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Submitted by Smurf1 968d ago | image

List of PS4 and Xbox One Advantages (updated after DRM U-Turn)

Both consoles have great features so which one do you prefer? (PS4, Xbox One)

WorldGamer  +   969d ago
What's funny to me is the fact that a lot of people forget that the X1's HD is probably MS proprietary.

I mean, we have tons of large HDs available on the market at great prices, but MS couldn't see the wisdom in allowing those to be used?

Couple that with the fact that you have full game installs on the system and it comes with a 500 GB drive. I have a 1TB drive on my PS3, and its over half full of content, that's over 500GB? That really sounds counter intuitive to me, unless I'm missing something.

PS4 - $100 less and I have options on how best to upgrade my HD as I please for a great price? That seems like a huge deal going forward to me.
Foxgod  +   968d ago
Well, it doesnt really matter anymore, as games run from the disc now, on the XB1, so that saves a lot of space for digital downloads and saves.

And if you really fill the 500GB up, you can attach an external HD.
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HurstDarkStar  +   968d ago
why would you WANT to pay more? you're certainly not disappointing that you would have to buy an add-on
BLAKHOODe  +   968d ago
It does matter actually. Microsoft is going to push digital downloads hard on the XboxOne and if you buy into it, you'll fill that 500 GB HDD in no time.

Look at it like this. Games on Xbox One can be just as big as games on PS3 can be now. (Blu-ray.) Uncharted 3 is 40 GB... and that's a current gen game. Next gen, being way more powerful, you're going to have a lot more 40 GB games on the market.

500 GB ain't nothing.
BluEx610  +   968d ago
I'll add a couple of features/advantages that's missing on this list.

PS4 :
1. Self Publications for Indie Devs
2. Rechargeable Controllers for DS4.
3. PS Camera is optional(Making the initial cost cheaper).
4. Remote Play with Vita
5. F2P games on launch(Black Light & Warframe ETC.)
6. Streaming PS3 games via Gai Kai
7. Director's Mode(Give control to your friend)
8. Console is actually smaller(Looks better too IMO)
9. GDDR5 = Lower Power Consumption and easier to develop for and is also faster.
10. OS is only 1 GB vs 3 GB on Xbox One.
11. PS4 comes with a headset (Xbox One doesn't)

Xbox One :
1. Halo/Quantum Break Live action TV series.
2. Console Exclusive to Titan Fall(Also On PC/360)
3. Timed Exclusive for Dead Rising 3.
4. Integrated Skype(Skype is still on PS4 just not as integrated)
5. Snap mode(If you're too lazy to use a Tablet/Phone/PC)

Trying to think of more but can't remember off the top of my head. Some of these are not really advantages, but would like to add them anyways.

EDIT: Oh just refreshed the article and he did add some of these. At first it was very short now he added way more lol.
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Haules  +   968d ago
He said in the article/image that "each console has ups and downs" really?

PS4 has no downs, the list of PS4 is all ups....
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johny5  +   968d ago
is dead rising coming to other consoles? (PS$) has that been confirmed?
Foxgod  +   968d ago
Really if GDDr5 was so superior to DDr3, then Gddr5 would be standard in desktops, instead of DDr3.

Games are more then just blasting textures and polygons.
Theres also a lot of calculations going on for AI and physics, and for calculations DDR3 is the best.

An optimal system has both DDR3 And GDDr5, i find it strange that MS and Sony didnt have their consoles designed with both.
But i suppose the Esram in the XB1 makes up for the lack of Videoram in the XB1, but i have no idea how the Ps4 is planning to make up for the lack of general purpose ram.

And speedier doesnt always mean better, the processor in the Xbox360 is faster then the processor in the XB1 and Ps4, and yet the processors in the XB1 and Ps4 are 8 times as powerful.

Dead rising is exclusive, it is published by MS, all the games on the 360 that where published by MS remained exclusive to that platform.

@Haules. the lack of general purpose RAM is a down for the ps4, it means it cant handle loads of small files very well.

If a game is gpu intensive, the Ps4 wins, if a game is AI intensive, the Xb1 wins.
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BluEx610  +   968d ago
@Foxgod Both system use an x86 architect but it's still different from PC's. They use a unified APU, meaning the GPU and CPU is on the same DIE, allowing unified memory bandwith. Meaning they both have access to it at any time. We're starting to see this more in Tablets and HTPC's. The fact that you're skeptical on GDDR5 being superior is funny. ESRam helps but clearly does things differently. GDDR5 is clearly an advantage. LOL you really think 360 processor is faster than Xbox One??? You know what cores are right? Just cause you see a higher number for 360 doesn't mean it's faster. For example Jaguar 8X Cores @1.8 GHZ is faster than IBM Processor @3.2 GHZ.

