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Submitted by Chrono 961d ago | news

Miyamoto says devs should avoid games that "look and feel the same"

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto believes developers should focus on making unique experiences and not only on graphics and power. (Dev, Industry, Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto)

vishmarx  +   962d ago
the guy solely responsible for Nintendo,'s survival in the console market .
only because he's been doing exactly opposite of what he said. ...
I mean hes been milking mario since dinosaurs left....
so the same games might not be such a bad idea
Zodiac  +   962d ago
Miyamoto hasn't really been at the forefront of Mario development for a very long time now. He supervises, gives advice and such, but he is not as involved with the entire development process as people still think.

He gives great advice for game changes, game additions according to developers he has worked with, but just not as involved as in the early days.

Look at Pikmin 3. He presented the game, he talks about the game, he was in the developer direct. New Mario games? Not so much because he is not the main developer.
Hydrolex  +   961d ago
Yes, Devs need to learn that from Activision.... LMAO, 7 years in a row, same shizz different toilet
Gameatholon  +   961d ago
I believe the last game Miyamoto-san directed was
"The legend of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time. So yes, it has been quite a while since he has sat in the directors chair.

However, still has a tremendous amount of input/control/creativity, on what goes on, I am sure though.

I would love to see another "Grand Opus" from Miyamoto-san, one last Hurrah as, director/lead designer/creator.
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TripC50  +   962d ago
"Mario has nipples too Greg.. Can you milk Mario?"
ape007  +   961d ago
every major entry in mario series has fresh ideas, fresh stuff, feel new, don't count sports and parties

mario stood the ultimate test, the test of time and it's still one of the most wanted, most respected and highest rated games unlike a lot of games today which went stale few years after its release

Nintendo is perhaps the only company that can maintain its high quality status even if development team got changed, look at sequels like perfect dark zero, Resident evil 6, banjo nuts and bolts, final fantasy 13, sonic games, shadow man 2, ninja gaiden 3 etc... all those sequels SUCKED compared to the their old ones, nintendo knows how to make/manage new developers
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silverplate02  +   961d ago
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Knushwood Butt  +   961d ago

If Nintendo themselves paid attention to his ramblings, 90% of the workforce would walk out.
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Aceman18  +   961d ago
I agree with Miyamoto, but the only problem is shooters are popular and until gamers stop buying them in droves devs/publishers will continue to fund these games.

That's why I'm excited for games like the puppeteer and rain they're different
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Jay70sgamer  +   961d ago
To everybody bitching on here about Nintendo ..almost every last one of you are gonna end up with a wii u this generation so stop with the B.S. ......every single gamer in this site has at least one nintendo franchise game that you like so much as you will buy a wii u such as smash bros ,Zelda,Mario,Mario kart,pikmin,donkey kong ,yoshi, luigi,wii fit etc etc....the same shit every generation but somehow a Nintendo console still ends up in your household because of one of these franchise games ....nintendo just gives you that special appeal whether you wanna admit or not ....last generation who didnt have a wii next to the playstaion or xbox just be real can like or dislike a console that's your choice but reality is reality .....once the game you like is released you will buy a wii u and believe and I'm not a console fan I'm a game fan ..... And if you think mario 3d , Zelda windwaker or donkey kong tropical aren't gonna move millions than you are living in a dream world
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Mounce  +   961d ago
I find it strange that Miyamoto could say this and yet he's part of Nintendo.....who makes the same Mario games, the same Zelda games and barely any new IP's.....

The last IP I swear Nintendo made that was 'New' and refreshing was Pikmin for 2001.

Bravo Nintendo! Don't make games that look and feel the same and yet your first new IP was, 12 to 13 years ago! :D
GribbleGrunger  +   962d ago
That sounds promising! It looks like Nintendo might be going to announce lots of new IPs soon.
WeAreLegion  +   961d ago
I sincerely hope so. The talent is there. They just need to take some risks!
KentBlake  +   962d ago
Says the guy who's been making the same games for 30 years.
clouds5  +   961d ago
So super Mario bros is the same game as Mario galaxy?

