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The Internet is a big place. Like, really big. Think of the biggest Douglas Adams quote you can, then times it by a billion-million and you still aren't even close. You may think it takes a long time to find your MP3 folder, but that's just peanuts to the Internet.

There's a lot of good stuff out there though – a lot of very fun games that don't always get the level of respect they deserve. Games that could be as good as something you'd actually pay for, but get kind of lost in the shuffle because the developer doesn't have a multi-million dollar advertising budget.

At bit-tech they've got kind of a soft-spot for that – the type of developer who's stuck in the small time at the moment, but has the potential to make it big. Maybe it's because bit-tech were like that once: a for-fun modding site, since exploded into this juggernaut of awesome. Thus, they've developed this little round-up of the best and brightest.

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