@johny5 Dead Rising 3 is exclusive, but only timed exclusive for the franchise. So expect DR4 on other consoles just like DR2.
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SatanSki  +   968d ago
@Haules Offcourse Ps4 has its downs - lack of new kinect and its Sony, just from top of my head. I have to add that as of now im leaning towards PS4 becouse of its better architecture and Quantic Dream games though.
tigertom53  +   968d ago
4870 is just under 8% faster than the 4850 at the same clocks. Since the only difference between the 4850 and 4870 (apart from the clockspeed) is the GDDR3 vs GDDR5 memory, the real world performance benefit of GDDR5 memory appears to be 8% on average. This is only one game, though. I wish someone would do a more thorough inverstigation of this.
kneon  +   968d ago

Gddr3 is not the same as ddr3 that is used in the xb1
Kanzes  +   968d ago
Xbox one controller now can be charged too.

And you're saying like x1 doesnt have any f2p games, while project spark and killer instict is totally free.

Also, dead rising 3 timed exclusive? Wow you must be the guy from capcom, sorry for not noticing you early.

By the way, can your ps4 play halo, forza5, sunset overdrive, d4, killer instinct, kinect rivals, fantasia music, project spark, minecraft, titanfall, dead rising 3, PGR5, below, garden warfare, and quantum break ? I'm not saying some of that can't be played on other platform, but this is about xbox one and ps4, and ps4 couldn't play any of those. Its a fact
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Why o why  +   968d ago
Dont worry. Microsoft knew what they were doing there. They knew their console had to install every game. They knew the space would fill up sooner rather than later. They know people will be left with no alternative but to buy proprietary upgrades.

It will be interesting to see how the blu ray disk games fair against the installed versions on the x1 performance wise. In theory the hdd should win...time will reveal all I guess
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Foxgod  +   968d ago
There is no proprietary upgrade for the XB1, when its full you have to attach an external HD, the HD in the XB1 is not replaceable.
Its inside of the box, its not like the 360 where it was attached to the side.

XB1 games are not installable anymore, you require the disc now, this due to the policy change, if they would allow full installs it would be too easy to pirate games.
Why o why  +   968d ago
Hmmm, not the best planning in terms of design if that's true. How are you so sure it can't be accessed like the ps3's. Does the external need to be proprietary.... too many new questions

Is there any new text on this?
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kneon  +   968d ago

They could still allow full game installs and just require the disk inserted for verifying that you still own the game.

But with DRM gone it won't be long before we have xb1 emulators for pc so you'll have your full game installs again without needing the disk.
mxrider2199  +   968d ago
@foxgod you still have to install the full game on your system for xbox one go read their last statement...
True_Samurai  +   968d ago
Link? What's the point of having to download the whole game if the disc has to stay in?
C-Thunder  +   968d ago
The way I understand it, correct me if I'm wrong, the Xbone still requires the game be installed because they've opted for a slower bluray drive. They need the speed of the hard drive.
mxrider2199  +   967d ago
@trueninja just read their statement of the flipflop it says it in it
Bennibop  +   968d ago
perhaps they will sell us 20GB HDD for $100 (£80) like they did with the 360 again. Xbox fanboys will love that. Maybe they could also remove wifi and charge us $60 for a USB one.
True_Samurai  +   968d ago
@ Foxgod GDDR5 is only good for texture loading and that's pretty much it and nothing else
broncos78254  +   968d ago
I completely agree with your sentiments about HD upgradeability. I think however, that Microsoft didn't allow for HD changing, because they want to make sure they get profits from selling you overpriced proprietar HD's that they make. It wasn't an oversight, it was all planned to line their pockets even more. Its the classic nickel and diming of the consumer.
WeAreLegion  +   968d ago
It's a nice list, but it's missing many things and including many things that both systems have.
johny5  +   968d ago
what's really going to bite them in the balls is when SONY releases a 350$ 120gbSKU during the holidays. "Mark my word!" Remember if sony can give us cheaper options they can and will be this generations 20gb no BC edition.
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sly-Famous  +   968d ago
Always been Playstation, Always will be Playstation.............Well, at least as long as Sony doesnt loose its mind like MS did.
WeAreLegion  +   968d ago
Found a fixed version of features on Reddit.
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MooseWI  +   968d ago
Same image?
WeAreLegion  +   968d ago
Crap. I posted the wrong link. I can't find the one I was looking at now. :/
Foxgod  +   968d ago
XB1, last gen i had all consoles, and that might happen again next gen, but the XB1 will be first up, as i want to play DeadRising3, Forza5 and Killer instinct.
Booyah  +   968d ago
I had all since PS2/Xbox era. But XOne might wait a while before I get it. Games look appealing but for the restrictions... not so much.

