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Submitted by jtorry 961d ago | news

Xbox One will now sell as many units as PS4, says Pachter

The Xbox One u-turn on digital rights policies will see the platform claw back consumer belief in the platform and will sell as many units as the PS4, Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter has said. (PS4, Xbox One)

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King-Prodigy-X  +   961d ago | Well said
No it won't, not at $500.
BigFnHooters  +   961d ago | Well said
Yes. Not a chance the Xbox One sells anywhere close to the PS4.

As you wrote, 100 dollars more expensive.


* The PS4 has a huge graphics/system power advantage

* The PS4 is already massively ramping up production, with a target of a million a month around launch, to be ready for US and European sales around the end of September 2013. And Japan will follow shortly after that.

* The Xbox One doesn't even have an official Japanese launch timeframe.

* The Xbox One doesn't work or is pointless to buy in a large number of areas/countries in the world

It makes no sense to even suggest that it is even possible that the Xbox One will sell anywhere near PS4 numbers.

And to make an already near fatal situation for Microsoft's beleaguered Xbox One, the RRoD won't be inflating Microsoft's installed base numbers by tens of millions like it did with the Xbox 360 this gen.
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TekoIie  +   961d ago
"The Xbox One doesn't work or is pointless to buy in a large number of areas/countries in the world"

Thats no longer true:
ainsz  +   960d ago
I think initially, the PS4 will outsell the Xbox as I've found that even people who don't keep up with gaming news caught wind of Xbox One's previous restrictions and have decided to get the PS4.

Later on, I think the Xbox one will have a chance of building some momentum.
NewMonday  +   960d ago
first thing to know is that Pachter always talks about North America only

"We are confident that with six months of focused messaging, Microsoft can fully level the playing field with Sony, and we expect the Xbox One to sell as many units as the PS4,"

this is my guess as well, but 50/50 in the USA is the best that MS can expect at the $500 price point.
user5575708  +   960d ago
however you look at it all Microsoft did through this whole ordeal is lose a chunk of their fan base.

we're back to normal basically in comparison to last gen except they just lost some fans permanently. true some will come back due to the flip flop they just had but if pachter is talking 50/50 in the USA then thats going to be a nasty blow to them because the majority of their sales came from the USA
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   960d ago
They already showed weakness when they backed down. You NEVER back down,.....even when you're wrong.

I'd laugh my ass off if they add drm in later after all these people thinkits safe and buy an Xbox
tommygunzII  +   960d ago
Don't forget about all of the big and small developers. In the next few years I see Sony pulling ahead considerably.
Krosis  +   960d ago
$100 more means nothing if it has the games IMHO , and it does. Had MS went in to E3 like this then they'd of won the show as all Sony had going for them was announcing they had the opposite restriction policies. Otherwise Sony had a very boring show. Im also sure a two tier pricing will come eventually too. I think the playing field is a lot more even and sales will reflect that. It's N4G so im sure I'll get 4554 unjustified disagrees from the 90% Sony population here. But as a neutral party being a PC Gamer, I see MS making a smart move. Kudos for Sony setting a good example and to the interwebs for providing a good forum for whining--it got things done.
EasilyTheBest  +   961d ago
I can see a huge price drop before release. Microsoft will say that they are doing it as a sorry.
X1 - $399 with Kinect.
X1 - £349 with Kinect.

Who knows, Microsoft could do it if they wanted to be really aggressive.
I know I would definitely be an extra customer.
Coltrane_C  +   961d ago
There is no way they are dropping the price by 100 with the Kinect.
unchartedxplorer  +   961d ago
That mean that they would sell at a loss
Livecustoms  +   961d ago
No way on earth would Microsoft change pricing, they even said that to IGN, so just go with the ps4 if your on a budget stop having wet dreams about the console being cheaper coz it wont. They'll drop price in 2-3 years..
THamm  +   960d ago
That reason will be the reason for it's demise. This console offers absolutely no advantage in "gaming" than the other and is well documented plagued by pr crap. Stick to the MS guns of 499 and be stubborn like the Sega Saturn. History repeats itself. Overpriced with a useless camera and being "budget" are two different things
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EasilyTheBest  +   960d ago
Well only recently everyone on here was saying they will never ever 3 bags full change their drm policies.
Now you get ppl saying theres no way they will drop their price.

