Xbox 180 And The New Coke

"The New Coke is commonly looked upon as a marketing disaster, yet, consider the effects. Not only did it achieve the goal of getting Coca-Cola out of its sales valley, but it attached a ferocious nostalgia to its name. From this move, Coke gained a victory bigger than most marketing experts can even hope for, let alone predict. This has led many to speculate if the company saw the New Coke move as a win-win situation right from the beginning. If people like the New Coke, the company wins; if it backfires they demand the old stuff, the company wins; sales were already on the way down, so there wasn't much to lose." -GR's Most Interesting Gamer in the World

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Mr_Nuts1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Thought it would be like Rice Krispies

Snap - "Oh snap did MS just announce all these horrible anti consumer features....oh hell no"

Crackle - "Everyone cracking there knuckles nervously to see if this is a joke...MS does the same to see if we'll act possitively to all this"


Pop - "Holy s*** the worst has happened, lets pop these mother f***** <KNEE CAP POP...BOOM>

dedicatedtogamers1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

I love how people are now trying to spin this as "Microsoft meant to do this the whole time!"

Xbox One-Eighty has no soul. This quick reversal of all the "benefits" and "future proofing" of the Xbox One shows that they never really had a firm plan at all. These features - supposedly - took years to design and to implement, and then Microsoft turns around and scraps them in a month's time. Talk about having a vision for the future!

You can bet your butt that once their marketing research reveals gamers are more susceptible to the DRM, they'll try it all over again.

Edit @ below

Yeah, the loss of trust is going to be that intangible factor that may really end up hurting the XBox brand. Microsoft has already been abusing their goodwill with all the Kinect stuff. This last month was a like a tornado ripping through whatever goodwill remained. MS will have to rebuild their brand loyalty all over again, just like Sony did back in 2006.

knifefight1734d ago

Well, to me, trying to paint oneself up as some kind of "hero for the people" by restoring what never should have been taken away is also the definition of having no soul. Could be both.

I wouldn't be surprised to see certain features creep their way back onto the console via firmware updates. They've lost a lot of trust, I'd estimate.

Utalkin2me1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Taking away something someone had the whole time, then all of the sudden returning it makes them a hero? That just baffles me. This logic wouldn't work in any other field.

knifefight1734d ago


I know, right? But there are people out there who will say to their friends "Yeah but like, you know dawg, I know that they listen to like, my voice and stuff, bro."

It's sad, but that's humans for ya. :/

Utalkin2me1734d ago

I agree with ya Knife....=)

rela82me1734d ago

Did I miss something or did the Xbox One release already with these features. You say they should have never taken them out... but they never put it in there in the first place. Their product isn't even out yet, and it never affected your experience in gaming at all. They take something out because they heard gamers hollering like girls about it. Sure they probably didn't do it because we asked, they did it because we threatened them with sales, but still they could have still said fuck you.

It takes some guts to come out and say you were wrong, and any company that is willing to change YEARS of strategy to fit consumer demands is TRULY working to please. Dont BS yourself and think that sony didn't put DRM in their console just because they were afraid of internet guys. They did it because it was the smarter PR move. I will give MS the props for trying to revitalize content distribution...

Now it just feels like this next gen has nothing truly different but upgraded specs for both consoles. Nothing really eye-opening, both consoles are just ps3.5 and xbox 360-2.

I think they should have just stuck to their guns just so there was at least something new in this generation.

maniacmayhem1734d ago

"This quick reversal of all the "benefits" and "future proofing" of the Xbox One shows that they never really had a firm plan at all."

Jezzzuz, you are just filled with non-factual information every time I come across one of your posts.

They did have a firm plan, it was pretty obvious they did. But due to the complaints and competition we as the public will never know about this now will we.

And yes sooner or later you will see MS AND SONY going the all digital route. You can trust your gods on that.

