5 Lessons Learned from Microsoft's Xbox One Reversal

Yes, Microsoft has righted its Xbox One wrongs but what can be learned from their turnaround?

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Blankolf1923d ago

I am not mad and applaud Xbox One for reverting policies, but with it's restrictions as well as its features removed and the whole loop in terms of the core of the console shows how aimlessly they are doing and probably how desperate they are.

Still going to buy a PS4, and I am yet to see spend my hard earned money on Xbox One since they haven't showned something the PS4 doesn't have better.

SoapShoes1923d ago

I like that they are trying to convey that they care about the consumer by "listening". They knew before they even unveiled the system that no one liked it(remember the #dealwithit guy?) and had quite a long time to correct it. So why wait so long to do it now? Because Sony is dominating them in preorders, that's why and I really don't think this reversal will win anyone back.

s8anicslayer1923d ago

Exactly how I feel, if the system was designed and built with always online Drm with kinect 2.0 integration what is their selling point now and how will they execute innovation without their belief of the future of gaming and the whole success is a marathon? It seems like pay as you go with them and their making sh!t up as they go.

VforVideogames1923d ago

"they" are not desperate, just find out they made a huge mistake, and for that im getting one.

geekspodcast1923d ago

I commend Microsoft not only for the apology but in how they didn't pull any punches on their position. I'm on the fence about the Xbox One but definitely yes on the PS4.

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geekspodcast1923d ago

LoL thanks! It's a classic and I'd hoped it would work well with the article.

Bonerboy1923d ago

There's a hell of a lot more I dont like about MS and their box than just the Drm nonsense. I'll never support them again...not one shiny nickel.

GrumpyOla1923d ago

It's one thing to "listen" to the fans and another to change the vision they have built the console around. You can't just make it up as you go along for the whole lifecicle of a console and hope for the best. You have to have a vision, stratigic planning, allocation of resoures and so on in order to be successful.

GABRIEL10301922d ago

Xbox's lesson:

Don't fuck with the consumer!