Why not?

Microsoft have huge deep pockets. Lose a few 100 million in the 1st year and don't spend quite so much on tv advertising.
I can see it now.

X1 $399 from day one with Kinect.
famoussasjohn  +   960d ago
unchartedxplorer - If I recall correctly, didn't Sony last gen sell a console at a loss at launch? I believe it was around $200 they were losing on every sale of the console.

Though I highly doubt a price drop would happen for the Xbox One. Guaranteed it will remain $499.99 at launch. If it's possible for Microsoft to hear our opinions on the Kinect and pushes out another SKU that doesn't have the Kinect, I could live without the Kinect.
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admiralvic  +   960d ago
You got to think about these things beyond the simple scope of sales or matching Sony, since other things DO come into play.

Like they might "lose a few hundred million in the first year", but that's not all they lose. Nothing says the price drop will instantly make people flock to the Xbox One, it just means that it will put the PS4 and it on equal footing. However, doing that and VASTLY changing their business model will lower investor confidence and will result in M$ stock going down. I mean, would you invest in a company that lower the price by 20% / removed DRM only a month after ANNOUNCING IT, cause I sure wouldn't.

Also as I've posted a few different times, the Xbox One is "pretty much" $400 dollars like the PS4, but since the kinect is required, the price goes up another $100. It's hard to say how much they're making on the Xbox One right now, but it's completely plausible that they're STILL taking a loss on the $500 dollar price tag or making close to nothing.
shuuwai  +   960d ago
they won't lower the price, it's a american company.

NA way of thinking, sale and make large profit. 20% or more!
Asian way of thinking, sale and a make small profit, and that'll help move lots units into everyone home.

If ms was smart, they'll bundle a full on-line MP game with 1 free xbox gold member.

perfect example would be drive club for psn+
andibandit  +   960d ago

you must be new to gaming or something....almost every console sells at a loss.
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creatchee  +   961d ago
The PS3 sold just fine at a higher price point than its competition. Hell, it was more than 499 at launch - 7 years ago.

Consumers don't care as much about a supposed advantage in raw power as they do about games and features. And seriously - if $100 differences truly mattered in tech then iPhones and Galaxy S's wouldn't be the best selling phones right now.

I still think PS4 will sell more initially because they seem to have a larger initial supply. Time will tell on the long term though.
Dmagic  +   960d ago
the ps3 looked amazing and came with alot of stuff 360 did not have bluray, wifi, superior graphics, its not the same for the Xone its weaker and ps4 has everything it has and more for 100 less its not the same situation at all.
torchic  +   960d ago
back then PlayStation was far more popular around the world than Xbox, and it is still that way to today.

it's in Microsoft's best interest to always offer a cheaper console than Sony, or to offer a console with much better features if the price is higher.

I think Xbox One will initially sell well in the first two years but as time goes by and prices drop PS4 will sell far more.
Clarence  +   960d ago
The PS3 was worth it at that price. Bluray, built in wifi, hdmi ports, web browser, and better hardware. no RROD!

The Xbox one is not worth 499. M$ still has to prove they can make a console that does not have 50% failure rate.

