Why You Shouldn't Pre-Order a Next-Gen Console (Yet) - Sessler's ...Something

Adam Sessler is back in the comfy confines of the Rev3Games offices, and while the story of E3 has been told, caution should be taken on declaring winners, and - most importantly - putting down your hard earned money. After all, are you pre-ordering a console, or a narrative?

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Donnieboi1976d ago

WTF is Sessler talking about? His entire video made no sense. Even if Sony or MS is lying about the policies of their consoles (which Sessler is saying is a possibility), it still doesn't matter because we can cancel our pre-orders at any time.

Don't listen to him, because if u cancel your pre-order, or don't get one at all, then you'll miss out on the first wave of consoles. All because you THINK their policy might change. Even if it does change, u can simply cancel your order. Don't go into a crazy, paranoid, conspiracy theory based on fear, like Sessler is suggesting.

BTW, I respect the man, but this message is making no sense at all. None.

MrMister1976d ago

He doesn't want anyone preordering a console just so he can nab one himself.

Clever trick Adam. Very clever.

yeahokchief1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

As a PS4 preorder holder and PS+ subscriber I gotta agree with Adam here. Not enough details on specs/features or info on game exclusives yet.

Also what would be the effect of Sony spinning off their entertainment division and giving the billionaire investor a seat on the board? I don't like the sound of this happening. Does it mean anything in terms of playstation?

Whatever tho. Sony has done everything right the past few years for gamers. Keeping my preorder.

Virtual_Reality1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

''Not enough details on specs/features or info on game exclusives yet.''

They will reveal more info and hopefully a release date at Gamescom, which is in August 21 - 25

And after that Tokyo Game Show, which is in September 19 - 22.

AngelicIceDiamond1976d ago

Well from one gamer to another he wants gamers to proceed with caution. The policies are still being changed and trust me, change can happen in matter days (MS policies)

But then again it doesn't really matter every gamer wants a PS4 or X1 no matter the policies and that's what scares me as a consumer.

showtimefolks1976d ago

ordered ps4 as planned one console per gen from now on, don't have a lot of time for games with family and work

hopefully all 3 will do well like this gen, competition usually means consumers win

after 3 gens with ps brand i know what to expect, but adam sessler does have a point, how much of what these companies are saying should we take for its face value?

wastedcells1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

He is odd lately and I stopped watching his videos. This video is so stupid and by far one of the worst. I wish this was taken of n4g so nobody else had to see it lol.

RiPPn1975d ago

I really felt this video was slanted toward Microsoft and was made to thwart PS4 preorders. This video was published the day before MS DRM policy change. He tries to convince us that Sony has some sort of DRM boogieman.

I've been watching Adams videos since the Xbox One reveal and I've noticed a heavy slant toward Microsoft, especially after the reveal he was one trying to convince us that the uproar was because they showed no games and wait for E3 and completely ignoring the DRM issue.

I'd also like to point out that Jim Louderback CEO of revision3 does a show called downloaded. On that show he has admitted several times that he is an Xbox guy.

longcat1976d ago

i think what he want to say is that the policies of these companies change over time and what you buy into at launch may not be what you're left with a few months down the line.

Firmware updates have allowed companies to greatly modify their offerings over time...and thats not always for the best

MysticStrummer1976d ago

"Firmware updates have allowed companies to greatly modify their offerings over time...and thats not always for the best"

Very true, but they can do that after millions have been sold and get away with it because of some words in the User Agreement that few people read but everyone agrees to.

longcat1976d ago

Does anyone know how many profiles can be put on a ps4?

Is it like the ps3 or the vita?..Many questions remain unanswered

NameRemoved00171976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Just throwing this out there:
Microsoft's TOS and Sony's too probably but Microsoft 100% says this, they can do whatever they want to their console with updates and if you agree to the ToS you can't do anything about that.

Now how convenient every xbox has to be connected to the internet once. That means every xbox one owner is being forced to agree with they do not own their console, Microsoft can do whatever they want with updates and last but not least you can't sue Microsoft in a class action lawsuit.

mydyingparadiselost1976d ago

I'm starting to feel like the Asari race from Mass Effect is what our society is becoming. Lots of legal and too many loopholes for the people writing up the contracts.

PositiveEmotions1976d ago

What i hate about sony thus far is the fact that they dont talk about what the "options" button on the controller can do they dont go into full details on how the sharing really works and they havent talked about what the hardware can do.

I also wanna know how you pause a game bc it has no select/start button i want to know what the hardware can do for tv and such all those things i want to know.

At least ms talked about what the hardware can do and as for their controller idc what it can do.

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