Rumour: GT5: Prologue to hit PSN between 3pm and 6pm GMT

VG247's reporting a rumour that says SCEE's going to release GT5: Prologue on the European PSN between 3pm and 6pm GMT today.

The game was supposed to launch yesterday on the download service but has been held up due to "technical difficulties".

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HighDefinition3216d ago

they`ll get it up there as fast as they can, being a game of that caliber.

Hydropunch3216d ago ShowReplies(3)
resistance1003216d ago

Well according to someone over at GT Planet, its now on the PAL Store. Can't check for myself as playing everybody's golf at mo

yaliaalice3216d ago Show
Mike Bowden3215d ago

I love it when rumours come true!