M$ is rushing their Xbox one to the market. They had no idea that Sony would release the PS4 this year.
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   960d ago
Different economy now 7 years later. We're in the Obama years now. 1in 3 families on food stamps. I think $500 is a little strap. I have the 360, ps3, and the wii. This time I'm only buying 1 ....the ps4. If I get my old income back I'll get a gaming PC and a ps4,...and if not (probably not) just buying ps4
ZBlacktt  +   960d ago
The XBox had a 54% fail rate. So $499 looked pretty darn good. Plus Blu-ray, built in wi-fi, free online, plus MGS4? Sold.
GamersHeaven  +   960d ago
Yes it sold well Playstation at that time was and still is more popular than Xbox world wide.PS3 at launch cost 599$ it came with a built in blu-ray player for both movies and games 999$ for standalone players at the time.The 60gb model had everything 4 USB slots,HDMI,SD slot,Compact Flash memory slot,Memory stick duo slot,USB charger for your controller 100% backwards compatibility and more powerful/reliable hardware.Sales declined so they stripped all those awesome features out released a slim version for 299$ BAM sales soared so no consumers care about price first and games second.
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OlgerO  +   961d ago
Freaking Pachter man, that guy is something else.. sigh. PS4 will win at least the first year. unless microsoft subsidises. I believe that people are stupid enough to buy into that shit
-GametimeUK-  +   960d ago
It will. If not it will sell more. I bet people will easily pay an extra 100. This is nothing like ps2 users buying 360's. These systems are coming out qt similar times and people on 360 will want to upgrade consoles and keep their friend list and account.
Grave  +   960d ago
All my friends are refusing to get an X1. They've had it with MS. There is no real reason to upgrade your 360 right now, there just isn't. I see the X1 gaining popularity after a few years of its release, but by then it will be way to late.
Grave  +   960d ago
Plus the price point really stinks.
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Allsystemgamer  +   960d ago
Want to keep your friends list? U have a phone
aiBreeze  +   960d ago
This.. drop the mandatory kinect crap and we'll talk, until then I will wait until at least Titanfall's release before I bend over and accept I have to spend extra on an accessory I have no interest in.
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EasilyTheBest  +   960d ago

Kinect will go the way of the Move if its not Mandatory. I for one don't want that.

Go get a PS4 if your so against Kinect, I hear they are pretty good.
aiBreeze  +   960d ago
If Kinect will fail if it isn't mandatory, perhaps that's an indication of it's popularity. Motion gaming just isn't desirable by most gamers not to mention if the minimum range is 3 meters, it's completely useless for me anyway unless I start moving furniture. Forcing me to spend an extra £100 or so for a device I can't even fully utilize nor have any interest in is wrong.
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Grave  +   960d ago
Totally agree. Drop the camera and the price to 399-449 and I might consider getting it for DR3 and Quantum Break.
Pintheshadows  +   960d ago
My question is, with all these changes will it still be truly ready for launch this year. It seems nothing with the console is set in stone and that they have been rushing it since the PS4 reveal in February. I worry about the rumours of cooling issues as well. I do want one now after the changes to the policy but I think I will wait a little longer yet. I certainly won't get one at launch.
gamertk421  +   960d ago
The only cooling issue rumors I've seen are about the PS4, tho
IRON883  +   960d ago
Nope it will not the damage has been done and plus its 100 $ more! Also I think Microsoft just changed the drm for launch afterwards u see they'll say we have 2 update and bring back the old restrictions
andibandit  +   960d ago
we said the same thing about the PS3, 7 years ago
donman1  +   960d ago
Higher cost, not as powerful and lost of key features due to new policy. I will have to disagree with Pachter.

Lost Features due to policy change:

One-time install of disc-based games – A feature on the Xbox One that would allow you the ability to switch between games without having to switch between discs, is now gone. The idea behind this was “wherever you go your games go to.” Now whenever you take your Xbox One somewhere else (over to a mates place) your going to have to take your physical copies with you. This would of been the ideal feature for game collectors and people who are just to lazy to get up and swap the disc’s.

Game sharing - Microsoft’s offer to let you share Xbox One games with up to nine other “family” members is gone, too.
harrisk954  +   960d ago
I agree... if there are 2 pallets of consoles at Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc., and a parent comes in to buy their kid a holiday gift, which one do they choose, a console from the pallet that has a sign that says $399 (PS4) or the one from the pallet that says $499(XB1)?

Price is the biggest selling point in most consumers' minds. That is one of the reasons that the 360 did so well. They sold a SKU with a smaller hard drive, no wireless, etc.

