Pre-order Allocations for PS4 Far Outstrip Xbox One

GameStop has already fulfilled its allocation of pre-orders for the Xbox One, and has ceased accepting further deposits in stores as a result. Fascinatingly, this is not simply due to high demand.
According to the site – and numerous anecdotal reports around the web – allocations for the Xbox One are much lower than the PS4. A Californian branch of the retailer noted that it has just 16 slots for Microsoft’s machine, and a whopping 60 for Sony’s next generation system. According to the franchise, these allocations are decided by their respective platform holders.

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Zechs341886d ago

IMO, both consoles will sell out their allocations and be in short supply for the holidays. Now as far as who has the bigger production output, thats to be determined after launch.

I have both on Preorder and never backed out of my Xone because I had feeling things would change. Here we are!

xHeavYx1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

"It’s possible that the Xbox maker’s attempting to create the impression of stock limitations in order to make its system seem more popular"

M$ is still trying these PR BS methods? First they pretend that they listen to their customers, now they want to pretend their console is selling out all over

The_Con-Sept1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

I think the problem with the Xbox One release will be the biggest disappointment in history because of the day one achievement. It should be the first week at least.

Besides that you also have the people who, for what ever reason (sounds ridiculous but it is a true common fact) do not have an HDTV with an HDMI input who will complain.

And finally.... If they do not have any type of internet what so ever.... They are still pretty much pucked.

justastranger101886d ago

I won't ever purchase a PS4. Ever. So it doesn't affect me.

nypifisel1886d ago

Actually there are talks about the X1 having yield problems and therefore can't supply too many X1s till launch - The yield problems are supposedly due to the eSRAM on the X1 die making it larger and more prone to malfunction.

Haules1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Getting PS4. Never trusted MicroScam and never will...

PS4-PC my choice for best gaming experience.

Im not trolling or bashing, this is my 2 cents about nex gen gaming.

FrightfulActions1886d ago

Honestly this is more true than most fanboys want to realize. While certainly not all but a large number of Xbox 'exclusive' games are not really exclusive since they also tend to release on PC as well. They just don't consider PC a console (obviously) so they tag the console version as an exclusive.

While its true in the sense of being the only console version, it can be a bit misleading when you consider that you can indeed play the game on something other than the Xbox.

The only console whos exclusives are 'really' exclusive is the playstation. If you had a gaming PC and a PS3 you'd be pretty much covered for practically all games that release. More or less.

Haules1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Exactly this is how i also see it! PC is also considered a gaming platform. Never was interested in buying xbox cause most of their games were also on the PC platform and these days you can buy a really good gaming PC for $499 that plays most next gen games

Small example:

I did not like how MS used PC with high end Nvidia GPU to showcase their games then try to spin it with another lie and say those PC's were DevKit... Really? devkits don't use different GPUs... Don't insult our intelligence MS...

Blankolf1886d ago

Indeed, I see a rushed out console, while the PS4 has always been smooth announcements, crystal clear, consumer centric, M$ is going to fail and deserves it.

But at least they are aware of their low sales hence the backing out of DRM, they didn't care for consumers then and they don't now.

Polysix1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

"PS4-PC my choice for best gaming experience."


Furthermore even last generation MS were attempting to kill off the 'free market' of PC gaming (for their own profits) blackmailing using $$$ to buy games away from PC or forcing certain O/S or Direct X levels (that were only in said O/S) on people, then the whole crappy GFWL layer.

And on consoles they slowly started to suck people in with 360 - a means to an end that is clear now, it was to pave the way to Xbox One revealing their true intentions all along. Not to serve gamers or make games better but to suck all the money out of it for themselves and not give a damn if it left Nintendo and Sony dead by the roadside (and all those great games). Microsoft are essentially super rich bullies and you must see that they have hurt console gaming AND PC gaming over the past 8 years - the only positive they brought was better online in consoles which others had to follow, but even that was a means to an end (which is clear now).

Make no mistake, MS doesn't give a crap about your fun or your life, they have zero passion for gaming and gamers only for cash. Yes Sony can be greedy corporate mofos too at times but at least they don't so blatantly try to bend you over while you pay them for the privilege. It's about balance, give and take and Sony have learned that. MS even with this u-turn haven't really 'learned' at all, will take more than this to make them give a shit. All they learned was their sales forecasts were shocking so they HAD TO change.


Polysix1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

MS wanted to dominate in the one space of hardware were they were actually doing OK (vs phones and tablets which they just can't win) and they go and fuck it up even there, and ruin their image even further to the point many of us now mistrust them far more than previously.

