Edge Time Extended: Forbidden Siren

Edge writes: "Sony's suffocating PS2 survival horror was all too happy to show players that they weren't alone in the dark.

Effective horror hinges on what can't be clearly seen; the Silent Hill games thrive on this, defined as much by what isn't on the game disc as what is. But Forbidden Siren took a taboo step, empowering its characters with a skill that exceeds the finest in hi-tech espionage hacking: sightjacking. It handed you the power to see far more than most games had ever dared. And yet it didn't spoil the tension, only stretched it tighter across the throats of those who pressed their noses up against the looking glass. Sightjacking is psychic radar, both curse and blessing to the game's playable cast of around a dozen characters, convened in the remote Japanese village of Hanuda. But it's not about seeing your enemies without them seeing you; it's about seeing through their eyes, passively tuning yourself in to their cone of vision, channel-surfing the brainwashed brainwaves of the shibito, Siren's zombie-like aggressors."

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Harry1903712d ago

most scary game i played.and one of the
hardest too.