Not to mention, the PS4 now comes bundled with an HDMI cable and a wired headset. Not so with the XB1. That is additional cost that will make a difference in potential buyers' minds.
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Anon1974  +   960d ago
Even on even price footing, I highly doubt the Xbox One would match the PS4 in sales. For an analyst who's supposed to specialize in the game industry, he seems unable to learn any lessons from the past.

As I pointed out in another thread, at the end of their first Christmas on the market together, the 360 enjoyed almost a 9 million lead over the PS3. Now, that lead has been completely erased and based on data from market research firms, as of March this year the PS3 was up by 2 million.

So what conclusions should Mr. Pachter be drawing from this? Despite the price difference, there was clearly more consumer appetite for the Playstation worldwide. Why do you think that was and has anything changed in terms of brand recognition? Now with the PS4 $100 cheaper, with more powerful hardware, without the Wii fad sapping casuals away, with all Microsoft's bad press and the fact that still 33% fewer Americans will be able to setup their product than were able to use the 360 due to the internet requirement (let alone other countries with limited internet)....STILL Pachter predicts a tie?

Did the guy learn nothing from this past gen?
andibandit  +   960d ago
If Sony choses the same marketing as with the PS3(word of mouth), i definitely see how MS could compete. We allready now MS will be rolling out the big cannons advertising everywhere.
Kran  +   960d ago
The problem is, the Xbox One will now sell because the restrictions are gone. You've been hearing it everywhere that in some places the Xbox One is most preordered and in some the PS4 is.

I'd say in terms of sales, it's an even battle. In terms of content, Sony has it in the bag.
mewhy32  +   960d ago
I sincerely doubt that they will sell as many Xbones as PS4s. Too much negative press.
FITgamer  +   960d ago
Yeah my younger brother and my best friend who were both xbox only gamers this gen both pre-ordered the PS4, and even after yesterdays announcement neither one of them are going back. My brother due the fact that he hates the kinect and my friend because of $500 price tag. Which are two factors that i think will still deter a lot of people, especially parents(who aren't gamers) who are planning on buying a system for their kids.
3-4-5  +   960d ago
If Pachter says A........then B will happen.
deanobi  +   960d ago
Yes it will. It has a greater market.
Prcko  +   961d ago
Woo had forecast unit sales of 10 million for the Sony console in 2014, and five million for Xbox One. He told us this morning that his forecasts haven’t changed, despite Microsoft’s U turn on Xbox One DRM.
I still think 399$ matters
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nypifisel  +   961d ago
In all honesty. The price was always the biggest factor for the casual market. PS4 will (now when the boxes are so similar) move substantially more numbers just cause the price difference alone.
Crystallis  +   960d ago
And the fact that MS stated they will not release the Xbox1 in Asia until late 2014. The ps4 will be released in most territory's around the world. America alone wont be nearly enough to sell as much as the ps4.
quarkist  +   961d ago
Good news for gammers! Competition is extremely important, otherwise these companies will become monsters!
nypifisel  +   961d ago
Hehe Microsoft started transforming into one a bit early then no?
d0nT wOrrY  +   961d ago
What news? This is a mere prediction.
iMixMasTer872   960d ago | Spam
Mikelarry  +   961d ago
i don't think so if you look back to the 360 and ps3 ( i know now the ps3 outsells the 360), it was the xbox that was wining due to its low entry point and consumers were not listening to sony blu ray is the future all they cared about was price.
Minato-Namikaze  +   961d ago
But the ps3 sold more units every year they both were on the market. The lead was because of the headstart.
Rip-Ridah  +   961d ago
The year to year and a half head start was the main reason for the early lead. The PS3 constantly outsold the 360 on a yearly basis even with the hefty price difference. Would the PS3 have sold more had the entry point been lower? No doubt. Obviously, people saw blu ray as the future because when all of the movie studios, Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Blockbuster, & just about every other giant tech company stands with Sony & blu ray, the consumers KNEW that blu ray was the future. You cant argue with history.
gamertk421  +   960d ago
True, but now both have Blu-ray drives, so perhaps that makes Xbox even more appealing to casual customers, especially with the Kinect.
Imalwaysright  +   961d ago
No it won't. Not when it is € 100 more expensive than the PS4. Not only that but the Playstation brand is more powerful than the Xbox brand and the "war" between PS3 VS 360 is proof of that.
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TheEvilWithin  +   961d ago
Pachter back to his old ways already?