You may clarify for me the restrictions but I only know what was said at E3. (Edit- or around that time)
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illtownNJONE  +   968d ago
the are no more restrictions microsoft got rid of drm and 24hr internet check ins
bunfighterii  +   968d ago
PS4 easily is better IMO.
illtownNJONE  +   968d ago
theres alot of inaccurate info for an example ps plus is only needed to play online not apps and where do people get their xbox one specs from.... microsoft never gave specs on xbox one just 8 core cpu and 8 gigs of ram
Cuzzo63  +   967d ago
Well the specs for both were leaked before the spec reveal.
And the leaked specs were not that far from the truth
Everything from Xb1 leaks were 95% spot on. Even the used game situation
Most developers said that the Ps4 has the edge. By how much still remains a mystery...

Well there u have it... Xb1 is underpowered compared to Ps4. But it really comes down to the exclusives, not third partys. Which I personally give Xb1 the advantage in... see how unfanboyish I was lol...
tigertom53  +   968d ago
GDDR5 = 1000MHz
GDDR3 = 900MHz

Different in 3DMark

GDDR5 = 35334
GDDR3 = 29671

3DMark 11
GDDR5 = 2156
GDDR3 = 2145

Heaven Benchmark
GDDR5 = 30.9FPS 770Points
GDDR3 = 29.8FPS 750Points

Resident Evil 5 Benchmarking (DX10)
GDDR5 = 121.4FPS
GDDR3 = 66.5FPS

Lost Planet 2 Benchmarking(DX11)
GDDR5 = 31.8FPS
GDDR3 = 26.6FPS
tigertom53  +   968d ago
so am not sure you going to see a lot of difference because of the memory and GDDR5 will have some latency issues with the cpu so it make their cpu run slower then it really is... I think the two system should be pretty evenly match but I guess will see when that games come out on both system and they get customized and tweaked.
Cuzzo63  +   967d ago
I thought because the gpu and cpu are on the same die its not gonna have the issues of having say a pc with 8 gb gddr5 if it did have that. The advantage is cpu and gpu on same die. Either way they have obviously figured it out if it was gonna be a problem.
kneon  +   968d ago
The xb1 has ddr3, not gddr3.
tigertom53  +   968d ago
opps yeah you are right
illtownNJONE  +   968d ago
its funny because most of ps4 launch titles run at 30fps
illtownNJONE  +   968d ago
just read this article
Cuzzo63  +   967d ago
Geesh. And wat is ur point... A few launch titles at 30fps wow. Is that really gonna screw up anybody's day. Just finished Last of Us and its at 30fps... Great game. Anyway, okay. Looking at the specs of both systems, do you really think the Ps4 would have any issues running 60fps. Better gpu, cpu, and ram. Gosh,lets be realistic here... These guys obviiusly have a vision here. If they wanna go for gfx over fps then that all good. Its new hardware for christ sake.
Chase51  +   968d ago
Titan fall is also a timed exclusive it's coming to ps4 just saying
6DEAD6END6  +   968d ago
I've been saying the samething since it was announced but no one wants to believe me, its coming out late 2014.
GameSpawn  +   968d ago
"...its coming out late 2014."

Or earlier if Sales don't do well enough for the publisher (EA). EA will do a cost comparison during the first couple months after release and if it is cheaper to buy out the contract and release on multiple platforms than wait out the 1 year or so agreed upon they will.

You never know, EA could have an "escape clause" in their timed exclusivity contract with Microsoft that states if they don't hit certain numbers in certain time frames EA could break the exclusivity.
jessupj  +   968d ago
I have complete faith going with Sony to produce the core games I'm interested in right through out the next generation, like they did this generation. Hell, I'm enjoying The Last of Us right now, and I still have Beyond: Two Souls and GT6 to look forward to.

Can someone remind me again where MS's focus went to after they released the kinect?

And my follow up questing, why do you think you can trust them next gen?

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