Dear Microsoft, Your Cancelled Cloud Streaming Features Should Not Require System-Wide DRM

GenGAME writes: Microsoft pulled a 180 earlier today when they announced that, due to negative feedback from fans, they were getting rid of all DRM on Xbox One. This decision was welcome news for most Xbox fans, but it came with a price. Without an authentication system in place, Microsoft says they will have to remove digital sharing features such as roaming and the family library sharing plan. Microsoft says that you can’t have cloud-sharing without required daily check-ins and authentication codes, but I disagree.

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NameRemoved00171734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

The DRM will be back, disagree with me now and I will be back later to laugh at you.

They are not going to throw years of research away they will just delay it long enough to meet their desired sales then lock everyone in and throw away the key.

BadboyCivic1734d ago

I think MS was too sudden. Too much all at once and they sounded a little confused themselves

Tegrogg1734d ago

Cloud computing will not change, when they mention the "cloud" by itself it's a different thing , google the cloud vs cloud computing

1734d ago
Erimgard1734d ago

Perhaps it will, perhaps it won't. Either way, lack of DRM is not a good excuse to completely cancel all cloud sharing/streaming features.

NameRemoved00171734d ago

So since all the cloud services are cancelled whats the point of 300000 servers or did they axe that too?

Erimgard1734d ago


The servers will still be used to provide a more reliable online experience, and Microsoft says they can use 'cloud computing' to get more out of Xbox One's hardware.

The services being cancelled are streaming services. It was originally planned that you'd be able to log into your account on a friend's Xbox and you could play all of your games, because they'd be saved digitally in the cloud. Additionally, you could add ten family members to a "family library" and they would all be able to play your games via the cloud. These features have been axed.

wishingW3L1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

so the Cloud was like MS's version of Gaikai? Because that makes no sense. Ms never announced that they were going to offer any streaming services like Gaikai. All they said was that you could access your games from any Xbox but to be able to play them you still had to download them the old way just like with the PS3. You created your account on the new Xbox and voala... Nothing revolutionary or new.

And the 300,000 was bulcrap. Like half of them were virtual...

Relientk771734d ago

If they do bring it back in the future it will be the dumbest thing and the last thing they do

They will regret it

solidmic1734d ago

Completely agree! Notice no change to their terms of service! We reserve the right to change anything, anytime at our discretion (not an exact quote, but that is the gist of it).

GameCents1734d ago

Is your PS3 bricked? I'm seeing alot more of you than I care to.

Roper3161733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

they will put that right in the TOS that noone reads. And it will state that you won't be able to do a thing about it after agreeing to the TOS.

I will never ever buy anything Xbox related again because MS told us what they want the future of gaming to be and they will continually try to get it through just in smaller steps now.

denawayne1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

The cloud will still be used. There will be plenty if games that use it. Plus, you'll be able to access any of your digital games from any Xbox. This will be an incentive to download digitally.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141734d ago

I've been saying it from the start.The cloud BS was just the scapegoat to justify the DRM.

No DRM, no need to shout about the cloud anymore.

MariaHelFutura1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Cloud computing in any remarkable way, is a fallacy at this point w/ our internet. Microsoft this gen could barely get their console and camera to work as advertised, they faked the Kinect 2 TV demo, they ran games off Nvidia cards and they couldn't even get their policies to work. Cloud computing to power up the Xbox One is a dream, a fallacy an illusion, they also would never get to work as advertised.

GameCents1734d ago

Your campaign rages on huh? How much do they pay you?

creatchee1733d ago

Yeah seriously. I think Maria has a hotkey assigned for that Eurogamer link with as many times as she/he has posted it.

Utalkin2me1733d ago

Well come back with some good points. I mean he makes great points, so lets see what you got? Or are you going to just make 1 sentenced pokes?

MWong1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

That was a good read from It explained a lot of about "cloud computing." M$ will have to do a lot more than just some new servers to get it to really work how they are claiming.

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GameCents1734d ago

So easily misguided. Cloud remains. DRM and Cloud had no correlation.

Games that require cloud processing remain online only. Games that benefit from cloud computing still do. This changes nothing.

Learn to read and comprehend.

denawayne1733d ago

Why the disagrees? I think people are retarded on this site.

cyguration1734d ago

Wait, what is this...? An article from gaming media that makes sense and uses logic?

Why, I never...

the_bebop1733d ago

yeah how dare someone explain something that I have been scratching my head over for a while now.

Software_Lover1733d ago

"the cloud" and "cloud computing" are two different things. I have a "cloud" at home, can't do $h!t with it but read and write information, mainly pics and videos. Setting up servers and infrastructure for actually IP cloud computing is a little bit different.

ziggurcat1733d ago

dear gaming "journalists" at gengame,

quit complaining, you were probably one of the many sites crying about the horrible, draconian policies to begin with.

just be happy that they made the right decision by reversing them.

LeCreuset1733d ago

Did you read the article? They bring up a good point.

Erimgard1733d ago

No 'complaints' were made in this article. Instead, a new solution that sticks with Microsoft's current plans while keeping the best parts of their old plan in tact was put forth.

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