Xbox One to Still Require Kinect Plugged in to Function, and Price Point Unchanged

Following Microsoft's surprise about face on the Internet connection requirements, and disc-based game restrictions for the upcoming Xbox One, the company has confirmed that the device's other widely criticised aspects -- the launch price point, and the need for the Kinect motion control sensor to be plugged in at all times-- remain unchanged.

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SactoGamer1735d ago

Even with all of the DRM stuff Microsoft was gung-ho about, a required Kinect was what we wanted to see changed most about XB1.

Mr_Nuts1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Well I would say it was the second most wanted thing to get rid of, I still think always online is worse and was our main priority


This is now our main target, this is what gamers should be going for next.

Come on guys we still have a little bit to go, even if we don't make the launch version of the Xbox One it's not like people would buy one straight away if you didn't need Kinect, I mean I would still wait untill next year untill Halo 5 or a lower price point.

We got one victory...I think it's time we aim for another. Whats that saying again "Strike while the iron is still hot"

creatchee1735d ago

You've just given a perfect example of why countries don't negotiate with terrorists.

Salooh1735d ago

For me it's the first thing then second hand games then DRM..

Blank1735d ago

We are close but im hoping *crosses fingers* our respective countries leaders and etc. put a big HALT to this mandatory kinect. We already see the US, germany, and australia planning to stop this to an extent.

uncharted561735d ago

I don't think they can change the kinect thing because xbox one hardware was built around it. It will have to be there and be on or otherwise your console wont work. Another huddle but definitely as big or bad always online or drm for the gamers.

Themba761735d ago

here's what i think because the kinect is getting equally bad press as the drm thing so what they are going to do is probably sometime in the middle of next year is make a new model of the xbox 180 and design the system so that the kinect is an option and price it at $399 but it won't happen this year it wil take time to engineer it.

GotEnder1735d ago

an xbox1 with no drm no check in and no kinect would be alot more appealing to me. i could see myself buying one in a year or so. but i just cant see them removing kinect so....

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GameCents1735d ago

LOL we? Please.

When they change it you'll have a different but samey song:
Even with all of the kinect stuff Microsoft was gung-ho about, price was what we wanted to see changed most about XB1

and then
Even with all of the price stuff Microsoft was gung-ho about, the name was what we wanted to see changed most about XB1

So please just save it.

hulk_bash19871735d ago

They are evolving their console and I respect that. But the way it's going, I won't be getting one for quite a while if at all.

Mr_Nuts1735d ago

They are changing it, not evolving.

They are changing it into something which isn't a games console. When gaming is the last thing you think about with your console thats when you know it's trying to change.

Evolving is when you take a step forward, not a step sideways

hulk_bash19871735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

In their minds, this is the way they are evolving. I'm not saying I agree with their vision. I am simply stating that this is the direction they are taking their console, and I respect that.

MasterCornholio1735d ago

Please correct me if i am wrong.

From what i have read the XBOX One doesnt even have a physical power button and you cant even turn it on with the controller. Which means that the only way that you can turn on the device is by using voice commands with Kinect.

Is this why they cant remove the device? because if they did they would have to redesign the hardware of the console.

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hazardman1735d ago

Well that answers my question. Still looking forward to it.

SilentGuard1735d ago

Making Kinect optional is the last change MS needs to make before I'll support this console. They want to include it and charge $100 extra for it, fine, but I want the option to unplug the thing. Why is that to much to ask?

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hulk_bash19871735d ago

The always online feature is a legitimate complaint as some places have limited to no internet connection. Just because it's a non issue for you doesn't mean it's a dumb complaint for everyone else. Put yourself in their shoes.

SpinalRemains1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Some people are just awful humans and they lack the ability to look beyond their own needs or feelings. Usually we call them Republicans, but selfish is the globally accepted word.

IQUITN4G1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Suits me, so long as I can play Halo without the 24 then I'm quite happy

Mikeyy1735d ago

Reminds me of my friend. All he cares about is Halo. The DRM, didnt bother him, Kinect doesnt bother him, the price doesnt bother him, The fact that bungie doesnt even make Halo anymore, doesnt bother him.

He wants Halo.

I personally find that weird, I've given Halo soo many chances at my friends house and I just don't get it, lol.

Mikeyy1735d ago

Yeah I guess, I don't give him a hard time or anything.

Salooh1735d ago

Same thing here , i don't know what they see in it. Maybe it reminds them of starwars or something. They also have the same thinking you described xD

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