The Top Ten Consoles of All Time

So you're a fanboy and you want a definitive list in order to justify your favourite... whatever in the world of gaming. In our new weekly feature, we'll count down various top ten lists referring to the world of gaming. Everything from titles, characters, power ups, game controllers, and lots more that you wouldn't expect will be counted down, analyzed, and torn apart. Don't forget dear readers, if you don't agree with our rankings, it's because your opinion is wrong.

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Rattles3705d ago

its not a bad list but i think the only reasone the xbox is on there is because the 360 is doing alot better, and if there was no microsoft console there would be alot of hate but still switch 1 and 2 around and kick gamecube to 11.

Harry1903705d ago

because ti was to videogames what Manchester United
was to professional football in the 90's:a mini
revolution in terms of technology and marketing.
it catered for all individuals and really rocketed
the industry it is the stepping stone which all console making companies pioneered the way to a new form
media storage(at least for the console market)SUCCESSFULLY.
and even today the quality of software available onit is yet to be matched.come to think of it,if japanese made a top 10 list of console,
some of them would be missing from this list.

sonarus3704d ago

yea i agree with harry190. I really don't care too much for lists like this because it is still all opinion. I am very very fine with any list that doesn't list the Xbox360 as the number 1 console of all time

Cryos3704d ago

this list is a LOT better than the last "best 10 gaming consoles" that rolled through here. Remember that one? The one that put 360 #1? yah, I know you do.

I'd make PS2 #1, and move Genesis up. It's the console that made Gaming ok and kool for an older audience.

Massacre3704d ago

Ahh, the PS2. Good console. Good times. Insane fun.

decapitator3704d ago

I had the opportunity to play on more than half of these consoles so I don't mind how they are ranked. They all having very different offerings.

deeznuts3704d ago

Xbox at #5? NO way. I'd put the 2600 above it. If the xbox was on the list, it should be lower, near the bottom with the other failures. You don't put it up there because of one game. As a matter of fact, that's more reason to put it lower, you could only think of one game.

Who thinks the 2600 should be lower than the Xbox?

eagle213704d ago

Cause Gameboy would kick something off the list. I think gametrailers did a better list. It's in video form and SHOWS what was really going on. Gamecube and xbox 1 didn't make their list. Gametrailers did have dreamcast and atari 2600. The top 5 is flawed by xbox 1, I think it should be:

5. Game Boy
4. NES
3. PS1
2. PS2 or SNES
1. SNES or PS2......:)

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The story is too old to be commented.