Used and rental game services react over Xbox One DRM removal

After Microsoft’s shocking reversal of the Xbox One’s DRM and online authorization policies, used game retailer GameStop and game rental service Gamefly have issued their response.

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Software_Lover2006d ago

It's all about the money. Microsoft probably got calls from Gamefly and Gamestop execs chewing their ears off about trying to put them out of business. Then Jimmy Fallon screwed them with his half truths lol. They were screwed and had to do something to ease the pain. Scars are still there for some though.

3-4-52006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

I was at Gamestop 2 days in a row. The day before yesterday and again yesterday.

I love this Gamestop, but they have a new guy working and he is a total fanboy, over reactor.

Day 1 - I over hear him talking almost all bad about Microsoft and how it's all bad and you can't buy used games and just trying to get people to buy PS4.

Day 2- same guy working, praising XB1 and reading the statement from Microsoft outloud, and saying it's obviously so much better than PS4 now!

I respect this perticular Gamestop because in 10 years, they've never had an annoying pushy employee like that,until now.

He was saying statement after statement devoid of facts and pure speculation and completely flip flopped within 24 hours.

I imagine that is how 50% of gamers are and it's pathetic.

BTW I love gamestop.....this employee was beyond ignorant though.

jc485732006d ago

gamefly doesn't really sound entirely happy.

vishmarx2006d ago

where did you get that from

maniacmayhem2006d ago

"Today is a win/win for consumers, as well as GameFly."

If gamefly wins, then I win!

vishant1012006d ago

I just have one question why do publishers not implement their own f**king rental service now seriously with the xbox one how much money would they make if they simply allowed you to rent games from the live store for like 7 days.

mydyingparadiselost2006d ago

This is something I've never understood either, I would think digital rental would be the way to go for publishers to make more off their games. Being that it would be digital though I could see it being way more expensive than it should be, but my basis for that is coming from the price of digital movie rental (3.99 to 5.99 for one day? GTFO) but if the price point was right they could make some good money and provide a great service. It would also help people that tend not to deal with the digital store open up to the idea of buying digital as well.