PS3 Passes 2 Million Units LTD in Japan

PS3 has passed 2.0 million in Japan. The console is still tracking similarly to Gamecube and PS1 in Japan, all three consoles were around 2.0 million units about 67-75 weeks from launch.

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PStriple7033766d ago

good sony, let's keep the ball rolling

sonarus3766d ago

wow big whoop lets pop some champagne. Common sony get your act together. You are out doing the 360 but you NEED to set your sights on the wii. Where are those mega rpg's?

le killer3766d ago

it's not anywhere near the ps2 juggernaught is it?! and it needs to be selling that well in japan to help the fanboys that dwell on here excite themselves with news that it's outselling the 360!

the 360 is already dead in japan, but it's still a good 6 mil units ahead in NA, and is pretty damn big in the uk aswell! the rest of europe is sonys for now. this gen will see microsoft and nintendo improve their marketshare buy quite alot, whilst sonys will have dropped quite considerably. compared to both platforms, sony will be playing catch up for some time to come.

and before the sdf start on about the ps2, i did say this gen, when i was talking about marketshare.

still, well done to sony for shifting that many machines!

sonarus3766d ago

360 is cheapest of the 3 consoles in EU yet it still comes last in EU every week when sales come out. If that is what you refer to as "pretty damn big" then you are lost. Don't come here calling out fanboys if you are not going to reason with common sense. You can do stuff like that in the open zone with wulan and ken kutaragi pog aka the mart and the rest of the open zoners

le killer3766d ago

i said pretty damn big in the uk! and it is. fact! as i said, the rest of the eu is sonys, and even so, don't delude yourself, the sales margins are'nt that great! if it wasn't for the 360s failure in japan, and it's numbers added to the monthly world-wide sales figures, the margins would be even slimmer across the globe.

if you broke down the eu into countries, you will find that the uk spends most, and is probably the biggest market there.

i own two of this gens consoles, soon it will be all three. but i will continue to say what i think is fit, until i lose all my bubbles!

sonarus3766d ago

you are aware 360 launched in the UK/EU in 2005 and ps3 launched in the UK/EU in 2007? The fact that sony is less than a million units for them despite the lead, the cheaper price and all the kick as games shows how useless msoft is. They didn't take EU seriously enough same as JP. They can shrug off JP as an unnecessary market but can they shrug off EU. The 360 is the cheapest of the 3 consoles and it still comes last in sales and you say "its pretty big in EU? What the hell do you think will happen with GT5), GTA4, HAZE and MGS4 hitting within 2 months of each other? Also expect a counter price drop in EU around this time.

Its curtains for Msoft in EU. CURTAINS

le killer3766d ago

point me to where i said "big in the eu"? thanks old chap, but i can't seem to find where i wrote that! and i'm sorry if i've touched a nerve, and it's hard to stomach, but the facts is facts, and sony are trailing the evil empire by 8mil units, and the positions aint gonna change this year!

microsoft did'nt take the eu lightly, they launched in all territories, and did'nt push back the launch like sony did. microsoft are going against the playstation brand! a brand that made gaming the multi billion dollar industry it is now! i'm sure microsoft never thought they would dethrone them in two consoles, and are just after marketshare this time around... i think microsoft will never fully beat sony because they will never be big in japan. but they will continually eat into their marketshare. they're doing it now, and will for years to come.

lololol i love the CURTAINS, classic, i've really ruffled your feathers have'nt i lol. but don't take it seriously, i was'nt singling you out sonarus. and seriously, why are you including haze in your won't be out for months, and is probably unheard of by loads of people. only metal gear and and gtp are the outstanding exclusives. after-all gta is multi!

The Wood3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

the ps2 'became' a juggernaut. It didn't start off as 1. Sony have said that the ps3 was selling at a quicker rate than its predecessor so why argue with that

barom3766d ago

First off, the fact that 2007 was X360's big year and they still couldn't outsell the X360 is a big big loss. Secondly, doing great in the USA and "ok" in UK is not really enough now is it?

The PS3 is already starting to sell really well in the US as well in the UK. They're pretty much on par with the X360 sales nowadays. They were outsold 2:1 almost all year last year in the US. The fact that they have actually been outselling X360 for the past two months shows quite an improvement. And this improvement will only continue as the games keep coming.

In reality Microsoft has been doing terrible for being the first one out. If 2007 was their biggest year and they couldn't even top PS3 on a worldwide basis, they're no where near coming off on top.

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heyheyhey3766d ago

hopefully this means that Tales of Vesperia and Infinite Discovery will see the light of day on PS3- cause i just luuuurve my JRPG's

polow got sol3766d ago

How come the 360 flourishes in its home land (NA) but ps3 is struggling in its homeland?? Maybe sony didnt know that you can actually grill sushi already.

ruibing3766d ago

Hard to say, but hopefully it will for the sake of JRPG. Lost Odyssey finally hit half a million after weeks of release worldwide despite having an install base of over 17 million. These titles just aren't getting the attention they deserve on the 360.

heyheyhey3766d ago

awwww, don't worry mr Balmer- the 360 might make it to 1mil someday........... or not

it's been 2 years and the thing has barely cleared half a mil

ruibing3766d ago

And this is after they funded the Mistwalker studio to just produce JRPGs for the 360. I wonder how Sony would have come out if they did something similar or bought Level 5.

sonarus3766d ago

actually i think i read somewhere they have a deal with level 5 to keep making games for the sony brand. I just wish WKC was here already:(

Iceman100x3766d ago

Well just like the 360 sony is dead in japan, and the only different is that they are actually selling some units.

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