I prefer the PS4 interface to the Xone80's. I can really do with less advertising in my face and more about what matter's to me. What my friends are up to and what my gamer tag says about me.
sly-Famous  +   961d ago
Even if it does Sony still wins because of BluRay which makes you kinda wonder why people are still going on about a console war when Sony has a hand in both consoles?
Roccetarius  +   961d ago
On this it's definitely a no. Microsoft can't possibly sell many units, because of the way they screwed over consumers.
creatchee  +   961d ago
How were customers screwed over by Microsoft? The damned thing won't even be available for five months! Plus they gave customers what they want. Seriously, I don't understand people.
Rip-Ridah  +   961d ago
I was lied to when I kept telling Microsoft all through 2006 into 2007 that there was DEFINITELY something wrong with the hardware because my dumb unit would malfunction or continuously scratch my discs. I was refused free dlc from developers that WANTED to give it to me. I was banned on a few occasions for days on end for erroneous reasons while paying for Live only later to be told: "Oops. Our bad." Fortunately, I saw the warning signs early & abandoned ship in March 2007 when the BRAND NEW Xbox I REPURCHASED broke a week later. Fortunately, Best Buy has a good warranty plan. I ditched it for a PS3 & never looked back until I received a free Xbox in 2012 which sits in a corner. True stories from DOW Rip Riduh (Xbox tag) Rip-Ridah (PSN).
#8.1.1 (Edited 961d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(6) | Report
ginsunuva  +   960d ago
No, they didn't give customers what they want, they omitted one thing that customers don't want.
towelie1288  +   961d ago
i will be picking up an xbox 1 first and ps4 a little later
Allsystemgamer  +   960d ago
You'll have maybe 10 people to play with online while some fat low paid guy watches u get all sweaty racing in forza before someone who's mad at you comes in the room and ruins your race by saying "Xbox off"
towelie1288  +   960d ago
calm down kid
dont get ur panties in a bunch just because i am getting an xbox first...
Foxgod  +   961d ago
Quite possible, cause wether you want to believe it or not, MS got franchises that people want to play.
Perjoss  +   961d ago
irrelevant, half of europe cant even buy the console, not even import it, it simply will not work for them.


Remove Kinect and $100 and gamers will start to take notice.
Foxgod  +   961d ago
We dont know that, because the online check is gone.
Maybe the one time only online authentication will work fine in East Europe.

besides, East Europe doesnt really hold a big share yet in the Gaming market.
#10.1.1 (Edited 961d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(9) | Report
gamertk421  +   960d ago
Exactly, and now region-free. BTW, did you know that Estonia has a faster online network than the US?
DynDasE  +   961d ago
This is an ominous sign for M$ because Pachter is never correct.
TheFallenAngel  +   961d ago
They knew they were going to get slaughtered by Sony. I wouldn't be surprised if they drop the price in a couple of days. I want to hear that moron major nelson say something about DRM now.
H3ADWOUND81  +   961d ago
Pachter's off the wagon again..
FrigidDARKNESS  +   961d ago
Well for 499.00its packed with features that its competition dont have. Windows 8 will be updated to windows 9 next year. The xb1 tech is future proof meaning several other technologies will be added on in the future.
tigertom53  +   960d ago
they have "Wi-Fi Direct" which sony doesn't. many tablets and smart phones and other device can now take advantage of.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   960d ago
Thanks for that bit ofbinfo another great selling point.
EasilyTheBest  +   960d ago
HDMI input is a great plus point and so is the cloud going to be great.
SniperControl  +   960d ago
Wow! whoopy do!!

