There’s Still A Big Problem With The Xbox One

Microsoft recently changed their DRM policy, bringing it closer to that of the PlayStation 4. However, there's still one huge problem with the console that Microsoft hasn't really addressed.

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GenericNameHere1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Great! Proper competition = Better products from both XBone and PS4!

On a side note, Nintendo's getting no attention whatsoever.

hulk_bash19871884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Nintendo is dead in the water (and it's weird because they have a huge head start) They need to do something to stand out because having a touch tablet controller doesn't seem to be enough to entice customers.

Rusty5151884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Instead of trying to rely on gimmicks, they should have used the money they put towards the tablet controller to have better hardware. They should just try to pull a ps4 next generation and make their console really third party/indie friendly. Imagine a Nintendo console that actually has good third party support and Nintendo exclusives on top of that. That's the Nintendo console I've been waiting for.

Hydrolex1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Microsoft needs to

- Get rid of DRM

- cut that 24/7 online Bullshizz

- Sell bundles without kinect at $399

then Maybe, maybe it will be a good competition! Each of those are a BIG PROBLEM and Xbox 1 has all of them in ONE lol

Hydrolex1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

To be honest, Sony has already won... It's very hard for Microsoft to get out of that shizzhole they just created.

First announcements are the most important announcements, lots of people don't even follow.. they just hear oh Xbox 1 is announced and it sucks, they don't come on N4G to see what else is happening.

Hydrolex1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Sometimes I wonder if those guys at Microsoft have any college degrees ???

You know, in United States they say customers are always right... then you have Microsoft a big U.S company trying to screw its customers over, while a Japanese company listened to its customers, and is doing the best to provide the best console ever ! LOL

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lukeb4dunk1884d ago

@HUlk: I agree with you there. My kids have a WiiU and they liked the tablet at first, but now it is old news and they rarely play it. Another problem are the games. We go to the store and there aren't any games that they want to buy on that console. That should be changing soon.

@Hyrdrolex: Yes, the rule is supposed to be the customer is always right, but M$ has rarely gone the ways of a true capitalist company.

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Lykon1884d ago

I thought the game cube was a great little console. simple to use. nice looking. But I remember a mate got caught up in the wii hype and bought one. After a few days we were all like WTF is this sh*t ? and he traded it in for a ps3. The first xbox was like a sexy underdog. PS2 was a classic. Then the 360 had serious hardware issues which enabled the PS3's slow start to catch up , then the uncharted series, reliable hardware and a really solid well maintained effort from Sony with great indy games support. And Sony have just carried on making good decisions all the way to the PS4 sweet spot. Kinect was a ridiculous embarrassment but worth it to see stressed fat MS marketers jumping up and down at E3. Wii U has gone down the WTF gimmik avenue. And now MS seem to be suffering from an out of touch arrogant marketing attitude that slowed the PS3 down initially. The ouya console seems fresh and not burdened with all the features of the two main consoles. Keeping my eye on that one

marchinggamer1884d ago

Not to mention the incredible failure that was PlayStation move

Lykon1884d ago

yeah move was a wasted effort too imo but I got the impression that kinect was pushed as being quite a major part of what the 360 was about. whereas move was more like an addition for the few that wanted it.

NewZealander1884d ago

I just think no matter what microsoft does fan boys will always find a reason to hate no matter what, I love gaming and I love the playstation, but I do prefer the xbox brand but not cos im a fan boy, infact far from it I just like the market place way better than the sony store, plus the controller fits so nicely in my hand and last of all Halo, forza, fable and gears now these are great games, altho thats just my opinion, but dont hate them just cos they are not on the playstation, Now I'm so happy microsoft has changed its on line and DRM policy because as much as I love the xbox I was not going to buy the xboxone due to that, but now they have changed their policy I can now own a ps4 and a ONE and have the best of both worlds go the ps4 and The Xboxone, I hope they both sell well cos if they do it will mean more games over all, and we do not want to live in a world with just one console that would be a disaster.

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Automatic791884d ago

The only problem is articles like this one. What ever happened to just focusing on games after E3?

No_Limit1884d ago

Of course there still is, it there isn't, N4G would be out of business.

lgn151884d ago

Insightful comment.... we all know that the media changed the One, not the people.

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