Why Xbox One-80 doesn't change anything

PS4Cheats' looks at why the Xbox One DRM and internet connectivity reversal by Microsoft will not help sway gamers already decided on the PS4.

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omi25p2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

The announcement changes everything. Its put the consoles on level pegging. Sure at the beginning the X1 is more expensive.

But so was the PS3 at the beginning of this generation and look how well the PS3 has done.

The features that the X1 had when it had DRM sounded incredible.

Share list
1 time Disk
Access games anywhere
Day 1 releases
Faster Downloads
More MMOs

But the world at the moment isn't ready for it. Once the Internet is fully available all around the world either via Fiber Optics or something similar. Then no one should care about it.

But IMO Microsoft Future proof console is too far in the future for the current time.

Its like releasing and Iphone Or Galaxy phone 10 years ago when phone connections sucked and there was no such thing as 4G.


So having a far more up to date LIVE with a better servers that will be easier to implement because it could be done every 24 hours.

The day 1 release via the cloud would be better because it would be all games not just 1st party and some 3RD party. Which is all there is on the PS3 and the 360

wishingW3L2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Day 1 releases
Faster Downloads
More MMOs

that has nothing to do with DRM or 24 hours check ins... Share-list wasn't even explained clearly. 1 time disc was stupid anyway, especially with an HDD you can't upgrade.

-Access games anywhere

You can already do that on PS3 (and hopefully on the PS4 too) where you have digital games and you can access them from any PS3 but you still need the bandwidth to download them. So if you're in a friend's house with a connection of only 4-10MB trying to download Uncharted 3 then good luck with that... A 20GB download will take hours.

The_Con-Sept2006d ago

Like the people at gamestop already said 3 days ago: Even without the DRM people won't buy into it because of the camera.

Nitrowolf22006d ago

"Share list"

You act like this is new. Remember when the PS3 had the ability to share an account and all it's content with up to five people? yeah they limited it, but at least it didn';t require a 24 hour check-in.

HammadTheBeast2006d ago

Destiny and Elder Scrolls online say hi.

Grave2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

As far as next-gen console MMOs go last time I checked PS4 was getting War Thunder, Planetside 2, Warframe, Elder Scrolls Online, and Final Fantasy XIV. Some with cross-platform play connectivity with PC. Also, Warhammer coming to X1 and PS4.

"The world isn't ready yet?" I feel really bad for everyone living in your world.

Mr_Nuts2006d ago

I'm sick of saying this but people keep forgetting

The PS3 was more expensive BECAUSE it was also a Blu ray player, they cost a fortune at the time.

Then we have blu ray discs people mocked and laughed at, then years later we were lucky because some devs had trouble fitting games onto the Xbox 360 discs. Hell who knows how many games could of had more content but was held back because they couldn't fit it onto a dvd type disc.

Sony was only thinking a head at the time, if the 360 wasn't around, people would of glady bought it.

Point is the Xbox One does less for more

2006d ago
badz1492006d ago

WTF else do some gamers want? no DRM but still want 10 users game sharing? you gotta to choose 1 and I think MS has gone the best path!

I would've never buy the Xbone with the DRM but now I'm looking at it...interested! I seriously am!

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arronax-12006d ago

Especally with all of the things they thought the customers wanted...the damage is already done.

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gamertk4212006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

So a website with PS4 in the title doesn't think the PS4 will lose? Haha, wow.

Benchm4rk2006d ago

Not a bias opinion from a bias website at all

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