He's talking about gameplay not characters.
Etseix  +   961d ago
it is certainly not, but then again, it´s only a different angle and the fact that they added gravity. Still is not that great either ;/
KentBlake  +   961d ago
Yeah, you're using the one Mario series that feels different. But how many 2D side-scrolling Mario games have been released in the last few decades? I'm no Mario expert, but they surely look and feel the same to me. I'm not saying they're not good games, but you can't deny they're very similar to each other.
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   961d ago
Yes and that is why I avoid Nintendo because I have no interest in playing Mario 6151451.
tigertron  +   961d ago
Says the guy who keeps making the same Mario games.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   961d ago
Wow, everybody relax. Just because the franchise names have stayed the same for 30 years, doesnt mean each of miyamotos games "look and feel the same" as one another. if you want to talk about games looking and feeling similar to one another, i urge you to glance over to the MGS series, gears, halo, killzone, uncharted, gta, ratchet and clank, ect.

i would say that many of miyamotos games have evolved beautifully over the years.
VicodinViking  +   961d ago
Speaking purely from a control standpoint, GTA definitely does not feel like the same game. IV is radically different from San Andreas, San Andreas feels different from Vice City. I'm not familiar with any other example you have, but I strongly disagree in terms of GTA.
Etseix  +   961d ago
man, you are totally wrong:|
Metal Gear Solid???
Man, you should go back and play the games, they don´t have the same style, 3 even less,
Miyamoto games haven´t evolved that much, being stuck with Mario and crew over alot of years, won´t be of much help on some future.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   961d ago
youre telling me that mgs 1, mgs 2, mgs 3, mgs 4 and mgs 5 (wow...thats a lot of mgs) didnt/wont play very similar to one another? the mgs series has had much less variety in its portfolio than the mario series has had in my opinion. sure perhaps the mario 64 formula could use an update, but galaxy was still chock full of variety within the levels. i feel like games like mgs dont really have a ton of variety within the way each plays. MGS3 was actually the first MGS i had ever beaten, and a personally didnt recall a ton of variety in play style between 3 and 2. took quite a few years in between the two though, so i could be wrong. either way mgs is one of my favorite series's. i just hate to see so many people trashing a pioneer like miyamoto. i mean im not even a nintendo guy and i think hes got to be the most legendary game creator of all time. lot of development teams wish they could come up with half of the many games hes come up with over the years.
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King-Prodigy-X  +   961d ago
Coming from a guy who loves to milk.
MasterCornholio  +   961d ago
What about all the side scrolling Mario games?
Valkyre  +   961d ago
Μiyamoto said that? REALLY?


PrimeGrime  +   961d ago
So basically a huge majority of Nintendo's games.. No offense but coming from someone who has been making Mario most their life I can't take that too seriously.

I got nothing against Nintendo and yes every console out there milks something but to act like Nintendo never milks either is just being ridiculous. There are an insane amount of Mario games it isn't even funny. Spanning from literally every genre except FPS... Not including all those corny Olympic ones.
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GiantFriendlyCrab  +   961d ago
how many times have we saved Peach or Zelda, either by jumping on bad guys or collecting the same motherfucking items in a specific order? :D.
lociefer  +   961d ago
Irony overdose !
riot365  +   961d ago
How does he explain Super Mario 3D World / Land? Nothing better to push the boundaries of your new HD console than a spiritual successor to a game built for a handheld. Very disappointing.
hazelamy  +   961d ago
do as i say, not as i do then? o_O

when i do get a Wii U, and i will at some point, it won't be for the Mario games, it'll be for stuff like X, the new Monolithsoft game, Lego City, Zelda and Scribblenauts.

actually, mostly X, Xenoblade was one of the best games i've ever played and X looks to be the spiritual successor, if not a direct sequel.
Stoppokingme  +   961d ago
I was thinking the same thing when I was playing Mario Party 9, I hate it when games look and feel the same.
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ElementX  +   961d ago
I think Miyamoto needs some cookies with his milk
Hicken  +   961d ago
Seems like this would go without saying, and yet...
Exodecai  +   961d ago
Because the Princess being kidnapped 10+ times for the past 30 years by the same villain is so not looking and feeling the same.
torchic  +   961d ago
I clicked on the article just to read the genuinely awesome comments. you guys don't show any remorse

Picnic  +   961d ago
Miyamoto criticised Donkey Kong Country without seeming to consider whether Rare had actually made a game that handled pretty well actually and then asked for Starfox to be shoehorned in a game that became Starfox Adventures that would have probably have felt better if it had been left as Dinosaur Planet.

Super Mario Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Avoid games that look and feel the same?
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D_RoyJenkins  +   961d ago
It's funny cuz all of his games are the same
Iltapalanyymi   961d ago | Bad language | show
GABRIEL1030  +   961d ago
LOL Marios bross is the same game since 1981
josephayal  +   961d ago
'look and feel the same' dam poor Mario and Zelda :(
mochachino  +   961d ago
And Nintendo comtinues to pump out 2D games and which Mario Kart are we at now? 21
duducus  +   961d ago
Everyone keeps mentioning Mario! There's more to Nintendo than just Mario, start buying other games.... lol

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