GTA IV: When Hype Makes You Sad

Hecklerspray staff writes:

"I'm sure you're all looking forward to the release of Grand Theft Auto IV on April 29th, aren't you? Of course you are, you've been told you're looking forward to it by so many bloody magazines and websites out there, as well as by the cavalcade of high street shops telling you to buy the game before it's even been released (the non-idiots among us, however, will stick to buying it online for a far cheaper and without the hassle of having to encounter… ugh… other people).

GTA IV is clearly going to be one of the best games of recent times. We're not questioning that fact. Oh no, not even hecklerspray with its edgy, in-your-face counter-culture culture-commentary and mass-exporter of hyphens-based blogging would be so ballsy as to diss this release."

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Mr PS33765d ago

About GTA4
Is that its coming out on the Crapbox
Its like giving a tramp a ferrari

power of Green 3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

More like one of those movies where somebodies down on their luck struggling and later on rightfully reclaiming what was theirs in the first place as a wealthy ruler, look it up. After MSFT rejected GTA the devs settled for PlayStation..

The Killer3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

this game will be blowing but GTA5 for ps3 will blow it out of the water!!

i say wait and see the game in HD video, if it lives to its hype then buy it if its crappy in graphics wait for GTA5 for ps3 which will be 2009 october.

Breakfast3764d ago

Graphics dont make the game...ps3 exclusivity makes the game for you

iAmPS33764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

GTA IV is great, but I think that the PS3 exclusive Dual Layer Blu-Ray GTA V will be legendary.

It's like MGS4 graphics and an open world experience.

The Killer3764d ago

thats what i meant,

yes i know graphics dont make a game great but when a game is so popular and tries to simulate the reality in the world then why not use the power they got to make visuals AND content more better??
every body knows that ps3 can handle more on the screen at the same time with better AI, also it have light techniques that rivals dont have, also they can put more details on everything!!
360 have 3 CPU's
ps3 have 6 CPU's!! u see the different?? also cell is better than the CPU in 360, also blue ray 50GB(now and later can be 100GB) give it much more advantage!!

Timesplitter143764d ago

"without the hassle of having to encounter… ugh… other people"

I lol'd

EZCheez3764d ago

This writer doesn't seem to like human interaction.

Hydrollex3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Gameplay: 10
Graphics: 8 or 8.5
Multiplayer: 9
Lasting: 10
sound: 10

overall: 9.4

I expect anything from 9.2 - 9.8

well, GTA IV will never get a 10 !!! the graphics are not that great we all know. Put your false love away
Less or more is a lie

xhi43764d ago

who has never played the game in his life, never seen the actual game in play, and is basing all this on.........

oh deary me.

I'll be suprised if this gets any lower than 9.8-10, it can not get lower than san andreas........coming from me, who has never played the game in his life, never seen the game in real life, and is basing this on his ass.

Basically.....don't review the game before its even out.

Breakfast3764d ago

"less or more is a lie"...LOL your dumb...the game is out in a month

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The story is too old to be commented.