Microsoft's One Mistake: Pressing reset on the Xbox One's aspirations of a digital future

This afternoon Microsoft made the only decision available to it and backtracked on plans to make the Xbox One the first truly digital next-gen console. In the process it's likely Microsoft shelved a digital rights management system with countless hours of work and huge amounts of money invested in it. Microsoft weighed the numbers, watched preorders, ran test groups of core and casual gamers, read the thousands of memes and comments online and found no other option. Consumers made clear what they wanted, and it wasn't the digital future that the Xbox One was promising.

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STGuy10401885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

How would this press the 'reset' button on a digital future? Consumers still purchase plenty of digital content, but the recent backlash the Xbox One received just proves that a lot of gamers are not ready move to an all-digital system yet. Besides, I fail to see how the 24hr check in feature had anything to do with digital games; it was mostly an anti-piracey measure to keep tabs on your Xbox game library.

smokelocc1885d ago

Who cares if it was a anti-piracy measure. I love my xbox, I love my PS3, and I love my wii U. I want to see all these companies that make these game systems I love flourish. Im not a pirate and I definetly are connected online. Im sad that instead of gamers being happy for games, in any shape form or fashion, sony supporters bashed xbox relentlessly. And now we wont even get to see a very extensive system that was in place for xbox one. Wether it was good or bad, it was something new, and that is what I look for in my gaming future. Either way I will a PS4 and an Xbox One. But it just sucks that we couldnt even see what was decent or bad first hand for ourselves.

JhawkFootball061885d ago

Microsoft got bashed like no other with their DRM restrictions. Then they do a 180, and give people what they asked? They still get bashed. Smh

HammadTheBeast1885d ago

Guys stop.

Don't blame Sony supporters for this. Blame gamers.

You guys happily handed your rights over to M$ but gamers fought back.

Shills gon' be shills.

snake-OO1885d ago

You say you are connected but guess what, not everyone is connected.
And don't say you could have bought a ps4 simply because you cannot play halo, forza on a ps4.

sl0w-m01885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Who cares if it was a anti-piracy measure? lol @ your fake ignorance

I'm glad people hated on the DRM, because now the new Xbox is suddenly alot more appealing. Microsoft's greedy policies had nothing to do with making better games, they were trying to pull one on consumers for $$$

Now if only they got rid of the horrid Kinect, and maybe that'd cut $100 off the price

rainslacker1885d ago

Yes, blame the gamers, or Sony fans, or whatever. Don't blame the company that completely screwed up it's delivery of their policies to the public. MS policies removed so much choice from the system, it was only natural for it to receive backlash. It wasn't just Sony fans, it was gamers. We spoke about what we wanted, and it forced MS hand in some way. Good job denying the majority's voice for your own interests though. MS loves people like you.

It doesn't suck that we now don't have to worry about what the future of gaming will become due to these policies. They were just bad. And I blame MS for them.

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Vip3r1885d ago


Having games on a disk as a medium is the way forward for consoles. Especially when it comes to big games like GTA, COD etc.

Not everyone can download games due to speed and bandwidth issues and you can only add one extra harddrive on the one too and that's not including the internal one.

Digital is best on the PC. Steam is a shining example of it.

jerethdagryphon1885d ago

24 gigs is the total install size for last of us from psn
a 200 meg then larger one assume 50% compression thats still 12 gig
untill i can dl 24 gigs in less then 5 hours its not really viable

3-4-51885d ago

O the tech is there....but internet companies want to slowly over time give us "Better internet"..

Whenever sales are lagging they increase the speed of the internet for users, as if they just had the new tech to do it, but it's been around for about 6-7 years now.

We could all potentially be downloading 500 GB of data/games/movie within 20 minutes.

Internet that is 10X faster than that even is available, but I'm trying to be realistic here.

1885d ago
smokelocc1885d ago

Or Even instead of having it shut off period, make it an option for xbox one owners. If you dont want always online opt out, and if online is your thing opt in. I just would have liked to see the system they had in place. Because some of the ideals sounded awesome, family sharing aspect, discless gameplay. etc.

Software_Lover1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

People would've still cried. Too many choices.

rainslacker1885d ago

If they had given that choice from the beginning, this whole thing would have played out much differently. I still believe the features they offered could still be offered if someone chooses to opt-in to being connected. It would even help them garner more online users. Unfortunately they didn't start with that, and now they've taken the other extreme to simply remove the features.

BabyTownFrolics1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

This is getting boring. Can we please move on to something else, n4g hated the xbox1 today and it will continue to hate tomorrow, all summer, right before launch, after launch, and in4g will continue to hate through out its life cycle. I get it. Can we start talking about gaming again please. I'm just tired of talking about what people don't want over and over again.

MysticStrummer1885d ago

N4G used to hate the PS3, so saying it will always hate the One is silly.

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