Have Microsoft Saved The Xbox One Or Has The Damage Already Been Done?

Presumably, the pre-orders haven’t exactly been flying off the virtual shelves, as Xbox’s Don Mattrick has announced via Xbox Wire that those infamous restrictions are now officially history… “We have listened and we have heard loud and clear from your feedback that you want the best of both worlds.”

The positive thing to come out of this entire mess is that despite what some major corporations believe, it’s the consumer that still holds all the power when it truly counts.

The big question is do gamers forgive and forget or will it take much longer to win back everyone's trust after revealing their true intent at E3?

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Kingthrash3602003d ago

damage done.
kinect wont let wound close.
$499 wont stop bleeding.

they should've listened to us. we made it clear it was unwanted. customers always right. should be rule#1 in all businesses
they got greedy and controlling and it bit them in the arse.
ps4 thanks for putting gamers take my money.

bicfitness2003d ago


- weaker hardware
- PS4 multiplats will look better
- no legacy solution at all. PS4 has Gaikai. (I suppose you might be able to plug your old 360 into the HDMI in, but that would kill the TV functions.)

ElementX2003d ago

I'm sorry however Gaikai isn't a legacy solution. It's a streaming service which consumers will end up paying for. Do you want to pay again to play games you already own? Face it, PS4 doesn't play PS3 discs.

Skips2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

The damage has pretty much been done. With the core gamers at least...

The ones who would've bought the Xbone day one...

Xbox One still only #8

EDIT @ Below: That's actually been like that for a few days. And there's only one bundle for the Xbox One. (Day One isn't even sold out yet). Compared to five bundles for PS4 (PS4 Day One is already sold out) in the top 20.

Basically. Pre orders for PS4 are split into five. You'd have to add up all the PS4 bundles together to get the real number as to how many preordered PS4.

ElementX2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

XBO #1 in US Amazon currently. The news just came out yesterday. Year totals will change to reflect it.

WalterWJR2003d ago

Ps4 multiplats will only look better if the dev implements it as such. Just because the Ps4 is more powerful does not mean it will instantly make games look better.

darkslayer2082003d ago

gamers should not forget that xbox one will still require internet for cloud computing that will enhance the visuals and physics simulation without that(offline) the game will look dull ..and
~it is also 50% weaker than Ps4
~Games won't work without activating patches which will too require internet. ..after activating the game one can play offline as long as he wants..
~media service is only available to gold users in PS4 its free
~no instant game collection.
~compulsory kinect.
~console is region lock i.e, if I buy a console from US I wont be able to use the console in UK...

SolidStoner2003d ago

MS just show how incompetent they are... I spend countless hours reading about those bad features xbone had.. there was so many I cant remember them all.. now I have to spend more hours to read what stupid things they removed and what added.... F8&k this S&%t... I just gonna buy PS4 and let MS think about everything from the start.. better luck next time MS.. See you at NEXT Next Gen.. hope you will learn your lesson!!!!

BigFnHooters2003d ago

"it is also 50% weaker than Ps4"

That's just the graphics hardware.

* The PS4 also has the insanely fast system RAM while the Xbox One only has slower standard RAM.

* The PS4 has 2 gigs more system RAM for games to work with

* The PS4 doesn't have the Kinect crap running constantly dragging down overall system performance and resources

The PS4 is way more powerful than 50 percent compared to the Xbox One.

minimur122003d ago

to be fair, since theyre already been out about it having DRM for the bast 2 months, alot of people (including the non-gamers) have caught onto that.

They wont be the ones checking n4g for the DRM U turn will they?

So the damage has already been done.

darkslayer2082003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

~ Ps4 will utilize all of the 8gb GDD5 ram in games since its unified and they confirmed that Arm processors will be used for background processes
~2 cores reserved for kinect and 6 cores available only for games in Xbone where in Ps4 8 core will be available for games..
I dont see how you find xbone is weaker in terms of Gpu only its weaker in memory,memory bandwidth, processors usage too..
FYI -PS4 is using single octa core processor and xbone is using 2 quad core. xbone has a cheap hard hardware and selling it at a high price and people find that amusing .... LOL

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blacktiger2003d ago

back in the days economy weren't that bad, today economy is actually bad, especially when Obama took over, and there for Xbox expensive is worse than PS3 expensive. That's why there is criticisms!

