and DRM on the Xbox One; video games reporter Edward Smith of IBTimes UK asks if this is a good move

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from the beach1768d ago

They weren't. Bad if you live in a nuclear sub, or like, a cave, and buy all your games used.

TheHybrid1768d ago

It's like all these corporations's like they don't even care about the family of goat herders in Afghanistan mountains that have electricity and for some reason can afford an Xbox one but not an Internet connection. Corporations man

Pittoo1768d ago

Shut up and stop accepting this kind of bullshit.

Kanzes1768d ago

not all person have a same opinion

cyguration1768d ago

Except when those opinions are oppressive, regressive and detrimental to the entire industry.

InTheLab1768d ago

Amazing how people line up to give away their rights. It was all bad. There was no good or silver lining. MS jumped out the window with those policies and Amazon proves it.

HammadTheBeast1768d ago

It's weird. 3rd article from IBTimes defending Microsoft.

cyguration1768d ago

Wow, the trolls are out in full force to disagree with people about the DRM.

What is this? Revenge of the Shills? Attack of the Viral Marketers? Rise of the Astroturfers? Mad Marketers: The Web Warriors?

thatsthespirit1766d ago

If you think I've written these articles because I get paid to defend Microsoft I literally cannot begin to explain how stupid you are, and how fundamental your misunderstanding of writing is. Am happy to explain more fully via email. I will not have myself slandered like that in public comment sections.

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The story is too old to be commented.