Xbox One policy change was the only option

Yesterday Microsoft backtracked on its vision for the future. Since the Xbox One reveal we've been told about an online, connected gaming world, where we'd have to do strange things like 'check in' every day or jump through hoops just to share a game with a friend. Apparently this was the way gaming was going, and it would actually benefit players in the long-term, or so Microsoft said. But judging from the hate-fueled ranting over the last few weeks, maybe we just aren't ready for an always-online future yet.

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ZainabSaccal1738d ago

So angry fanboys do have an influence after all :)

The Meerkat1738d ago

Now can we all get together and collectively tell MS where they can stick their Kinect?

I've already ordered my PS4, if MS has done this 2 weeks ago I might not have. I'll wait for the first price drop before getting an X1.

ZainabSaccal1738d ago

I am actually a fan of the Kinect, and I think it will add more to the gaming world, esp shooting games

creatchee1738d ago

You still have to appreciate the irony of people whining about an internet check-in being "Draconian" because of how poor and unstable internet connections are, yet they are on the internet often enough during the day to make said whining heard in as many threads as possible.