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Submitted by mcroddi 966d ago | opinion piece

Devil’s Advocate: Xbox One’s Policies would have helped Gaming

onPause writes:

Guess what, having an always connected console would have allowed for some cool implementations like having your entire family share games that you purchased without trading a disc – ever. Sure there are the drawbacks of having to be always connected but this is something we have never seen in this capacity. Not even Steam offers this feature as of now. (Xbox One)

malokevi  +   966d ago
Funny how much positive sentiment there is for this stuff, now that its OFFICIALLY GONE!

I officially hate the gaming community. To all you whiney kids who couldnt be bothered to shut the hell up and let a good thing happen...

GamersRulz  +   966d ago
Let a good thing happen?!

WOW....OK give me your car, your home and your console and games . you seem like someone who doesn't want to own anything!
malokevi  +   966d ago

What a ridiculous statement.

When I buy videogames, I have one expectation: that I can play them as much as I want.

I dont want to sell them, I don't care to hold it in my hand, I have no interest in throwing it against a wall or handing it to a friend. When i spend 60 dollars on a game, my expectation is that I can enjoy it for a few years. THAT is all the value I could possibly ask for.

What about holding a disk is "ownership"? Who cares? How many of you "own" starcraft II? Whats with the ridiculous double-standard?

Just another stupid excuse to complain, and a complete misrepresentation of my stance. Its sad that you would need to resort to such blatant manipulation to make such a il-conceived argument.
kalkano  +   966d ago

"When I buy videogames, I have one expectation: that I can play them as much as I want."

But you WOULDN'T have been able to play, whenever you wanted. There was a built-in dependency on Microsoft servers. Those servers go away (inevitable, at some point), and your games are useless.
malokevi  +   966d ago
Again... if in 10 or 15 years the games stop being supported, its basically guaranteed that I will have moved on.

Furthermore, who are you, or anyone BUT microsoft, to say if or when the console will stop being supported? Its not like they couldnt have removed these restrictions AFTER THE FACT, just like they will be doing with the update on launch day.

My Xbox360 has been connected in perpetuity for the past 7-odd years. My internet has gone down once in that time... and I didn't feel like gaming, anyways. Plus it was less than 24 hours. The Xbox One will be no different.

So, yes, I would buy my games for 60 bucks, and get years and years of entertainment, and probably endless entertainment.

You will come up with any hypothetical, pessimistic scenario to make DRM and always on seem bad... but they were going to be awesome. There is no sound argument against it.

Not one based in reality, anyways. Just what you suspect might be the worst-case-scenario in your head. Hence the endless complaining by people who dont understand what they are talking about. And hence MS being forced to back down on forward-thinking policy because of ass-backward thinkers like you.
dantesparda  +   966d ago

Wow! you've just gone full retard. And p.s. you're whining, stop whining. And the gaming community salutes you back!

Ha ha, butthurt fanboy!
malokevi  +   966d ago
Funny, when I supported MS's decision I was a "delusional, butthurt fanboy".

Now that they have changed their stance, and I havent, I'm a "butthurt fanboy"

Your a one-note pony. Get a clue.

edit: btw, u deserve this.


Thanks for having a meaningful response to my one-page argument.
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GamersRulz  +   966d ago

"When I buy videogames, I have one expectation: that I can play them as much as I want."

Your statement tells me that you don't actually understand MS DRM, because it actually contradict your statement. let me explain

You NEED internet connection in order to play X1 games, no interent means no access to the console whatsoever.

You might trust your internet provider, but do you trust MS servers?

Can you take your X1 to internet free places (Picnic..etc) ?

Can you sell your games on X1?

anyway, it seems like you are the type that "I have internet, I have money so fuck everybody else"

your opinion and I understand that.
malokevi  +   966d ago
Its pretty obvious that you didnt read anything I wrote, gamer, because I covered everything you said.

Thanks for the same re-hashed retarded arguments that I've heard and addressed 10000 times. Your an asset to your species.
dantesparda  +   966d ago
Get a clue kid, you are much better off without these bullsh!t a$$ draconian DRM policies. And you should be thanking your lucky stars that they are gone. There is nothing that could be done before that MS couldnt still do now, Sony lets you share games, so MS could to if they wanted to, but they dont want to, cuz that was just some bullsh!t they came up with to ease the anger over their DRM, as for the automatic updates, that can still be done. On the PS3 you just set a time and the system can turn on and update itself on everything from save files, to game updates to system updates and more. They could always make it so you can select to connect to games that want a always on connection. And so on, so stop fvcking complaining and whining like a little b!tch, cuz you're looking real stupid right now, crying over DRM
GamersRulz  +   966d ago
Wow.. malokevi

I can't believe you said " Your an asset to your species"

pretty strong words there. I know we both are passionate about gaming but no matter how fanboy I sound sometimes or how defensive toward certain company other times. I wouldn't allow myself to insult a certain gamer with such words, I might hate on MS, I might mock Nintendo, but personally attacking someone else is something I wouldn't do, ever.
mcroddi  +   966d ago
I think some of these features WOULD have been cool but obviously the trade off was too much for now. Look at Steam, iOS, Android, no one owns anything physical on those platforms.
kalkano  +   966d ago

The only game I own on those systems, is Skyrim (Steam), and I play it without Steam. I didn't just become against these things, with the announcement of X1's policies.
Tapioca Cold  +   966d ago
Well if DRM and no used games helps everyone let's just ask.

Do you want to be able to play games offline? Do you want to be able to lend, sell or gift a game you have purchased?

Just because you like to controlled by Microsoft doesn't mean everyone else does. right?
it's not hard to understand.
mcroddi  +   966d ago
Yup, 5 years of waiting :/
Speed-Racer  +   966d ago
They couldn't have done it the way they planned. Forcing too much at this stage won't help.
Donnieboi  +   966d ago
They should never force any of it on us, at any point. Not even 100 years from now. I wanna be an old man, kicking back with some 100 year old aged wine, and watch my great, great, great grand-kids play my old game collection without restrictions of DRM, anti-used games crap or family plan crap. I just wanna put the game in their hands, and let them play.
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Grave  +   966d ago
What!? You mean have actual control of things you actually own ... no sir, not in this world.
mcroddi  +   966d ago
I would have liked an 'Opt In' program at least, allow me to use the cloud, etc OR allow me to make an offline device... I am sure they could have found a happy medium.
jmac53  +   966d ago
Wow. I love how all these people are coming out of the woodwork to defend it now. Where we're your balls the last few weeks when their policies were universally derided? This is good news because consumer rights was protected. MS didn't have to get rid of the family share but they did as an F you to the gamers because they now have egg on their face.
mcroddi  +   966d ago
If you aren't requiring an internet check, there is not really a way to verify these things. Sadly.
justicizms2099  +   966d ago
I have played adout every game console that has been out since the 80's and enjoyed all of them. Mostly what we play for as gamers is to have a good game experience, it really doesn't matter what console or gaming platform it comes from as long as I can have fun while I am doing it.
mcroddi  +   965d ago
I fully agree, the debate about DRM, etc sort of blurred this a bit. Sadly. Even playing field now.
justicizms2099  +   966d ago
So far I am the most impressed with the Xbox One exclusives as they seem to have many new IPs that I would more than consider playing. Ryse, Quantum Break and Titan Fall. PS4 has Infamous which looks cool but it reminds me too much of Prototype 1 and 2. That 1800s game looks cool but I would not shell out 60 dollars for it.
Shoul  +   965d ago
The overturn explains everything - if it was a good and widely excepted idea, then they wouldn't have had to do a 180. At least they have realised.

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