EVILDEAD3602003d ago

They saved it in a HUGE way. They were about to get eaten alive even IF they sold out of their launch shipment.

It's a brand new ballgame.

I still say PS4 wins worldwide (only on the strength of the Sony motherland Japan). Xbox ONE still dominates NPD and is competitive in Europe.

Both will have great success overall.


bicfitness2003d ago

Remarkable amounts of delusion on your part. The price will be the biggest casual consumer obstacle. Weaker tech at the expense of Kinect will always be a black eye in the face of tech enthusiasts.

Oh, and since people like amazon so much:

PS4 #2
X1 #8

X1 is being outsold 4:1 on Amazon.

ElementX2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Depends upon the Amazon region. In the US XBO is #1 currently. The information is still new it was just announced yesterday

The Xbox brand has 7 items out of the top 10 for the year.

bicfitness2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

@ element, that is incorrect. The link you gave is for current best sellers, the link I gave is for best sellers for 2013 as a whole. The daily best sellers change all the time. And yes the link I gave you is for the US hence the .com.

That sure is some creative spin you're using though. In yearly tallies the PS4 is at number 2, the X1 at number 8. Period. That is in the US. Period. In the UK its even worse. WW everything favours the PS4. The $100 will be MS' biggest issue. It was their greatest advantage last gen, that and the year headstart.

ElementX2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

I said #1 CURRENTLY not 2013 totals. MS announced the policy change yesterday, it won't jump up very much overnight. I'm pretty sure all those people who are buying Live cards and credits and controllers for the Xbox 360 aren't going to just jump ship to PS4 after yesterday.

EVILDEAD3602003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

'Remarkable amounts of delusion on your part.'

Actually the remarkable part of delusion is pretending a moving chart on Amazon (with no real sales) is the ONLY place that makes or breaks ANY consoles success.

Especially when Xbox One is #1, the one that is 100 dollars more is #1 on Amazon right as we speak in some regions.

MS removed the idiotic policies that would have hurt them a million times more than the price.

Again, it's a whole new ball game now, regardless of whether the Xbox One is #2 to the PS4 at launch worldwide.

At the end of the day, they both will sell out of their inventory this holiday and sell deep into next year.

We are in June talking about consoles launching in November. BEFORE, either have been advertised to the mainstream. Are we really pretending the 2013 totals are already in?

Watch how it unfolds and keep clutching onto one website for ALL of the sales, which is unheard of for ANY gen.

I say they both will do great this gen, MS just has no answer for Japan.


Why o why2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

You make some good points evil but I wouldn't at all be surprised if those same amazon pre order numbers helped force Microsoft's hand. The numbers were extremely negative in comparison to their direct competitors. Its not like fanboys could delete the pre orders off their rivals side....people just weren't showing enough pre interest so to speak. It was there for all to see including microsoft.

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GamersHeaven2003d ago

I say PS4 wins ever where US will be only place Xbox brand sells give PS4 a fight outside the United states it's not that popular other than the uk.Microsoft showed there true colors in the end they did not do them self's any favors they hurt there reputation even more as a company may possibly have killed the xbox brand.

ThatCanadianGuy5142003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Damage is already done.Way to much misinformation, PR spinning, yes & no's, vague phrasings and fine print.

I tend to look to youtube as the casual joe blow section of the internet.You just have to look at the comments section to see nobody knows what the hell the Xone80 is anymore.

That, and the fact they even tried to pull this DRM stunt in the first place has damaged the xbox brand beyond repair.They will never be as good as they once were - and they were never the best to begin with.Next gen is not looking good for them in my opinion.

ElementX2003d ago

Brands are very rarely damaged beyond repair.

The Meerkat2003d ago

It will probably be less damaging than the RROD

FrigidDARKNESS2003d ago

Damage has been done butbis reversble. There were a spike in pre-order sales online .they could very well change the price of the console with six months to go.

vega2752003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

They saved the xbox one. With them getting rid of the DRM and system check in. As far as people complaining about the price is no different then ehen sony priced the ps3 at $500\$600 for its console and sonyanboys forgave them. Some people just need someone and something to hate. The system hasnt even been released and they are already predicting its demise.

The price isnt a problem for me and neither is kinect. So will be pre-ordering it this november a buy a ps4 next year sometime.