I can connect my my PS3 with my Samsung phone to transfer pictures & videos with-out using a wi-fi hub.
gamertk421  +   960d ago
That's great, man! lol
tigertom53  +   960d ago
well Wi-Fi Direct is just as easy as connecting a Bluetooth device but instead of 3mbps you have 250mbps....
SniperControl  +   960d ago
I am not talking about using BT, there are plenty off apps on both iOs & Android that allow connections via Wi-Fi without a wi-fi hub being involved.

Also, from what i gather only one of the connecting devises has to be wi-fi direct compatible.
#14.1.6 (Edited 960d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Allsystemgamer  +   960d ago
There is no such thing as future proof tech. Especially when it's an underpowered box. And don't even bother with cloud unless you have unlimited Internet bandwidth which most people do not. Most people can't afford more than 80-120 gigs per month and if people are going digital lke ms wants them too expect 20 gigs per download. Plus Netflix and YouTube etc. cloud computing isn't going to benefit anyone
iMixMasTer872   960d ago | Spam
tigertom53  +   960d ago
you can go ahead and do your research yourself, and remember that The Xbox One uses Wi-Fi Direct to connect its controller, while the PlayStation 4 relies on Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. On paper, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR’s theoretical 3 Mb/sec maximum speed is clearly outclassed by Wi-Fi Direct’s 250 Mb/sec theoretical throughput
PositiveEmotions  +   961d ago
Anything can change but so far ps4 is still taking the lead.
cyberninja  +   961d ago
Pachter strikes again!!! Lol.
tiffac008  +   961d ago
His jinx comments knows no end.
Monkeysmarts  +   961d ago
Kiss of death.
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   961d ago
1st get rid of that piece of crap Kinect and reduce the price, then maybe.
Picnic  +   960d ago
The current signs are not at all that it will, although getting some late adopters as a result of potentially having a noticeably cheaper price than the PS4 later in its life will help it as a second console, or casual console, purchase. Thanks to the lack of interest in the WiiU (which will help the Xbox One), the margin might not end up huge but there is nothing that stands out to me as saying that Sony have made any mistakes with the PS4 in getting the early adopters. If the PS3 was a proving ground for the number of single player 'gamers' in the long run then the PS4 currently has few sign of troubles ahead. Although, fortunately for the gaming scene, Microsoft can always be relied upon to do something wacky here or there in gaming to shake things up.
#19 (Edited 960d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
stage88  +   960d ago
Shut up, Pachter.
Ares84HU  +   960d ago
Ohh Pachter, how I wish I had your job......
PSjesus  +   960d ago
Pchter said Insomniac's Fuse well sell more than 15 millions on multiplat....that's Pachter's logic for you
manny1up  +   960d ago
Am a 360 owner & opted for PS4 , Pachter is incorrect on his assumption . just bcoz MS change their ludicrous policies doesn't equate to consoles sales much less compete with PS4 . it hasn't swayed my mind. There's no assurance they won't just build up a big costumer base before they reintroduce the anti-consumer policies..Microsoft LOST consumers confidence ..

PS..DROP the gimmicky KINECT , NO ONE ask for this horrendous atrocity
MeatAbstract  +   960d ago
Why do people keep saying 'Not at that price'. People keep rightfully saying that the PS3 came out ridiculously expensive.

Why is it suddenly wrong for MS to have an expensive console but Sony is defended for doing so?
manny1up  +   960d ago
is NOT the matter of defending but pricing . That's solely the reason ive chosen XBOX 360 over PS3 , bcoz it cost $100 less ..Thx to microsoft ludicrous policies & insanely cost of it's console am opting for PS4 ..Microsoft should DROP the kinect & price it $400 to compete with sony ..Microsoft LOST consumers confidence .
Monkeysmarts  +   960d ago
You don't really need to ask why Sony is defended for anything on N4G. It's a very pro Sony crowd here. But that's fine, there are plenty of sites that are pro Xbox or pro PC and they bash everything about other platforms too. Seems impossible to just find an objective gamer crowd.