And what is this loss of trust you keep bringing up? If anything they restored our faith and did something that every gamer and especially Sony fanboys were asking. You went from hoping they reverse their restrictions to now losing all faith because they did?

Why don't you just admit that you were never a fan in the first place instead of making up ridiculous excuses to hate MS and the system.

dedicatedtogamers1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

@ maniac

If they had a firm plan, why did the details on that plan change and shift and get more confusing and contradictory with every new interview? I think you give them the benefit of the doubt.

And no, I'm not making excuses to hate on the system. I'm simply sticking to my guns and not flip-flopping just because Microsoft reversed a few of their OWN policies.

Complain about me all you want, but it was "non fans" like me who made noise, stood up, and contributed to Microsoft changing their policies.

You, on the other hand, were there every step of the way,

Making excuses for the price:

Defending the rumored "you're banned, you lose your games" rumor:

Playing Devil's Advocate for 24-hour check in:

Pretending Sony would do the same thing:

Yeah, people like you had NOTHING to do with turning around the direction of the Xbox One. You should be thanking posters like me instead of trying to vilify me.

maniacmayhem1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

To dedicated:

I see you picked and choose through my comments to fit your insane purpose.

Okay lets play your game:

here's a comment where I am against MS's decision:

Oh look here I am commenting on phil Spencer's interview...hmmm what did I say:

Whoa check all these out:


"Defending the rumored "you're banned, you lose your games" rumor:"

How abut you actually READ what the other person I was responding to wrote. He claims he yells and curses at people over Live. Is this acceptable behavior on Live or PSN? And the key word in that as RUMOR which turned out to be false.

Lets keep playing..

"Playing Devil's Advocate for 24-hour check in:"

Not playing devil's whatever, a lot of people made this out to be worse than what it really was. For me and the majority I know we are always connected it does not effect m or any of the people I know. So to damn a system just because it's hip is stupid.

"Pretending Sony would do the same thing:"

Read that post, they are doing EXACTLY what I said. leaving it up to the developer, how am I pretending?

And you want me to thank you? For what? All you do is bash the Xbox and put post after post and blog after blog on how Sony is the greatest and they won E3 and how Xbox lost and left their hardcore blah blah blah, whine, whine, whine. It was me that was actually in the Xbox forums denouncing DRM and tweeting major nelson to rethink those policies.

You were never an Xbox fan to begin with So YOU SHOULD THANK ME!

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ftwrthtx1734d ago

I don't think it was an intentional ploy by MY, but Coke didn't mean for it to happen either.

dbjj120881734d ago

Carbonated beverage conspiracy stories.

Soldierone1734d ago

Microsoft has a plan. My bet is it will be back when Xbox One has an install base big enough to go "well you already have one, and statistics show you go online."

People are less likely to trade it in at that point. People were obviously not pre-ordering the thing in big numbers and THAT opened MS' eyes. It wasn't the talk, or negative feedback, it was simply pre-order numbers. Anyone that says otherwise is either a MS PR employee or a fanboy.

They just need people to buy it initially, then force the switch. Once people have it, they have more power. Don't forget MS is still pushing the cloud function of it too.

creatchee1734d ago

They can't switch back unless they want a lawsuit on their hands. The reason they could change back now (and again if they wish) is because it hasn't been released. Nobody has bought it, so there is no contract between seller and end user - explicit, implied or otherwise. Once it is released, if they change it to where people couldn't use it, there would be a breach of contract or something similar.

In other words, if they release it as online not required, it will stay that way.

Soldierone1734d ago

There are obvious ways around it. They could make it so it still "functions" you just can't play new games, or do certain things. Plus they could change the user agreement on you at any point.

They could leave it as is, but have certain games require an online check. Its like SimCity releasing on it, you can't complain the console doesn't work because its the game that doesn't work.

Number-Nine1734d ago

I thought Kiefer Sutherland was the new coke

dbjj120881734d ago

Someone out there will do it for you ;)

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