Disc vs. Digital: Where Do You Stand?

Given todays shocking news concerning the Xbox One's DRM policies, us gamers are now tasked with making a very hard decision: do we buy all our games in the traditional disc format, and lose out on a lot of the Xbox One's capabilities, or stick with the tried-and-true formula of buying a physical disc? LevelSave's Austin Griffith breaks down the pros and cons of each option.

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SpideySpeakz2006d ago

Disc. I love the physical copy. Sure, the family sharing plan would have been nice, but losing DRM over it was worth it. Nothing good comes from DRM, and I use history as proof.
Sure, the fanbots and loyalist will get all pissy/poopy about it, but this is good for gamers in the long run.
**Future prove


NameRemoved00172006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Digital (Steam) for me, it can never break and I can download it anywhere an infinite amount of times. Also guaranteed backwards compatibility and there has been rumors that Valve is adding game trading to steam soon.

Also if you preorder a game that is on steam you can preload it and play it the second it unlocks instead of having to wait for amazon to deliver it/ going down to gamestop and picking it up.

Both have their advantages though and you can't go wrong with either since its the same game.

Big-Bruizzer2006d ago

I'm a disc guy. The biggest reason why is because I can get the physical discs much cheaper than a digital download. Digital downloads can never reach the price point I want to pay for a game. I don't buy games new. Once I found out I could buy games for less than $20 a month to two months after their release I found no need to spend the big bucks for new games. Plus my gaming library is bigger by not having to pay $60 for every game I want. My mentality is, the less I have to pay, the more I can buy. To each their own though. If others like the digital that's fine because its their thing who am I to knock it. I also like the fact that I can trade my games with my friend as well. He buys all his new so it gives me the opportunity to try his while I find it for the price I want to pay for it.

IBleedXbox2005d ago

digital. disc cause too much problems. you have to take care of it, you might drop is and it might break, you might get the CD scrathed.

MisfitsInc2005d ago

digital is cool, but if i have to pay for something i'd rather have a tangible object. also i like the way the cases look in a tower