Microsoft fooled you all with Xbox One Update

Well, look what has happened folks. Microsoft has changed some of it’s ‘original plans’ for the Xbox One. Do you all really think Microsoft didn't bet on this scenario?

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4logpc1884d ago

How do you fool someone when they state you will have to connect once to activate the offline modes?

LiberatedAnimal1884d ago

Doesn't matter, still don't want a surveillance box, that any agency can use to spy on me, sitting in my living room. Doesn't sound appealing just for Halo and Forza.

Wikkid6661884d ago

LOL... you know if it's not connected it's not spying on you... right?

A-laughing-horse1884d ago

How about any of the 14 other exclusives?

How would Sonys e3 have been without their lower price point?

The used games stance is invalid now.

Belking1884d ago

can't spy if not connected to the net. And don't assume anyone wants to watch you anyway.

Lord_Sloth1884d ago

It's not a difficult workaround. Just keep the system unplugged when it ain't in use.

Facial recognition kinda harms the Duck Tape fix...

Godmars2901884d ago

And Sony announced 20 upcoming exclusives.

And they do have the lower price point.

They also potentially have more power. As well as better opportunities for the indie market.

LiberatedAnimal1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I understand that but, how often do you disconnect your consoles from wifi. That would be a pain in the neck. I'd rather just have consoles that can't spy on me just because I want to play multi or watch a movie. Now let me use it without Kinect all together and we're talking.

Docknoss1884d ago

@Liberatedanimal put tape over the kinect eye, problems solved. If you're worried about someone listening to you, Then you obviously you have some bigger issues to deal with. Its not you have the Fame status of Charlie Sheen, Gary Busey, or Ron Jeremy...

marchinggamer1884d ago

Surveillance box ? Like everything else in your home? Phone TV laptop desktop ps3

Gratisfaction1884d ago

The Kinect is basically NSA approved...

Haules1884d ago

From the article

"I’m not buying a product where everyone in the company is saying something different and making up BS.

Pick the company that listens to gamers to most unless you really want to gamble on the Xbox One. The only reason to get one is pretty much for it to be your main Set Top Box but also play a few more exclusive games every now and then. We all know that most of the games on it will also be on PC. Just don’t forget what Microsoft has been doing ever since the Xbox360 came out and here now with the Xbox One announcements."

I agree...

sAVAge_bEaST1884d ago

No one wants a Surveillance set up, in their home..

Just saw this petition, when I opened firefox, this is the link - https://optin.stopwatching....

indysurfn1884d ago

Okay at the start of this Microsoft fooled people by using terms. Like LEND/family/friends. Now they are being successful by using the term:
"offline game". Did you catch that, if you install a "off line game" then you will not have restrictions, that is the condition. Watch

defines a "offline game" What if only one game has the label of offline game on it? Mostly candidate would be a turned based rpg. Heck what percent of games don't have a component of online to even the 360 games right now? Microsoft almost required it with few exceptions. If there is a term "offline game" as a condition.

Then that is a out, for for Microsoft to change nothing! Don't trust a company that keeeeeeeeeps making pot shots at your rights. And keeps

adding names like "offline xbox one games", otherwise Fooled you twice! Are you going to let that happen?

Microsoft qoute:An internet connection will not be required to play offline Xbox One games....If they where not trying to fool you it would read:An internet connection will not be required to play (any) Xbox One games. see the difference? I don't care if it drops to 199 It is still taking away my used games rights!!! plus as I pointed out the DRM issue is conniving explained to fool us

CoLD FiRE1883d ago

What makes you think if they wanted to spy on you they couldn't already do it with your Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone and anything that has a camera and an internet connection. You better live in a cave I guess!

Zeusprototype1883d ago

lay off the ganger do its sent you paranoid...ever heard of an off button?

Dark_Overlord1883d ago

To all those saying just don't connect to the net, whats not to say its wont store data on the HDD? A certain amount of the HDD could be reserved just for that, then when you do connect to a network it uploads.

greenlantern28141883d ago

These guys are right it can't spy on you if not connected to the net. But it also can't use the cloud it was built around to make up for its lack of power. Games like forza, titan fall, dead rising 3, and even sunset overdrive where and I quote "only possible with the power of the cloud"
And the fooling you part is maybe the Xbox1 could never do any of those things they said it could and they new it, so bundle in a bunch of features you really want, with Carp policies nobody would want then take it all away

Blacktric1883d ago

"The used games stance is invalid now."

Mandatory Kinect one is not.

Pay to play online and barely get anything more one is not.

TV focus one is not.

500 dollar price one is not.

You still don't seem to get why some people still insist on not getting it.

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xGoOsEPrImEx1884d ago

I just want to say that Sony wouldn't be doing this too?

subtenko1884d ago

Fooled as in this could have been there plan all along and it was a "gotcha" thing.

i.e. M$ PR department: "Lets say it has this, get media attention, then remove IT and get applause from our fan base"

Not that hard to think about or am I really the only one who thinks like this?

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ALLWRONG1884d ago

I already made my choice to go with the PS4 next gen. With that said, this article is pure desperation and obviously fanboy driven.

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A-laughing-horse1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

MS HATERS are puttin in work today. Damn

Ps this is getting tired.

Whatever. The only people still mad about Microsoft's positions still are people who never planned on getting it in the first place.

It's a toy guys. When your sitting home alone are you goin to be saying to yourself " man, thank God I didn't buy an Xbox". If you do , than you need serious mental help

Drekken1884d ago

A $500 toy. For that price people are allowed to be passionate.

Lord_Sloth1884d ago

People who never planned on getting it (IE me) aren't mad. We're too busy laughing our asses off to be mad!

Docknoss1884d ago

Agreed A-house-laughing, I get on N4G for balanced news but this sight has a infestation with kids who think people care about what they have to say. I'm ready for school to start back up so the adults can have grown up conversations.

jessupj1883d ago

"When your sitting home alone are you goin to be saying to yourself " man, thank God I didn't buy an Xbox"."

I say that every time I boot up The Last of Us.

gta28001883d ago

Daaammnn lol.

Last of Us is one hell of a game. I've lost track of what's going on in the gaming world this whole week because I've been hooked on the multiplayer!!

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El_Colombiano1884d ago

Oh hey we changed the policy so you don't have to be online every day. This means you deployed folk can play anywhere! But you still need internet out there in Afghanistan and in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or you can't play.

No_Limit1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago ) know this is a one time activation and not for every game, right? Soldier activate Xbox One when he buy the console at home and that is it. He can be in outer space for a month and he is safe. How old are these people here? LMFAO

El_Colombiano1884d ago

Soldier buys console on base. Logic.

DOMination-1883d ago

It will only be the launch models because they are already in production and can't be changed. After that I have no doubt the console will ship with the newer firmware and you won't need to connect at all.

greenlantern28141883d ago

And no it is for the Xbox1 to work at all. No where in any statement made by ms has anybody said for some games you wouldn't have to connect to the net even once. You have to connect to the net before you can use the Xbox1 and download the day one update stated ms. And if you are someone that can not get internet you are still boned.

Software_Lover1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Wow. They even come out and say exactly what you have to do, but they fooled you? It's written in plain english.

I left my original response because I'm not ashamed to admit when I'm wrong. I didn't read the article before I posted. Sorry Author. My post had nothing to do with what you wrote.

Starbucks_Fan1884d ago

"Xbox One is like that GF that cheated on you and wants to come back to you. lol. You'll be dumb enough to get back with xbox one."

sAVAge_bEaST1884d ago

don't think so,,. fool me once, shame on you.. fool me twice,,.. shame on me.

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