Origin wanted to charge me $2.48 a minute to purchase a game

Pixels for Breakfast writes: It started out as something simple. EA were running a 50% off sale, and I decided that now would be a good time to go ahead and purchase Battlefield 3 Premium and see how all those map packs I missed changed the game. I logged into the Origin client, I added the game to my cart, and logged into PayPal to make the purchase.

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M-M1858d ago

That's horrible, I hate services that make you pay for support.

Skynetone1858d ago

customer support should really be renamed, we can deal with every other problem except yours

Psychotica1858d ago

Just buy it from Amazon and plug in the code in the Origin client.

hellerphant1858d ago

Absolutely would have done that, except I believe Amazon won't sell game codes to Australians. I could be wrong though. The only reason I didn't buy it from my usual place (G2Play) is because it was cheaper at Origin with their 50% off sale. Funny, the first time I actually try to pay for an Origin game (usually get review codes sent from EA), this happens!

MidnytRain1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

"Amazon won't sell game codes to Australians"

Lol, that sounds so randomly racist.

hellerphant1858d ago

@MidnytRain HAHA I guess it does. They won't ship a lot of things over to us, it really sucks.

FaSCoRP1858d ago

That is a shame, customer support does not have any support at all

Bonerboy1858d ago

Sounds like something MS would do. Regardless, it's rather atrocious services offered here. Thanks for the heads up on "Origin"

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