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We here at EG are huge admirers of Naughty Dog, the famous master mind team behind Crash Bandicoot and the Uncharted series. They’re developers that just seems to know how to do everything. One second they’re creating a punishing platformer and the next they’re creating some of the best adventure games out there. Now, they have decided to take an even more unexpected turn and try to surpass that success with a different category altogether, that being survival horror. Of course, I’m talking about hugely anticipated title “The Last of Us“, a Sony exclusive title which trailer aired 2011 till now no one could stop talking about it.

ExtravaGaming Team guess the question is, can Naughty Dog prove once more that they are one of the best developers out there? Or will this be an unfortunate fall for them? Let’s find out!

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ltachiUchiha1885d ago

Loving it. Great review & Naughty Dog deserves all the amazing praise its getting for such a masterpiece.

ltachiUchiha1885d ago

Just being honest my friend, cheers mate. =]

latincooker2141885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

right back at you cheers bro:)