Xbox One Eighty: Microsoft fails to sell the future, retreats to the past

Kyle Orland: Some day, far down the road, we'll be sitting with our grandchildren at our feet. As we rock in our holochairs watching the virtual sunset in our Googlezon immersi-room, we'll get all nostalgic. We'll look back on the period of May to June 2013 fondly, remembering all those memes we posted and those angry diatribes we wrote. We'll look down fondly at those tiny children, busy killing zombies in ActiBethesdaValve-Blizzard' ;s Portal to World of Call of Fallout 6, and we'll say something like the following:

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NameRemoved00171765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Every game is available digitally now on the new consoles at launch. That means say EA could force their game to be digital copy only and all the disk does is have an unlock code on it therefore it is permanently tied to you. Same goes for PS4 though. Don't be surprised when devs start doing that so its impossible for their games to be used.

ssj2gohan831765d ago

Just boycott any company that pulls that off. It's that simple.

NameRemoved00171765d ago

Problem is what if Call of Duty Ghost or Battlefield 4 does this? The mainstream will still buy it and let them get away with it.

ssj2gohan831765d ago


Indeed they will no doubt, but it is important to educate those very people about the DRM, and their rights. This will create an effect called the informed consumer, and in time, the practices that these scum companies will attempt can be stop. But only if the people scream loud enough.

Nitrowolf21765d ago


I know, as much as Activision seems to be with greed, for some reason I don't see them doing that.

They didn't do it with online passed, because they know they make money from used sales do to DLC purchases.

I think COD is not really affected by use dgame sales,

NewMonday1765d ago

"Xbox One Eighty: Microsoft fails to sell the future, retreats to the past"

this proves the "cloud" was nothing more than DRM.

testerg351764d ago

newmonday, I'm confused by your comment. I thought it no longers require the check every 24hrs. How does that stop the cloud computing?

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Lovable1765d ago

I usually buy games that are pretty small on size ie those indie games. You know if they're gonna do that, I will happily skip their games. I have my own physical library from PS1 to PS3 and I will have one for PS4 as well. If they want my money, they better do it the way I want it.

NameRemoved00171765d ago

They would still have a disk copy but now they can do what they love to do with their PC games. The disk comes with nothing on it except the unlock code for origin, theres also a few devs that pull that crap on steam EA is not alone.

Lovable1765d ago

I'm sure someone will tell the world if they did pull something like that on console games. There are hackers who love to that to Capcom games if I can remember so we can tell if the content is already on the disk or something like that...Anyways, its gonna be a long fight for gamers.

Donnieboi1765d ago

What MS was planning is not the eventual "future". It was just a greedy power grab. And a dumb one, at that.

Never again.

miyamoto1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

M$ is planning the destruction and end of console gaming as we know it.

M$ probably thought most gamers are as dumb as those who bought Kinect.

They over under estimated the intelligence and voice of the hardcore gamer.

They are going to pay for their crimes to this industry we have supported since the days of arcade gaming.

The bully gate crasher is going down.

testerg351764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Curious as to what your thoughts are as to the people who bought Move. Last I checked there was a ton more support for Kinect.

"They are going to pay for their crimes to this industry we have supported since the days of arcade gaming." --- Seriously?? What crimes are those and what "laws" since arcade gaming?

Man you sound like those crazy zealot fanboys.

Corpser1765d ago

I predict we will start to see AAA games to be released digital only

ziggurcat1764d ago

i don't think they've retreated, they've just given us more freedom.

and it's not like digital distribution is going to disappear because of the reversal...

sonicjam1764d ago

Good luck downloading 10gb to 50gb games. My Internet downloads 5gb of data in an hour.

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