Will The Xbox One DRM Reversal Win Gamers Back?

Microsoft have reversed the DRM and 24 hour check in policy for the Xbox One, but is it enough to win gamers back and will it make a comeback?

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Xaphy1883d ago

A lot of people will feel better about purchasing one now that DRM has been excluded. But its still 100$ more and inferior. Im sticking with the ps4.

guitarded771883d ago

Not just that. More importantly, it's still a matter of they tried to do it to begin with. I will not applaud MS for doing what they should have done in the first place. MS is holding the Family Share plan hostage because of this. They can still do it.

ThanatosDMC1883d ago

Agreed. They're EULA can change whenever they want though... so they could revert it back to full online only DRM. Dick move but we are talking about Microsoft.

The_Con-Sept1883d ago

Once a cheater, always a cheater. Anyone remember that saying? Let me apply that here. Once an Xbox 180, always an Xbox180.

Doesn't matter what happens now because the Microsoft gaming division has been mislead.

Meaning that a mistake such as this, to take this much spin to actually win peoples trust back, only leaves consumers worried about the future. No one will ever forget this. Xbox one-eighty.

r1sh121883d ago

It appeals a little more, but if they remove kinect and get the price to be similar to the ps4.
Ill get both, otherwise Im sticking to the PS4 only

GiggMan1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

$499 is too much for what you're getting on the Xbox One.

For $504.88 I was able to pre-order PS4 Killzone bundle and a year of PS+ on Amazon. Better deal and value if ask me.

Blankolf1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

With the 100$ price comes with Kinect, which is still always on, it's quite unconfortable.

There's the less powerfull 50% than PS4, being different than 2006 when both systems share the most simple architecture there is, meaning no excuses for devs unless tipped off by M$ to power down for PS4.

M$ being quite volatile in mentalities and policies, the only thing they care about, are sales, and changing this now and not after the annoncement, not after the raging revolt of their loyal fans, not after E3 proves my point...

I will stick with PS4 and advise most friends to do so, since I am aware of specifications most aren't, as the GDDR5 and the RAM available for games, but everyone is free to buy Xbox One, PS4 needs competition to keep pushing the boundaries like they are doing.

Xbox one simply earned the right to be called Xbox One and not Xbone, they deserve as much.

No FanS Land1883d ago

A simple No. Microsoft still had the audacity of testing and believing this was the future. and just recently Don Mattrick was all open at the infamous:
"fortunately we have an off-line option for the xbox one, it's called xbox360" quote.

100 more expensive and inferior, this will be obvious for exclusives in 2-3 years from now, and maybe even multiplats.

and last but top priority, it's still a inherent kinect cable box that happens to play games.

The controller does look appealing to me and some games too, but MS' philosophy will not win over me.

A-laughing-horse1883d ago

Alls I hear is this inferior word.

How so?

All the developers here on n4g. From any real developer I've read about, said their neck nd neck.

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FrigidDARKNESS1883d ago

Yes, there was a spike last night in pre orders it has already begun.

Ron_Danger1883d ago


And saying "I heard a guy at GameStop say..." isn't a source

MooseWI1883d ago

Check Amazon top sellers in video games, it's higher than PS4. BUT, the PS4 has 4 systems in the top 10 while Xbox One only has one, but it's #1 in the top 10.

FrigidDARKNESS1883d ago

Damn dude is this crap really that important to you? Im not one of these guys that check pre orders every five minutes to see whose winning like some people do on this forum.
This was last night after the no drm announcement. ideo-games/zgbs/videogames

No_Limit1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

It is true, on both the US and UK Amazon site, you can see the rise up in ranks after the announcement yesterday. the DRm was the factor that was holding the xbox1 sales back.

Amazon UK Top 20 Best seller as of 6/20/13 7:50 PST

2. Xbox 1 Day One Edition
3. PS4
9. Watchdog (PS4)
11. Call of Duy Ghost (xb1)
13. Forza 5 13
14. Battlefield 4 (xb1)
16. Xbox One Standard Edition

US Amazon is pretty much the same situation with the Xbox One still sits at #1 and 3 games in the top 20 while no PS4 games were in the top 20.

Ron_Danger1883d ago

Didn't mean to come off defensive. I'm just tired of people bringing up new info that isn't widespread yet without sources. That's how annoying rumors get spread.

Good for MS being able to pull in more preorders, it's just not my cup if tea.

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Blankolf1883d ago

"I heard a guy saying the Xbox One cloud is a PR ilusion"

See I can do it to, comment only supported information or state it as your opinion.


scruffy_bear1883d ago

MS lost me this gen, it was bad enough that they dropped Xbox for Xbox 360 but then they dropped Xbox 360 core gamers for kinect.

cervantes991883d ago


Microsoft drops Gamers like a bad habit whenever it suits them.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Not going to support this product. Besides they don't have any decent studios producing games like Sony does year in year out. Sony has a proven track record for games all the way back to the PS1.

vega2751883d ago

They definitely won me back. I was only getting a ps4 because it was by default. But dince they updated the system without the drm and 24hr restictions. Now I can pick it up at launch. I like t he games I saw at E3 and I will be buying FF15 and KH3 as well as ryse, DR3, forza 5, Titanfall , KI, below, ect. I've already pre-order my system. Cant wait.

No_Limit1883d ago

Man, you got all the Xbox1 games that are on my must buy list as well. I also have Quantum Break and Project Spark on my list of games that I am interest in. Good taste in games from all genre.

ThanatosDMC1883d ago

You're fine with Ryse that QTE kinect game? Well, i guess if you're that type of gamer. No DR3?

vega2751883d ago

1st off- ryse isnt a kinect base game. It played with a controller.

2nd- why is GTE a problem now since members on this site claimed how much the loved heavy rain and GoW and soon to be released beyond

ThanatosDMC1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

I never liked GoW. IMO, it's a mindless Square x6 + Triangle game. Heavy Rain is not just QTE.

Yes, it is a Kinect based game. Check the interview. The buttons are just there for the demo. The actual game is Kinect only. I mean, you cant use your Xbone without Kinect, so why wouldnt they implement it?

Watch the interview in Gametrailers.

stage881883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

It will win back a few on the fence but having it $100 more with weaker hardware means a lot of people will migrate to PS4. Not to mention Sony kills the competition with PS+

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