Remember every time one of those painted smile MS execs tells you about their gaming vision they are reading a script written by committee in a board room meeting about how to maximise income.

Do NOT quote halo (series was coming to PC in full at one time before MS bribed bungie) or Forza (would have hit other consoles) as reasons why MS has been good for consoles/gaming - they haven't. They set it back years by helping to turn it all into a cash grab, being integral to the 'half a game buy the rest through DLC' system we now have that is ruining the once carefree experience, they remove games that could be enjoyed by all through sheer brute force and cash blackmailing developers with money hats vs Sony who actually invests in quality studios and nutures great games from within.

The Xbox way stinks, sorry, and supporting especially as it was, would have been the worst thing to EVER have happened to gaming. Don't kid yourselves. Just be glad Xbots that more people than you knew exactly what was going on and stood up against it, and the entire industry following MS's example, so that we all may enjoy gaming in relative freedom that bit longer.

Even so MS have made their attitude clear now, and I now view the 360 with suspicion (and yes I owned one before PS3 but it died), Xbox One was a nightmare in every way for gamers, lies dressed up as features, restrictions disguised as bonuses. Thank god this happened and they were shown we won't accept it.

However I still do not trust Xbox One or MS's plans for that platform and future platforms, and especially for how disposable they see the game's industry once they have sucked all the cash out of it and turned every block buster game into a showy QTE - Ryse indeed. No don't ryse, sit the fuck back down and shut your mouth Microsoft cos we aint buying the BS you are peddling any longer.

And those devs who caved to the money hats (crytek, capcom) should also be ashamed.

My honest feeling is gamers should get out there and support Sony, Nintendo and the PC before touching this diseased product known as XboxOne.

Also I would advise any PC gamer to buy an Oculus Rift (next year when the consumer version is out) - needs YOUR purchase - and support those true game lovers and visionaries over these lying suits.

rant over - feel free to ignore!! :)

B-radical1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Xbox is going good on uk amazon crazy how a lil bit of good news can change things

Why the disagrees why so serious?

b_one1886d ago

its sad, that ppl are such sheeps.... once evil always evil;)

southernbanana1886d ago

So the stuff Sony has done in the past makes them evil today as well? You did say once evil always evil correct?

devwan1886d ago

Actually look at "movers and shakers" if you want a real look at what's currently jumping in demand - xbox one is not even in the top 20.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

true devwan true

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1886d ago

The reason it's selling well is because like this article states they have less Xboxes available to sell compared to ps4, microsoft is allocating them a certain amount to preorder so they don't over pre order. The reason they allocated a smaller amount is so they get gamers that ordered for launch day and get it launch day. If they over preorder people would get console weeks months after launch due to supply issues. Once the allocated amount of xb1 consoles are sold the ps4 will overtake again, also the launch edition of the ps4 has been sold out for about 5 days now it sold out within 24hours. I'm not hating on the xb1 I'm sure each console's will have strengths and weaknesses.

PlayStation 4 greatness awaits

B-radical1886d ago

Sold out in uk? And if there are less xboxes to sell then clealry they would be below ps4 on the list.

Also look at games on the list

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1886d ago

not exactly they have less xboxes to sell right so if they have near the amount of there allocated xboxes say they have sold 90% of them and they have sold 84% of there allocated. the luanch day edition of the ps4 sold out within 24hours its no longer availble for sale on the site as far i can see. and as far as the games on the list goes before yesterday happened most of the games in the top were as follows not in order of pre order charts but this is what they were killzone shadowfall, watchdogs ps4 version, battlefield 4 ps4 version, call of duty ghosts ps4 version, fifa 14 ps4 version. the reason the games for xb1 are now there is because people have now decided to preorder a xb1 so they have preorder some games. Amazons charts are based upon change in percentage of orders the change could be 5% above what it was yesterday it doesnt mean its selling more it just means its orders have increased, that percentage could of been higher than the ps4's rise in percentage but its doesnt mean the xb1 is outselling it. like the other person said look at the movers and shakers chart its show the percentage increase that amazon base there charts on

Drekken1886d ago

Again, you guys are looking at daily charts. This chart is for the year. PS4 is up there and the Xbone is not even in the top 20. I wouldn't consider that "going good".

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1886d ago

i was eventually going to get to this chart but you beat me to it, im going to give you bubble cos your were faster than me to it haha

Polysix1886d ago

Thanks for this link! Very revealing compared to the daily chart.

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BabyTownFrolics1886d ago

i'm getting both just like last gen, cant wait.

GiggMan1886d ago

Yeah me too. Had to make a choice on which console I wanted first (not spending a grand at one time just for gaming)

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