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Submitted by Zotaku87 961d ago | opinion piece

3 Months Later: BioShock Infinite

Some games are over-hyped from the moment they are announced, and get more praise than they deserve. 3 Months Later looks at popular games a few months after they've released and the buzz has had time to die down.

In this installment: BioShock Infinite - Does it live up to the almost unrealistic expectations of greatness so many have hyped it up as? (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Sidology  +   961d ago
Well, our opinions differ very strongly.
longcat  +   961d ago
the combat system was a bit of a disappointment for me.

Everything else about the game was great though
Bitsnark  +   961d ago
Quite a divisive game this!

I wonder how I'll find it when I eventually get around to it?
duplissi  +   961d ago
amazing yet flawed. its not perfect by any means, but the good parts are soooo good and there are many.
Zotaku87  +   960d ago
I completely agree. The good parts heavily outweighed the bad in my opinion, making it a solid title.
Xristo  +   961d ago
This reminded me to check on the status of the PC stuttering issue. It was FINALLY fixed four weeks ago with Patch 4. Looks like I finally get to play through. :)
TechnicianTed  +   960d ago
Yeah I stopped playing until it got sorted out. Patched it up and there are no problems now, runs sweet.

And it is an excellent game, it deserves the high review scores.
maniacmayhem  +   961d ago
The game was good, not as spectacular as part 1 and the combat in my opinion was better in bioshock 2.

Still a good game though and once the confusing ending was explained to me it made it even better.
dedicatedtogamers  +   961d ago
Yeah, I'm in the same boat. I actually HATED it at first. Now, I'm willing to nibble a bit of crow and admit that it's an okay game. The combat is more varied than people give it credit, but you have to make self-imposed restrictions and challenges to mix things up. Otherwise, it's samey and dull.

The story fell flat for me. That's why I hated it at first. Better stories and better characters have come and gone. I guess I just didn't get swept up in the hype. And I still don't see what makes the story so mind-blowing in people's eyes.
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windblowsagain  +   961d ago
Was a good game.

But the original Bioshock is by far the best.
ltachiUchiha  +   960d ago
Agreed something about the Big Daddy just made the 1st Bioshock feel more intense & made u have to prepare before u encountered them scary mofos. Kinda reminded me of RE Nemesis. All I remember was, "STARS" & I would freak out lol.
pop-voxuli  +   961d ago
Infinite is a masterpiece yesterday, today and forever!!!
McScroggz  +   961d ago
It is very disappointing whenever somebody lets hype get to them. I almost wish they would understand, "I thought it would be perfect, it's not...7/10," doesn't mean it's not better than a 7/10.

No game is perfect. Ever. No movie, no book no song. Why? Because art (or entertainment if you're 'that guy') is subjective.

That being said, the combat in BioShock: Infinite was just alright. Personally I actually quite enjoyed it, but I try to understand my own preferences and what I view objectively. However, while the combat is average I'd argue that every single other element of the game - ending included - are phenomenal.

Everybody has their own standards and weighs things differently. For me, it's all about the experience. That's why I can play XCOM: Enemy Unknown and be floored by my own trepidation to take a calculated risk, and that's why I can love The Last of Us because every single battle feels more intense than almost any other encounter I've had in a game. I won't say that those who harp on gameplay as an end all, be all are beliefs are just different.

I will say that it frustrates me to no end when somebody criticizes a game for being something it's not. The Last of Us was never going to play like Call of Duty, so don't say it sucks because it's slow or the aiming is shaky.

To me, BioShock: Infinite is a 10/10. Perfect? No. But memorable? More than nearly any game I've ever played. Doesn't that say something?
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anticlimax  +   960d ago
There are these little autistic tendencies in me that happen when I see a 10/10. 100% means it could not be better, say a game comes (let's pray) that is as good as BI in every aspect, with fenomenal combat. What score would you give that? 11/10?

People should just give rational scores. Best game you've ever played? 9.5! Great and GOTY contender: 9. Good game, with some original elements: 8.

A 10/10 should be for a game that is so good, you're never able to play anything else and enjoy it ever again. It should be the end of gaming, and cause a mad spree of gamer suicides.
McScroggz  +   960d ago
But here's the thing right, no matter how good a game is with that mentality you're thinking to yourself, "can there be a better game?" You aren't judging the game for what it is, you are judging it for what it isn't.

