Devil's Advocate: I wish Microsoft had have stuck to its vision

Digitally Downloaded writes: "I liked that Microsoft was doing something different. I admired Microsoft was taking a stand against used games and trying to push the industry in a direction that would benefit everyone. Now I worry that it's just made itself redundant."

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Donnieboi2002d ago

What's with all these pro DRM articles? Why support a block on used games?

Are these articles being written by MS to slowly get us used to the idea of DRM and used game-blockage when the next Xbox comes out (the one after Xbox One)?

MattS2002d ago

"Why support a block on used games?"

Because some people like supporting the people that make their favourite games, rather than the pockets of parasitic retailers and consumers.

eyeDEVOUR2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

You act like those companies are doing you a favor... The biggest companies that would push DRM (EA/Activision) sell us the same regurgitated shit every year with even less content so we will pay more for dlc, and they still make 10$ on online Passes on every used game we buy that we want to use multiplayer on....

hell of a favor they've been doing us eh?

MattS2002d ago

@eyeDEVOUR - doing us a favour? No. Making a game for us to play? Yes. And they have a right to make revenue from their IP.

4logpc2002d ago

I agree. I was pumped to be able to share my games to my friends that live far away. Guess we will be stuck with these policies for a long time.