Gamertag Radio's Roundtable Discussion about Microsoft Dropping Xbox One DRM Restrictions

This week on Gamertag Radio:

Microsoft has confirmed it will change its Xbox One DRM policy and no longer require a 24 hour online check-in for offline games. The Gamertag Radio staff got together for this special roundtable discussion.

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kingmushroom1497d ago

Following Sonys lead I see, still not getting a Xbox1.

jcnba281497d ago

"Following Sonys lead I see"

Yes Sony were the first to not implement DRM, used games etc.........

kingmushroom1497d ago

Just saying Microsoft is playing catch up to Sonys massive PS4 good momentum train.

Microsoft is gonna have to loosen up and take into account its fan base that made the xbox brand what it is.

1497d ago
Cmk01211497d ago

http://www.heyuguysgaming.c... must read, the sharing program was a gloried demo. 45 minute access then prompted to purchase the game.

1497d ago
Lazarus691497d ago

So what about SP games that have MP can i play the SP without the check in

golding891497d ago

Xbox one has won me over. I cannot lie.

sypher1497d ago

Ah good old Xbox Tag Radio. Fan boys to the max! :)

warzonegamer1497d ago

i say the same thing them dude are xbots to the max

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