If a game comes out that is better than BioShock: Infinite, then it's a 10/10 as well. It's not about ranking, because there are thousands of games and if I think that way I'd have to rank games. Otherwise how do I justify giving Batman: Arkham City a 9.7 and Mass Effect the same score if I think Arkham City is a slightly better game. Then there would be great games that are rated 6's.

I understand your point, and I feel like no matter what I or anybody else says you won't change your perspective on it. And you aren't wrong either. I just don't look at a 10 and think perfect - I think masterpiece.
Mr Scooch  +   961d ago
Probably gonna be shouted down here, but I thought overall Infinite was a bit of a disappointment.
Just before I played it I had played Dishonoured and it seemed to me that Infinite was not as good.
It looked great, but the powers on offer and the combat just seemed to be not as imaginative as I'd expected.
Also (and again I'm prepared to be proven wrong as I try not to read about games I'm looking forward to before release)it seemed incredibly linear. I'm not sure if there were multiple ending, but if there were then I don't really know how I would've got one that differed from mine and for such a big title that surprises me.
Overall it was a good game, but nowhere near the first one which was incredible!
McScroggz  +   960d ago
This isn't a shot at you, but I don't think being linear is intrinsically bad. In fact there are some games that benefit from being linear. BioShock: Infinite is linear but with the appearance of some freedom. And, to me (respectfully) I think that's a great thing.
slampunk  +   960d ago
I thought it was absolutely amazing.....Levine is a genius...
k3x  +   960d ago
It's not the first game to get crazy good (as in, "OMG TEH BESTEST GAME IN TEH UNIVERSES THAT TOTALLY REDEFINES ITS GENRE") reviews and then turn out to be "just" very good after all the unhealthy hype dies down.

I'm sure the publishers absolutely love these overenthusiastic game "journalists" that act like giddy 5-year old girls the minute they see something new and glittery, but, to me, this is just ridiculous and completely unprofessional. While I get that reviews are highly subjective, I think there's a fine line between giving a game a good rating and going totally apeshit insane in a review that people who consider themselves "journalists" shouldn't cross.

What's even funnier is how this hype machine seems to self-perpetuate itself. Almost like it'd be in bad taste to speak ill of a game with an above 9/10 average rating. Most people just jump the bandwagon and keep on raving about how incredibly awesome the game is, gamers included. Then again, maybe it's just money speaking - wouldn't be the first time either.
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Polysix  +   960d ago
the first rule of bioshock is: Bioshock games will ALWAYS be overrated due to story arc and high brow concept.

But gameplay? gunplay? ergonomics? Performance? This is where they fall down a bit and make them merely 'decent games' rather than 'the best game EVAAAA!'.

The original Bioshock had so many things going for it at least until you started to play (esp on the PC version), FOV problems, physics frame rates capped, scruffy/inconsistent level design, tedious gameplay parts (checking the bins/listening to tapes), bad controls, poor gunplay, poor enemies (splicers were the worst/laughable enemies in any game at that time) and stupid health bars above their heads reducing what could have been tactical play into 'whack a mole' with the wrench.

It was excused because of a few things it did that were VERY cool, and because the story was better than most games. This has happened since with other games and set a blueprint for what games could get away with - less polished gameplay more polished story or cinematics. This imo has hurt games, until they ensure the gameplay measures up to the story.

Same applies to infinite. Lots of very cool ideas poorly implemented by the developers. They need a better engine and some better level designers who know a thing about lighting (Naughty Dog/Crytek style) because Irrational's games come off as cartoon worlds with dated clunky design hiding the actually very cool sense of 'another world' that they are striving for.

I know before I post this I'll get negged to hell but that's OK, have nothing against the games I just wish they would stop feeling so half finished and so over-rated. A bioshock reboot with a true next gen engine and streamlined gameplay would help change my opinion.

I said all this when the game was released and got trolled to hell and told I was biased or wild accusations. No, I just didn't feel it was as good as it should be based on the hype/review scores and nothing has changed that opinion. I think the same about Bioshock 1 too.
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Rhezin  +   960d ago
give us the DLC!

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