As far as the price thing, it is a big factor still. Time will tell if MS earns back consumer trust, the policy change alone won't just completely swing the sales. I've seen plenty of people over this past week and change who said they're going PS4 and only really mentioned the price. In the US especially, price seems to be the biggest factor.
Imalwaysright  +   960d ago
I never defended that ridiculous € 600 price tag. I'm just looking at the facts and the fact is: Sony lost a huge amount of market share to their competitors and imo its because of the € 600 price tag. What prevented Sony from lagging behind was Playstation's brand recognition and their exclusives which are part of the brand.
#24.3 (Edited 960d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Kakashi Hatake  +   960d ago
That answer is already written on the wall for you. PS3 offered BR tech which costed 1000 dollars for a standalone unit back in 2006. BR is matured and cheap tech now, the only reason X1 is that much is because of Kinect. PS3 had a good reason to cost a lot, X1 doesn't.
MeatAbstract  +   960d ago
We say that now. We can say that BR is now the standard but at the time, no one was sure if it would stick and people really questioned if it was worth buying. I certainly didn't get a PS3 at launch and waited a good year to get one.

It seems to be people are just nitpicking at MS. OK, Kinect didn't take this generation. MS have their vision of it though, just as Nintendo had their vision of motion control with the Wii and now their vision for the WiiU. MS want really to work in Kinect with the new system but people slam it down immediately. And I take a guess and say it's because it's MS.
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deadie  +   960d ago

Usually when you analyse something you take everything around the subject into consideration - it doesnt sound like he has done that.

This sounds more like the discussion around the coffee table @ work.

The biggest thing in this whole spectacle is something called "trust".
If you are let down by someone, be it a person, a service, or a company, you will have a hard time earning that trust back.
This is the biggest issue for Microsoft right now.
An official excuse maybe would help? Don Mattrick anyone?
Or an explanation of why they did try to control ownership and your activity with the xbox? We all know why they did it, its all profit - but it maybe would help them to regain trust. To come clean.

I think lots of people - even if they like the brand of xbox - feels a bit betrayed by all of this.
There have been far too many mistakes from Microsoft's side. Earning the trust will take some time.

All of this combined with a higher price & lower performance isnt really a good selling point.

They will not "sell as many units as PS4" now.
Maybe later - but certainly not this year.

Pachter - the analyst - is wrong.
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terrordactyl  +   960d ago
I doubt it will. Outside of the UK and America no one buys Xbox.

PS3 had a poor launch and was also a year later than Xbox360 and it still caught up with the 360 which had better online features than PS3 and didn't have Cell and split memory which were a pain to program for.

This time, PS4 is cheaper, more powerful, has PS+, launches at the same time, pc architecture and has alot more 1st party devs.

Uncharted 4 and Last of Us 2 will sell millions of PS4's on their own
GentlemenRUs  +   960d ago
Oh god hes at it again!?

People will buy the cheapest one they can, So I call BS!
hazelamy  +   960d ago
it'll sell more than it was going to, but i still think the PS4 will do much higher numbers.
Belking  +   960d ago
xbox-one will sell very well. It has the games and better features overall.
Saryk  +   960d ago
You PS4 fanbois need to wake up. I am no fan of MS or Xbox (or PS4), but the truth is Xbox has a foothold in the console world and people are going to buy it by name alone. Most people don't pay attention to the BS we do here on N4g!
WickedLester  +   960d ago
Newsflash Saryk, North America is NOT "the world." Even if Sony gains a 50% market share of North America this time around, they will be the global leader next generation because they will continue to dominate the Euro and Asian markets.

Remember, all the nice little advantages that MS had over Sony this generation will be erased next generation.

1.) PS4 will not launch a full year after Xbox One.

2.) Xbox One does not have the price advantage this time.

3.) PS4 is not difficult to program for like PS3 was (no multi platform advantage for MS)

4.) PS Plus will be on a more level playing field with Live right out of the gate in terms of features.

5.) Sony has a more proven track record of quality and quantity in-house exclusives.
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Saryk  +   959d ago
Newflash WickedLester. I really don't give a shit!

I am just stating a fact, that the Xbox will do well on name alone. And I never mentioned the world or any specific place. So guess what you can do with that PS4 and Xbox!
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