ZeniMax discusses studio's future and Fallout's E3 absence

Fallout fans may have been disappointed that developer Bethesda didn't reveal a new installment in the series at E3, but vice president of parent company ZeniMax, Pete Hines told Polygon that expecting a major announcement at this early stage is unrealistic.

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WorldGamer1887d ago

Hopefully they get their act together and release a new Fallout, that would be so awesome on next-gen hardware.

Game4life1887d ago

new fallout?

throws money at screen

kalkano1887d ago

I know everyone's hoping for Fallout 4. But, I'm greedy, and want them to skip straight to Elder Scrolls 6. ;)

Garbanjo0011887d ago

I wouldn't mind either way. I just can't wait for the bad ass games to come rolling out the next few years. Next gen is looking sick with awesome graphics!

Garbanjo0011887d ago

I look at it like this: We just got Skyrim, if Fallout isn't out until 2015 then I can play Elder Scrolls Online for a year :). I think I will be plenty preoccupied with the PS4 anyway, but when the new Fallout hits the ground I'll be getting that Collector's Edition.

Knuckle Duster1886d ago

MMO Fallout would be sick! Skyrim is amazing andnall but Fallout 3 captivated me way more!

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