GAME: Xbox One DRM reversal 'positive for the community'

Microsoft's reversal on Xbox One's DRM policy is "really positive... [for] the gaming community", GAME believes.

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Sleepless1975d ago

You mean good for you (GAME)...

pompombrum1975d ago

And by community they mean their profits. GAME, let me tell you something else positive for the community.. good value on games.. worst trade in prices, highest priced used and new games.. sums up GAME in a nutshell.

SegaGamer1975d ago

Just a word of advise for anyone that trades their games with GAME, DON'T DO IT. You get pretty much nothing for them, you would do far better selling your games on ebay.

pompombrum1975d ago

Yup and if you must, tell them you want to use their trade match price with CEX and ask them to pull up the prices off the CEX website.. in some cases you'll get double or even triple what GAME offer you.

DivineAssault 1975d ago

Whats to say that ppl dont quit complaining & they end up putting it back on? I dont trust that company anyway so im not buying that machine.. If they can make changes this late into development like that, they can change a lot of other things too.. Ill stick with the company(s) i trust & its NOT M$