Did the future for Microsoft's Kinect just skyrocket upward?

With Microsoft's recent 180 on its DRM policies having the potential to put the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 in equal competition, and Kinect being a fundamental feature of the console - the future for Kinect has never been brighter.

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BadboyCivic1734d ago

Kinect is for casual gamers

Mr_Nuts1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Nope, just a realist

How many amazing Kinect games have we had, and I mean amazing like a standard AAA game........none

So they are going to force devs into putting Kinect into their games which don't need it because they know we don't care about Kinect in general and we'll be forced into playing exclusives with Kinect.

Imagine playing Halo 5 and realising you have to use Kinect for some gameplay would be silly. This is why we still have to complain to get Kinect taken out because least then they will make it so these Kinect features they've put into upcoming games can be worked on more to make those sections playable without Kinect.

MasterCornholio1733d ago

Well its just that the 360s Kinect doesnt have any good core games for it.

Steel Batallion is an example of what i mean.

And another Rise of Nightmares

Microsoft has a lot to prove with the new Kinect and hopefully they will do a good job with it since everyone is forced to buy it with the new XBOX.

aceitman1733d ago

and what happened to ryse it was a Kinect game now its not they couldn't make it work .

President1733d ago

The casuals stopped caring for the Kinect long time ago. Look at the sales. Better tracking won't mean anything to them.

Skips1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )


The VERY few people I know who are even slightly interested in the Xbox One (Now that the DRM has been lifted) don't give a rat's behind for Kinect 2.0. lol

If it wasn't required, it would probably end up like all the other motion/voice gaming crap. In the closet gathering dust.

Thank GOD Sony isn't requiring the PS Eye. lol

Skips1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Double post. -_-

iliimaster1733d ago

kinnect is the wii without the controls well a newer version and i dont know about you but i dont see myself playing a serious game without a controller how can anyone not see it as a gimmick.. are we really going to play a full halo or gears of war game just with kinnect? or are we gonna be playing dodgeball or riverraft 2.0 etc come on man

TheHybrid1733d ago

For now. Yes. Now that every Xbox one owner will have one it will grow. If you think gamers will still be using nothing but controllers in 20 years, your crazy. Why would we simply restrict control of our game worlds to our hands. I know gimmicks have made us apprehensive but in the end it's heading to a new direction. Full on virtually reality gaming will be here

3-4-51733d ago

Eventually they will make an awesome Kinect game that gamers respect......But nobody will buy it or play it because nobody wants to work out and move while playing a game.

Would running around on a football field while playing madden make it more realistic? No....I just want to sit still and get lost in the game.

with a controller your actions are super fast and you don't think about them, you just do.

With kinect, every time I have to move it takes me out of the experience of the game.

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NameRemoved00171734d ago

I think a lot of people expected the kinect to actually be useful when they bought them. Nowadays its pretty pointless and gimmicky.

ala_7671733d ago

"Major Nelson, who Tweeted that both Amazon and the Microsoft Store are offering reservations on the Day One Edition of the Xbox One... Today’s breaking news has lead Microsoft to allow new buyers to throw money down."

This means that Microsoft were limiting the amount of Xbox One Day 1 consoles available so that they could say they have all been sold out. When they reversed their decision on DRM they have seen an increase in demand so will now make more Day 1 models available.

They want to make a lot of sales but it's also important to be able to say they have sold out of Day 1 consoles.

DeathofSouls1733d ago

The Kinect is awesome in that it will allow:
1) voice commands
2) hand scrolling

Everything else only time will tell

mananimal1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

And heres why your STILL moronic, Ignorant, foolish, simple minded, selfish pleasure seeker to consider Xbox One......Kinect 2.0 or Surveilance 2.0...knows your emotional state? uh what!? ..yeah creepy ...knows your Heart Rate?...uh No Thank You creepy, Is always Listening? Not gonna Happen MS, has Infer Red Technology? See where Im going here?

MS has effectively taken 3steps Forward, 2steps back, but remains 1step ahead...And its a Big One, its got Privacy Concerns written all over it, potential for Abuse written all over it...with WI-FI Tech, it doesnt matter if your connected to your Internet...

Dont be Fools People, recognize what is REALLY going on here.
While Journalist & Gamers focus on DRM which is an awesome Victory dont get wrong here, the 800 pound Gorilla is STILL in the Room....Kinect 2.0....concidence? lmao

Like I said...Dont be a fool People...theres ONLY "By Design".

Kinect 2.0 is a Survelliance / Monitoring/Digital Recording Device.....think of all the Innocent Children, Teens, who dont have a smartphone ,yet are now potentially at risk along with Adults of being monitored surveilled by Kinect 2.0 by whomever(Govt/Corporate Agency Types)....even the US Navy has blown the whistle on this Listening Device called Kinect 2.0.

Not in my Home MS, never.

Sitdown1733d ago

Yelp, cause your life is just that interesting? Do you have stock in tin foil? Can't always listen if it has no power supply. Always watching.....Haha, what exactly are you doing while playing video games? Pretty sure a simple towel of the sensor can solve a lot of your problems.... Or just purchase a ski mask..... I mean since we are trying to be as extreme as possible.

DeathofSouls1733d ago

"And here's why your STILL moronic, Ignorant, foolish, simple minded, selfish pleasure seeker to consider Xbox One"

wow that was a mouth full, when I read that I was like "yes, now this is man I need to read, he will show me the way....he is wise beyond my years"

Come on man, wake up.

Slapshot821733d ago

Does your smartphone and/or laptop have a forward facing camera? If so, you should probably get rid of those too, seeing how there's little difference between them.

SignifiedSix911733d ago

You like spamming your comment to anyone who praises the kinect or x1? I swear, you people are the most annoying fans in the industry.

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Eyesoffiction1733d ago

I like what the kinect offers but they just don't execute with it correctly.

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