Strange bedfellows (Christian groups and pornographers ) oppose R18 games debate writes: "IN a rare partnership, a Christian lobby group and pornography advocates have joined forces to criticise a plan to have public consultation on introducing R18+ video games.

Meeting in Adelaide today, the nation's attorneys-general agreed to ask the public whether an R18+ category for video games should be introduced.

Games which exceed the top MA15+ category cannot be sold in Australia.
If an R18+ class was introduced it would allow adults to play video games involving graphic violence.

The call for public consultation was immediately criticised by both the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) and the Eros Foundation - a pornography lobby group. "Given what happens with R-rated films, we could have no confidence that the classification guidelines would be properly applied," ACL managing director Jim Wallace said in a statement."

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Exhaust3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Great story. Points out hypocrisy at its finest.

Christians will join forces with freaking porn makers to push their twisted "morals" on everyone as long as they get their way it doesn't matter how they do it. If you're on the side of "good" its okay to break your own rules to get what you want. Sad

Porn makers probably see adult games as a competitor to their porn which is stupid. Porn will always sell to horny people. Its not like some guy is thinking "hmmm I only have $50 should I buy GTA IV or Debbie Does Dallas 27?

Stupid hypocrites!