Xbox One’s DRM u-turn: thank Sony, not the core

Sony was driving the Xbox team into a situation where it was sure to launch with little momentum, a disastrous state of affairs endured by PS3. You can thank Sony’s aggression at E3 for Microsoft’s prostration yesterday. Maybe PlayStation’s passion for slamming Xbox’s head into the kerb was a little too ebullient. If Sony hadn’t been so bloodthirsty, we would never have seen the intense anti-Xbox reaction over E3 week or the subsequent pre-order shifts. And, in all likelihood, we would never have seen Microsoft change its DRM stance on Xbox One.

You didn’t do it. Sony did.

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Chuk51855d ago

I agree.

It feels like MS had a direction at some point, but the X1's direction was so muddled by anxiety and forced policies for a market that clearly isn't ready. Now they're back-tracking in an attempt to keep pace with sony's rolling momentum. I don't believe for one second that "gamer input mattered".I can believe that it mattered to Sony at some point. They saw golden opportunity, and then responded directly to the core.

This MS u-turn doesn't fool me. Yes, it's better I will give them that, but all the messaging before hand convinces me that MS is still MS and will most likely screw people in the future.

-You get 2 free games a month from xbox live, games appear to be 4-6 years old.
-Don Mattrick excludes scores of gamers with out constant internet connection.
-$500 price point.
-Idea of indie game is trotting out one of the biggest downloadable games of all time.

At point MS were interested in gamers, and I'm sure they still are to some degree, but it's all to clear how cold, and impersonal MS's philosophies are.

FrightfulActions1855d ago

You're right. It was Sony who did it. Not the tons of preorders that were in Sony's favor, not the days of non-stop articles and complaints from consumers, not the fact that it was even brought up on national television where 'normal people' were told it couldn't play used games and of course nothing to do with gamestop handing out fliers to 'warn people' about the One's policies. That was all trivial. Thank you, Sony.

WorldGamer1855d ago

I know man. They might not outright admit it, but when PS4 is #1 & 3 on Amazon, and the X1 barely hold 1 spot on the top 10, MS took notice.

When you Googled the X1 and had all sorts of negative articles come up on Google, MS takes notice.

This wasn't Sony's doing, it was consumers and outraged MS supporters alike.

Consumer power was flexed in this matter, no matter how they try to slice it. Sony might have forced MS's hand, but it was the consumer backing and consumer dollars that really made the difference.

legionsoup1854d ago

This WAS Sony's doing. By making a better console that sold better. MS looked, saw, and instead of innovating, they copied the one who was already successful.

FamilyGuy1854d ago

Read the article.

All those things are mentioned but it was Sony basically announcing to the world: mainstream, casual, hardcore, everyone, that caused MS to get scared. They tried to hide the facts by only releasing information to the gaming public but once Sony pretty much put them on blast in front of E3 as well as on Jimmy Fallon there was nothing they could do. They tried to clear their message and explain themselves but in the end people weren't listening to then anymore, they had made their purchase decisions based on what Sony told them. Sony did do this.

lol, last I checked, screw it, I'll check now.
13 million, 120,000+ views
You really think Sony didn't force Microsofts hand?

LOL, of course it was a culmination of all the bad press but Sony definitely had the biggest influence by showcasing the X1s downfalls on a pedestal.

SilentNegotiator1854d ago

If Sony hadn't also fought against it, though, we still would probably be neck deep in DRM in the near future.

But since Sony AND consumers both fought it, console DRM was thwarted.

Transporter471854d ago

I think it has to be both, but yeah without Sony supporting the core gamers this would not have happen.

WeAreLegion1854d ago

It was a good combination of Sony and outspoken consumers. Microsoft couldn't care less what some idiots on the internet think. They do care, however, about pre-order numbers. That was a fight they were losing, obviously.

Thanks for just not pre-ordering the Xbox One, everyone. :)

Imalwaysright1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Exactly. Sony started by shooting MS kneecap when they gave us the option to choose between our rights or DRM and consumers popped a headshot when they started pre-ordering the PS4 left right and center leaving the xbone in the dust. Total Annihilation

kydrice1854d ago

If Sony wanted to win they should of taken a lesson from Napoleon Bonaparte "Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake"

But I'm glad Microsoft pulled a 180, even though I support the PS4, I can't deny that there are some amazing games for the XB1 and I'm looking forward to owning both systems. Plus equal competition is a good thing, it helps keeps prices down and churns out good games.

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