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Bethesda Explains “Big Culture Change at Sony”, They “Are Super Proactive at Reaching Out to us”

Over E3, we let you know about all the indies who couldn’t stop talking about how incredible Sony has become – not only do they self publish, but they have reached out to tons of developers to get them to make PlayStation content. But Sony’s Adam Boyes, best known for his crush on Yoshida, hasn’t just been chasing small developers: he’s also been going after the big guys. - PSLS (Adam Boyes, Bethesda Game Studios, PS4)

Foolsjoker  +   768d ago
I really liked what I have been seeing going on at Sony, I'm just scared they are going to mess it up somehow.
Gran Touring  +   768d ago
doctorstrange  +   768d ago
Because they've been so awesome. Too awesome. Something always goes wrong.
ReLLiK  +   768d ago
Because Sony always has good ideas and always finds a way to screw them up. (i.e. Vita. However I still love mine and have hope for it when the ps4 arrives)
zeee  +   768d ago
Ok so now Bathesda should bring a change in their culture. Make games WITHOUT game-breaking bugs!!!
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SweatyFlorida  +   768d ago
Sony has only screwed up this gen (next gen isn't here till months from now), they hit all the right notes previous gens, and despite screwing up this gen they still try to make it up (look at the PS3 now compared to 4-5 years ago).

What they're doing with the PS4 simply reminds me of that spark they had with PS1/PS2.
SpideySpeakz  +   768d ago
Just take a look at the Amazing Spiderman movie.
They published it. It was HORRIBLE!
knifefight  +   768d ago
Does the new Skyrim pack work okay on the PS3? I'm considering a purchase but can't forget all the comments about the PS3 version of the original.
KrisButtar  +   768d ago
the legend one does, as I have a couple friends with it and they have no problems. they are each around 100 or so hours

Edit: the original works just patch it
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Mikeyy  +   768d ago
You know i've had an orginal copy of Skyrim for PS3 since day one, after 150 hours i've not had a single problem with this game besides the occasional freeze.

There where frame rate hiccups at the beginning but the patches took care of those problems, granted you can follow simple directions. (save to new SLOT, load new save, problems fixed) It was that simple.
Utalkin2me  +   768d ago
It was more then frame rate hiccups. The frame rate was so bad it hurt my eyes.
scruffy_bear  +   768d ago
Freezes the odd time but its run fine apart from that.
R_aVe_N  +   768d ago
I know this is out of the blue but I am banking on timed DLC for Fallout 4 when it is announced, and maybe even other Bethesday games. Time will tell I guess.
Kazuo_Hirai  +   768d ago
Yeah, we've worked really hard on building great relationships with different gaming studios. You, the gamer, will not be dissapointed.
doctorstrange  +   768d ago
Thank you Kaz.
Virtual_Reality  +   768d ago
Hey Kaz, is that true that Battlefield 3 with all the DLC's for free is coming to the PS+ ?
younglj01  +   768d ago
"The Witness and Ray’s The Dead are timed PS4 exclusives despite Sony not paying them anything."

Wth is going on here?Could we see games coming exclusively too the PS4 without Sony paying anything?Wow next-gen could bring an variety of games like the PS2 days...
BitbyDeath  +   768d ago
Despite what some might think/say Playstation is a huge brand name. Sure it's not Coke or McDonalds big but a lot of devs (upstarters) have huge respect for the brand and want to say they've made a game for it.
younglj01  +   768d ago
I agree 100% but too promote your title only on one console without them paying you anything is amazing.
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kalkano  +   768d ago

Salooh  +   768d ago
It's free because MS don't respect or care about them. That's why i hope MS fail to see more developers focus on one console and bring us awesome things. Sony let them self publishing so it's a sign of respect from each other which is what we need..
XabiDaChosenOne  +   768d ago
This is a slap in the face for the naysayers who think Sony pays for exclusive content or timed exclusivity. Sony negotiation skills with devs are good enough, no dollar signs needed.
Software_Lover  +   768d ago
So, are you saying they don't pay for exclusive content?
XabiDaChosenOne  +   768d ago
@Software_Lover Actually yea, I'm going to go out on a limb and say Sony doesn't pay for exclusive content it would be a waste of money for a company that is in finacial trouble. Do you have any evidence that says otherwise?
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MasterCornholio  +   768d ago
Sounds like a developers way of protesting to Microsoft.
AlexanderNevermind  +   768d ago
Very interested in this for the PS4. This is good news indeed. Play nice Bethesda/Sony. You guys owe it to PS gamers.
No_Limit  +   768d ago
The big question is can the PS4 do arrow to the knee @ 60fps and 1080p? I kid, I Kid.
thebudgetgamer  +   768d ago
Sony has been doing a great job lately on the pr front.
krouse93  +   768d ago
I think it's because about half a year ago... maybe a year ago they axed most of their PR staff! http://www.gamespot.com/new...

Good decision I say!
LightningMokey  +   768d ago
ESO remote play on VITA from PS4 is Mandatory. ESO on the go!
ltachiUchiha  +   768d ago
Do remember the ps2 was also a system devs had trouble developing for but did anyways because of the impact the ps2 had with big sales. If that was the case then, its kinda scary how much of an impact the ps4 will do when it launches since it is dev friendly, consumer friendly with price & it has the best launch ever for any playstation brand & they have the most ive ever seen with any of the previous playstation consoles, its kinda scary knowing that most big 3rd party devs & indie & pc only devs giving alot support to sony. I could only think of one thing that can lead too. ALOT OF SUCCESS. I honestly think that even alot of xbox owners who were just about xbox finally see the reason why alot of ppl love the playstation brand & even though ms has reversed its plans, gamers will never forget how sony stood up for gamers rights at e3 despite the risk they took of 3rd party devs not supporting sony's decision. It really just showed that having faith in the consumer will only do u good in the long run.
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GamePeace  +   768d ago
Imagine the next Elder Scrolls or Fallout for Ps4, now things are changing for me... after reading this.
GraveLord  +   767d ago
I'd love to see some 3rd party exclusives on PS4.
Indies are great but you also need the big stuff.

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