Pach-Attack: DRM Derailed

Pachter predicts Microsoft will remove DRM before they made the announcement

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NatureOfLogic1733d ago

Pachter finally guessed right.

BitbyDeath1733d ago

See you all in the next 5-10 years when he gets the next one right

brish1733d ago

You're an optimist. I think it will take longer! ;-)

LOL_WUT1733d ago

The man's always been right ;)

jaredhart1733d ago

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

daggertoes831733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Give a monkey a typewriter eventually he'll type a sentence.

caseh1733d ago

He does get things right more often than people seem to think.

This is one rare occasion where someone puts an article up highlighting when he got something right. Usually 99% of the articles are about how he got something wrong.

Hes been in the industry for longer than most people on here have been walking the earth and thats for a reason.

Jessika_S1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

According to Pachter his got a lot of friends over at Microsoft, the way he talked about it, kind of made it seem like he already knew something and so he probably did. I wouldn't be surprise if he knew and did this video to make it seem like he called it.

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malokevi1733d ago

Sensible guy. I wish MS had stayed the course, but this will at least quiet the online cluster-frick.

-MD-1733d ago

You wish they kept the drm? Wtf?

malokevi1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Yes, I do. Because Publishers and Developers would have been happy.

Also, I buy my games new, and I never sell them, and I was looking forward to buying everything digital. I'm still going to so I can take advantage of the ONE REMAINING FEATURE of MS' DRM, access your games from any console.

And I live in a place where everyone and there mother is always connected to the internet. Not to mention you could use your PHONE to do it... from anywhere where phones can be used.... like... everywhere.

"DRM" to me meant all-digital, family-sharing, and more money in the cauffers of the people who toil away endlessly on the games I love... and then are forced to spread their earnings so thin that half the studios that exist today will be gone by the end of this generation.

So, yeah, I wish they kept DRM. and for good cause. But hey, at least you get to... trade physical disks, and sell your games so that GAMESTOP makes a pretty penny! Congrats!

Nicolee1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

#XboxOneNoDRM #PS4NoDRM Say ' NO ' to DRM

malokevi1733d ago

Thats what I thought. Plenty of dislikes, no meaningful arguments. The same BS that caused MS to do a 180.

I can tell you all really thought this through.

-MD-1733d ago

I don't feel like typing out a huge long response so I'll keep it short.

Straight up: Internet speeds as a whole aren't good enough to go all digital. Majority of people don't have the speeds to download a 70gb game within a timely manner.

It's just too soon.

Utalkin2me1733d ago

Before me and my wife got married recently. She could not afford to buy games for her son. So gamestop was great for them. If it wasn't for gamestop he probably wouldn't be gaming really. She was a woman raising 2 kids by herself, with no help and was struggling.

dumahim1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

People don't need to argue to disagree with your point of view. Just because people disagree with your opinion, doesn't mean you're wrong. Don't get your panties in a twist.

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omi25p1733d ago

Yep i agree with you. The whole family pack idea sounded awesome. 1 use disks sounded great. Better online ECT.

X1 with DRM sounded future proof, But the rest of the world wasnt up to date enough.

wishingW3L1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

you really do not understand the implications of this.

You say that there are no arguments against your points but you didn't say anything on that wall of test. All you said was that you bend because you can. =/

You don't even know how the family sharing thingy was going to work. Not even MS knew....

exfatal1733d ago

Why do i find this so hard to believe that pachter actually guessed right? sounded more like he was told few days earlier or something. Like his show was just based around that one question? and he called out everything that happens a day after? he even reminded us that this was recorded on the 18th. ook pacht...

wannabe gamer1733d ago

didnt GiantBomb find out early? Patcher was their SOURCE OMG #mindblown

-MD-1733d ago

Giantbomb wasn't the first to report on it, it was on Gaf like an hour before GB.

Gamer-Z1733d ago

Wow he got one right for a change

Baka-akaB1733d ago

Even a broken clock will be right once everywhile . Especially when throwing every hypothesis on the wall .

boldscot1733d ago

Twice a day, a lot more the Pach.

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